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Neighbours Episode 1784 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1784
Australian airdate: 08/10/92
UK airdate: 15/09/93
UK Gold: 02/09/99
Writer: Tony Cavanaugh
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Zed: Gavan McLaren
Lindsay Steiner: Jane Longhurst
Frank-builder: Trevor Major
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Beth slowly comes to, saying she can't see properly. Cameron wants to take her to the hospital, but she says to just help her into bed and make her a cup of tea(!) She can't make it bed, however, so Cameron rings round looking for someone to take them to hospital. Finally, he calls a taxi.
Pam pops over for a cup of tea with Jim. They are a bit awkward with each other, although Jim is pleased to hear that Pam has been worried about him while she was away. He explains about his rehabilitation programme and new diet - he feels rather depressed.
JIM: It has scared the hell out of me to tel you the truth. I'm not ready to die yet, Pam.
PAM: Oh, come on, you'll outlive all of us! Just be careful and stay healthy.
Jim remembers Pam being at the hospital a few hours after the operation and was glad she was there.
Ramsay Street
From a vantage point inside a car belonging someone dodgy, we see Gaby introduce Zed to Cathy and Benito. The person in the car is a woman, and she looks very upset.
Gaby tells Doug that Zed and his mates are coming over tonight. Doug doesn't look too chuffed. Just then, Pam arrives home and greets them, saying she's got lots of presents for them. Pam comments on Gaby's goth outfit.
PAM: Seeing a bit of him, are you?
BRAD: She's probably seen all of him by now(!)
Gaby says that Zed has taught her how to express her individuality. Pam says she'll tell them all about Cody over dinner - she'll make them a roast. Doug suggests that Zed and his mates could join them for dinner since they're coming over.
Brad gets a call from Cameron and dashes off, saying Beth is sick.
Brad has come to see Beth. He asks if she could be pregnant, but she doesn't think so. Brad fusses over her but she tells them to relax. Apparently she's seen the doctor and had a virus - he thinks it's some sort of virus. Brad goes to ring Pam but Beth calls to him to leave Pam alone on her first night back.
BRAD:(into the phone) Yeah, hi Gab, it's me. Bye.
Gaby looks at the phone in confusion(!)
Beth asks Cameron to go and retrieve her bag from work.
Lassiter's Complex
The woman from the car is looking at Zed from afar. Zed sends Marco over to see who she is, but it turns out she was looking at Marco, not Zed.
WOMAN: You're Marco Alessi, aren't you?
MARCO: Yeah...have we met before?
WOMAN: No, we haven't. But that didn't stop you from destroying my life.
Marco looks confused.
No.28 (Pam and Doug's bedroom)
Pam lets slip that she called in to see Jim on her way home from the airport. Doug doesn't not look pleased.
Lassiter's Complex
The woman introduces herself as Lindsay Steiner.
LINDSAY: It's a nice, anonymous name. Belonging to a nice, anonymous person. Leading a nice, anonymous life. Until you turned up.
MARCO: What do you mean?
LINDSAY: I'm your sister.
Marco's face registers his surprise.
LINDSAY: Ever imagine what it's like to be told, after twenty- five years, that you're adopted? That suddenly, after twenty- five years, your parents aren't really your parents? Your name isn't really your name. Who you thought you were isn't what you are. Ever stop and think about those things, Marco?!
MARCO: ...
LINDSAY: Obviously not.
MARCO: I had no idea the agency would contact you so quickly!
LINDSAY: Would it have made any difference if they'd contacted me next week?! Next month? Would I have had a different reaction then?!
MARCO: Look, I'm sorry you feel like this...
LINDSAY: And my parents. Don't forget about my parents. You've done a good job of destroying their lives too. tell me about your parents, Marco. Have you destroyed their lives?
MARCO: They wanted me to leave you alone.
MARCO: They thought you'd *want* to be left alone.
LINDSAY: They were right.
MARCO: I'm sorry.
LINDSAY: What do they think now?
MARCO: Well...they haven't been all that enthusiastic about what I've been doing lately.
LINDSAY: They don't want to meet me?
MARCO: No, I didn't say that.
LINDSAY: They *do* want to meet me?
MARCO: They will.
LINDSAY: They will(!)
MARCO: Look, all they ever wanted was what was best for you.
LINDSAY: I'd like to hear *them* say that.
Just then, Zed comes over and asks to be introduced. Marco tells Lindsay that he'll get someone to cover the shop and they can talk some more at the Waterhole.
Gaby is off to meet Zed. Pam objects to her goth clothes, but Doug says it's fine. When she's gone, Doug says they'd better treat Gaby as an adult. Doug tells Pam that Ross Weir has died, and he's been in touch with Jill to give her their sympathy. Pam resolves to go round and see Jill, but Doug tells her not to. Pam decides to go anyway!
Lindsay admits that she's already seen Cathy and Benito in Ramsay Street. She wants to meet them - but not as their daughter. She wants to be introduced as a friend instead. Marco isn't happy, but reluctantly agrees.
Building Site
Cameron has arrived to look for Beth's bag. He is met by one of Beth's workmates.
Doug is still trying to persuade Pam from going to see Jill. He admits that he's seen Jill quite a bit, but before he can tell her what happened the other night, Gaby, Zed and his mates arrive.
Building Site
Beth's workmate finds her bag, but Cameron is interested in some barrels with chemicals in, near to where Beth has been working. Neither of them think they look good.
Cameron tells Beth that he thinks he's found out what's wrong with Beth - he's got a mate checking out a toxic pollutant at the building site.
No.28 - Doug and Pam's room
Doug and Pam are having a cuddle, but are being disturbed by Zed's loud music. She vows to go and throw them out, but Doug says he'll do it.
No.28 - Living Room
Gaby, Zed and his mates are head- banging. Doug shouts at Gaby to turn the music down, saying it's driving Pam crazy, and they should show Pam some consideration. Zed says they could go to his place, but Doug suggests just turning the music down.
No.28 - Doug and Pam's room
The music is turned up again! Doug sits down for a chat with Pam.
Cathy and Benito ask Marco about his day, but he is distracted. He tells them that he's invited someone over for dinner tomorrow night. Benito asks who it is, but Marco is evasive, saying it's just a friend, Lindsay. Benito teases Marco a bit who snaps that Lindsay is just a friend.
No.28 - Doug and Pam's room
Doug is worried that Gaby will move out if they put too much pressure on her. But Pam says Gaby has to observe house rules.
No.28 - Living Room
Pam turns off the music and says Gaby is being very selfish. Pam says that Gaby has been manipulating Doug by threatening to move out. Pam says Gaby is welcome to move out if she doesn't like the house rules!
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