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Neighbours Episode 1786 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1786
Australian airdate: 12/10/92
UK airdate: 17/09/93
UK Gold: 06/09/99
Writer: Barbara Angell
Guests: Lindsay Steiner: Jane Longhurst
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Phoebe tells Pam and Dorothy that she wants to give birth on Todd's grave.
- Benito tells Lindsay that marriage is a sacred instution. She storms out, calling them hypocrites.
- Marco reveals to Cathy and Benito that Lindsay is their daughter.
Cathy runs out to see if she can catch Lindsay. Marco explains to Benito that the only way he could get Lindsay to meet them was to not reveal her identity.
BENITO: How could you *do* this to us?!
MARCO: Me?! I wasn't the one going on about sacred institutions! Yeah, blame me!
Cathy comes back in.
CATHY: Too late, she's gone. Oh, Marco, how could you do this?!
BENITO: We have to find her. Do you know where she's living?
MARCO: Look, I've already broken a promise by telling you who she is. Even if I knew where she was staying, I couldn't tell.
RICK: But...but...she was nice though, wasn't she Mum?
CATHY:(faintly) Yes...yes she is.
BENITO:(to Marco) Do you *know* where she's living?
MARCO: Dad, I...no.
BENITO:(dangerously) Are you sure?
CATHY: Ben...
MARCO: Look, would I tell you a lie? ...Don't answer that.
BENITO: I want you to tell me!
CATHY: Ben...don't.
MARCO: I don't know anything, Dad.
MARCO: Look...all I know is she's staying in some guesthouse.
MARCO: Somewhere in Erinsborough...but I promised Lindsay I wouldn't tell!
BENITO: This is out of your hands, now, Marco!
DOROTHY: You can't give birth on Todd's grave, I've never heard anything like it!
PHOEBE: What's wrong with it?
DOROTHY: Well, for a start, it's downright sick!
PAM: Phoebe, I'm not sure you've really thought this through properly.
PHOEBE: Yes, I have. I spent ages thinking about nothing else, and I've made up my mind. When my time comes, I'll go to the cemetery and Todd and I will share the moment together.
DOROTHY:(exasperated) Oh...listen to her....
PAM: Phoebe...it's just not practical.
DOROTHY: Exactly!
PHOEBE: Well, I don't see why not. Women in the third world give birth in the fields, this is no different!
PAM: For a start, those women don't usually do it from choice.
PHOEBE: But it doesn't do the babies any harm, does it?!
PAM: That's a moot point.
DOROTHY: A very moot point!
PAM: Giving birth under those conditions isn't going to *improve* the baby's health. And what about your support?
DOROTHY: Yes, you're not thinking of going alone, are you?
PHOEBE: Well, I will if I have to.
DOROTHY: Good God!
PHOEBE: But I *was* hoping you'd come along with me, Mim.
DOROTHY: To the cemetery?
DOROTHY: To Todd's grave?
DOROTHY: Where you'll drop the child like a bag of rice, just like that.
PHOEBE: Exactly like that. And alone, if I have to.
Pam and Dorothy look at each other in bemusement.
Phil is working on job applications again. He asks Jim if he's doing the right thing by letting Michael stay with them, and Jim thinks that he is - Michael needs love and attention. Phil isn't sure how Julie will cope.
Pam pops round. She tells Jim she's come to see him about Phoebe as Jim is Todd's closest relative in Erinsborough. (Although isn't Todd unrelated? His ex- wife's nephew?!)
Brad tells Doug that Beth took the poison in through her skin. He's going to the hospital with some flowers for her. Fortunately, there is treatment. Doug tells Brad that Beth can have all the time off that she wants, to recover.
Pam comes in and tells Doug about Phoebe's birthing plan. She hopes Jim will be able to sort things out. Doug is a bit needled that she spoke to Jim first.
Jim pops round to see Dorothy and explains that Pam has been to see him. Phoebe comes out and is not pleased that Pam has got Jim involved.
PHOEBE: What is the big deal? I make a simple statement about how *I* choose to have *my* baby, and suddenly the whole street's involved!
JIM: Phoebe...you've got to face it...Todd is dead, he's not coming back.
PHOEBE: I know that.
JIM: Good. Then you must realise that having morbid thoughts about him isn't helping you...or the baby.
PHOEBE: My thoughts aren't morbid! I know about death, I inherited a funeral business, remember?!
JIM: I do understand that, but maybe you've seen a little too much death for someone so young.
PHOEBE: You just don't understand. Either of you.
DOROTHY: Phoebe, that's enough.
PHOEBE: I knew Todd better than anyone in the whole world. Even you, Mr Robinson. I *know* this is what he would have wanted.
Jim and Dorothy are speechless.
DOROTHY: See what we're up against?
Rick calls round, just as Phoebe is leaving to see Cathy. Rick eats Phoebe's toast(!)
Dorothy tells Rick that Mr Notts has been on the phone - he wants to drop Rick to the remedial class. Rick claims that he has been studying over the holidays, but Dorothy pooh- poohs this, she's seen Rick out enjoying himself every day! She thinks Rick only wants to stay in his Maths class because Debbie is in it.
Cathy tells Phoebe that she should stick to whatever birthing plan is right for her, but changes her mind when Phoebe reveals that she wants to have her baby on Todd's grave(!)
CATHY: But you can't do that!
PHOEBE: Not you, too.
CATHY: In a cemetery?!
PHOEBE: On Todd's grave, yes, it what he would have wanted!
CATHY: Oh, I doubt that very much, Phoebe.
PHOEBE: What would you know, you didn't even *know* Todd!
Benito interrupts, having just got off the phone.
BENITO: Cathy...
