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Neighbours Episode 1785 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1785 (Cathy and Benito meet their daughter, Lindsay)
Australian airdate: 09/10/92
UK airdate: 16/09/93
UK Gold: 03/09/99
Writer: Barbara Angell
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Zed: Gavan McLaren
Jill Weir: Lyn Semler
Lindsay Steiner: Jane Longhurst
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Pam tells Gaby that maybe she's outgrown the family home. Gaby is quite upset by this, but Pam says she's just stating facts! Zed interjects and says Gaby can move in with him! Gaby says that maybe she will!
Cameron is rudely awakened by Gaby and Zed. Gaby explains that she's had a confrontation with Pam and Doug and asks if she can stay the night. Cameron agrees, but says there isn't enough room for Zed too(!) Zed heads off, leaving Cameron to comfort Gaby.
Doug is quite upset about the events of the evening.
PAM: Would you want Gaby to hang around indefinitely?
DOUG:(sadly) Yes.
Pam says she's quite looking forward to their twilight years together, but Doug says he hasn't finished with the afternoon yet!
Coffee Shop, the following morning
Marco and Lindsay are having breakfast. Lindsay is having second thoughts about meeting Cathy and Benito.
Rick comes over and asks to be introduced to Marco's "girlfriend". Lindsay is surprised to meet Rick (who is her brother after all) and Marco sends Rick off to get some food. Lindsay insists that she doesn't want Rick to know who she is either.
Rick is telling Cathy about Marco's "girlfriend". Ben and Cathy are curious about her too. Cathy picks up a bottle of her sauce only to find that the company have put preservatives in it. She decides to make fresh for tonight.
Gaby comes in. She's comes to tell them that she's moving in permanently with Cameron. Cameron comes in and says it's fine. Gaby is very upset and says that Pam and Doug don't want her around anymore. She goes off to pack.
Cameron tells Pam and Doug that he found hazardous chemicals on the building site. He's got a mate checking it out.
Cameron gets off the phone and tells Dorothy, Phoebe and Doug that the chemicals are PCBs - they are lethal, and loads of it has been buried at the site. Cameron says he'd better get Beth back to the hospital.
Building Site
Dorothy is very shocked that PCBs have been stored on site - it was only meant to hold gardening equipment. Cameron arrives and says the hospital are running tests on Beth - if she was going to die, she would have already(!) but it could have affected her nervous system and her blood cells. The rest of Doug's men will have to be tested too.
When Doug has gone to call his men, Cameron tells Dorothy that it's her responsibility as a councillor. DOrothy resolves to sort it out.
Madge tells Pam that the planning permission was granted by the council back when she was in office.
Jill Weir comes in and is surprised to see Pam there. Pam tell her she's very sorry to hear about the death of Ross. Jill looks very awkward, especially when Pam tells her to call around any time. Then she suddenly snaps and rants at Pam, saying she has no idea about lonliness, and is trying to rub her nose in it!
She storms out, passing Doug who is just coming in. Pam isn't sure what just happened.
Gaby and Zed have rearranged the living room, much to Cameron's consternation. He tells Gaby that he doesn't want heavy metal posters up on the wall, or Zed's presence in the house, and she'd better get rid of it before Beth comes home. Zed says again that Gaby can move in with him (in his one bedroom!) Gaby isn't keen though, though she's determined to keep hanging out with Zed.
Ben and Cathy are looking forward to meeting Lindsay (they still don't know who she is). Rick is mocking Marco, so Marco pulls him off and tells him that Lindsay is their sister. Rick is shocked.
Cameron has looked up the local by- laws which says toxic waste has to have a licence to be stored. Dorothy agrees that procedure hasn't been followed, but is rather alarmed that Cameron wants to go to the newspapers. Dorothy insists that the Council will sort it out - if Cameron goes to the newspapers, the current Council will lose the next election - meaning the previous Council who dumped the waste will get back in! Cameron isn't convinced.
Cameron is typing out his press release about the toxic waste. Phoebe isn't sure about it.
Jim sees Jill and goes over to say hello. He offers to buy her a drink, but it seems Jill is waiting for someone.
At the bar, Jim tells Doug that Jill is there and he waves hello to her.
Lindsay has arrived. Marco introduces everyone and they sit down rather awkwardly in the living room. He urges Rick quietly to act naturally. Rick starts going on about what a brilliant cook Cathy is!
Jill's friend still hasn't arrived. Jim heads off home, and so does Doug. On the way out, Doug awkwardly apologises for Pam upsetting her earlier.
When they've gone, Jill finishes her drink and leaves. Madge observes this strange behaviour.
Phoebe thinks Dorothy is more concerned with the survival of the Council than the toxic waste. Dorothy insists she isn't.
Pam comes round with some vitamins for Phoebe. Phoebe tells Pam and Dorothy that she has decided where to give birth to Hope.
PHOEBE: I'd like to have her out of doors. On Todd's grave, to be exact.
Silence reigns over the dinner table. Marco attempts to break the silence by talking about Cathy's cooking. Benito asks Lindsay to tell them more about herself. She tells them she's staying with friends at the moment, and reveals that she is married. Benito is surprised to hear she is married, but Lindsay says it is on the rocks anyway!
BENITO: Marriage is a sacred institution, it shouldn't be taken lightly.
LINDSAY: Who are you to question my morality. You're a hypocrite! Both of you are!
She gets up and storms out. Marco goes after her, leaving the other three looking perplexed.
MARCO:(coming back) Now look what you've done!
BENITO: Listen Marco, I know you like her, but I think she's a bit strange.
CATHY: Who does she think she is?!
MARCO: She's your daughter, that's who she is!
Cathy and Benito look shocked.
<<1784 - 1786>>
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