CATHY: Not now, Benito! No young man would want their baby to be born in a cemetery. I mean...
BENITO: What?!
PHOEBE: I thought you would understand! You're just the same as all the others.
She stalks out.
BENITO: What was all that about?!
Benito tells Cathy that he's tracked Lindsay down to a local guesthouse. He's going off to find her.
Doug tells Dorothy that some of his workers are undergoing hospital treatment for the toxic waste exposure. Dorothy assures him that she has the matter in hand.
Phil pops round about enrolling Michael in Erinsborough High. Dorothy promises to smooth his way and asks if he has a uniform yet. Phil doesn't have one yet, so Dorothy suggests he looks in the school clothing pool.
PHIL: Dorothy...I should warn you, although Michael's done very well academically, there are some serious behavioural problems. In fact, at the moment, he's carrying on like a real little devil.
DOROTHY: Don't worry about a thing, Philip. The old Burke thrives on a good challenge!
Coffee Shop
Phoebe is having a juice. Marco has messed up Brad's sandwich order. He's off to see Beth.
On the way out, Brad tells Phoebe that Pam told him about her plan. He thinks it's Phoebe's business and nobody else's. Phoebe is pleased.
BRAD: It's pretty weird, but hey, that's cool. Who cares what I think!
PHOEBE: I don't, that's for sure. Brad, you're the same as all the others, just leave me alone.
Rick is worried about his Maths class, but Marco is more worried about Lindsay.
Pam and Cathy are discussing Phoebe's birthing plan. Pam thinks Phoebe's preoccupation with Todd's grave is unhealthy.
Cathy reveals to Pam that she and Benito had an adopted- out daughter when they were young, before they were married. Pam is surprised. Cathy goes on to explain that Marco has tracked her down and upset her life.
CATHY: Pam, I can't tell you how much I've missed her throughout the years. I've dreamt of us being together. And now it seems, just as we've found her, we've lost her again.
Guesthouse - outside
Benito is staking out the guesthouse waiting for Lindsay. She finally drives up.
BENITO: Lindsay, can we talk?
LINDSAY: I doubt we have anything to say to each other?
BENITO: But we have! Years and years to catch up on.
LINDSAY: I'm really not that interested!
BENITO: Please, I want to apologise.
LINDSAY: For fathering me, you mean?
BENITO: If you can find it in your heart, yes.
LINDSAY: It's not as easy as that, Mr Alessi.
BENITO: Let's get to know each other. We could be your second family.
LINDSAY: I saw enough of you and your family last night to last me a lifetime.
BENITO: Please, give another chance.
LINDSAY: Excuse me.
She goes into the guesthouse.
BENITO: Lindsay!
LINDSAY: Look, forget it...(sarcastically)...Daddy!
Cathy is buckling under the stress. Benito says he was perfectly reasonable, but she wouldn't talk to him. Cathy doesn't think Lindsay will keep in contact with them, and wouldn't be surprised if they never saw her again.
Dorothy has been out drumming up support from her council colleagues over the toxic waste issue. Phoebe makes to go out, but Dorothy tells her they need to talk.
DOROTHY: I promise not to mention anything that will upset you. Please sit down.
Dorothy suggests that they do something together for the last day of the holidays, but Phoebe doesn't want to. She gets up and goes out anyway, saying she doesn't want to talk.
Shopping Centre
Rick sees Lindsay while he's out riding his bike. She isn't pleased to see him.
LINDSAY: My whole life has been a lie thanks to you Alessis!
RICK: Yeah, well, I don't really want to talk about that, it's too depressing. I mean, I reckon you've had a rough deal too. I mean, it must have been a real bummer to wake up one day and find out that you were adopted.
LINDSAY: Rick, you said you wouldn't talk about it.
RICK: Yeah, yeah, right. I mean, I guess, you get used to one set of parents, and then it would be really confusing that you've got another whole set of parents...
LINDSAY: Rick, you promised!
RICK: Yeah, OK. So, what do you do for a living?
LINDSAY: I'm training to be a teacher.
RICK: Ah, teacher. Yuk.
Lindsay laughs, despite herself.
LINDSAY: You don't like them, huh?
RICK: No, they er...just don't like *me*
LINDSAY: Oh, I can't understand why.
RICK: Well, you would if you had to teach me. I'm not exactly what they call an ideal student.
LINDSAY: You do surprise me(!)
RICK: It is amazing, a fantastic dude like me, what can I say?!
He invites Lindsay to the Coffee Shop for a millkshake.
LINDSAY: Are you asking me on a date?
RICK: I can't, I'm your brother!
LINDSAY: Yeah, I just can't get used to that!
RICK: Yeah, it's a bit of a spin- out, isn't it!
Lindsay smiles and agrees to a milkshake.
Coffee Shop
Marco, Rick and Lindsay are having a milkshake and getting on much better. They tell her how pleased they are to have an older sister, and she says she is pleased to have brothers too, she's always been an only child. She suggests that they keep in touch and writes her address down.
Just then, Cathy comes in. Lindsay accuses Marco and Rick of setting her up and storms out.
CATHY: I had no idea you'd be here, I swear.
LINDSAY: Just leave me alone, Mrs Alessi, I want nothing to do with you!
Todd's grave
Phoebe clears strays twigs off Todd's grave.
PHOEBE:(V.O.) I feel so alone, Todd. But then I guess you know exactly how I feel, because you're with me all the time. I told them about coming here to have our daughter. No- one understands. They still think I'm weird. Even Mim, now. You're the only one to ever take me as I am. You understood me. You protected me from them. They can't see I have to be close to you, so that you can share the experience with me. Just like you would have shared it...if...if you'd been alive.
She starts to cry.
PHOEBE: Todd, why did you have to leave me?!
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