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Neighbours Episode 1781 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1780 - 1782>>
Episode title: 1781 (The characters dress up as each other for Cameron's party!)
Australian airdate: 05/10/92
UK airdate: 10/09/93
UK Gold: 30/08/99
Writer: Margot Knight
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Jill Weir: Lyn Semler
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Brad tells Cameron that Beth is crowding him.
- Madge throws Michael out of the pub. He smashes some glasses.
- Jill turns up with a casserole for her and Doug.
Brad is looking after Beth who has a headache. She shows him an invitation to a work- mate's 21st birthday. She says already accepted for them (it's 6 weeks away). Brad says he doesn't want to commit to things ahead of time, he likes to live his life freely.
Beth suggests Brad could take her surfing - she wants to spend more time with him. Brad doesn't look too happy!
Doug has opened a bottle of wine and tells Jill it's good to see her. Jill admits that she's had a hard time with Ross, and thanks Doug for being so kind to her. They drink to "better times".
Phil is ranting at Michael. Julie backs Phil up, saying she wants to know about the money from the theft of her engagement ring. Michael says that Julie is a vulture, but Hannah pipes up and says that she saw Michael steal the ring! Helen and Jim take Hannah off.
PHIL: I want the truth. Did you steal your stepmother's ring?
MICHAEL: I don't want any lectures!
PHIL: Try this one for size! You hand over the pawn ticket and what's left of the money, or you'll be sorry!
Brad shows Beth his surfboard designs but she looks a bit bored. She suggests he names the board after her, but Brad doesn't think "Beth Board" has the right "feel". Beth is cross and accuses Brad of still being in love with Lucy. Brad insists he isn't and in the end gets up and leaves.
Doug has really enjoyed Jill's casserole. Doug says how great Pam is, but he doesn't like other blokes looking at her (like Jim Robinson). Jill offers Doug some more wine and takes his hand. Doug looks a bit uncomfortable, but just then Brad comes in, so Doug gets up to greet him. He offers Brad some casserole, but he just goes off to his room. Doug says he'll get himself a glass of water.
Phoebe gives Cathy a present from Donna - her mother is better and Jasmine is doing well too. Phoebe says they're lucky - her mother doesn't care. Cathy suggests that she tries with her mother - she's got nothing to lose after all.
CATHY: She's your mother, Phoebe.
Jill approaches Doug and stands close to him.
DOUG: It's been a great evening. Thanks, Jill.
JILL:(putting her hand on his shoulder) You're a very attractive man.
DOUG: Is that the time already...?
JILL: Relax. You must know how I feel about you. Let's spend the night together.
Phil and Julie are discussing Michael. Julie says he has to go. Phil says he needs counselling, but he doesn't know what to do. They send Hannah off to bed. Suddenly, Phil calls Hannah back and apologises for being cranky.
PHIL: What Michael did was very wrong, but he's not all bad. Not deep down inside. I'm very sorry, Button.
HANNAH: Don't let him stay, Daddy, he's nasty.
Phil hugs her.
PHIL: You sleep tight.
Phil apologises to Julie for taking things out on her before. He just doesn't know what to do.
PHIL: I've a fifteen year old son who's shaping up to be a liar and a thief. Not how I imagined parenthood, not one bit.
DOUG: Look, I'm flattered, Jill. It's the most flattering offer I've had in years. But I love Pam, and we made an agreement to be faithful to each other. Please, don't be offended.
JILL: I'm not. I admire you and Pam. But I don't have any emotional ties, do I? Worse luck.
DOUG: Oh, you will again some day.
JILL: Maybe, maybe not. Anyway, can't say I didn't try.
DOUG: Thanks Jill.
JILL: How about a coffee for the road?
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Phoebe tells Cathy that she rang her mother, but she's moved out with her boyfriend, and didn't leave a forwarding address. Phoebe is philosophical - she's got Cathy and Dorothy to support her. Phoebe asks her about the process of giving birth and Cathy offers to give her advice. They can start by choosing where Phoebe gives birth.
When Cathy has gone, Beth comes over looking very dejected. She's been awake all night worrying about her and Brad - she doesn't think things are going to work out between them. She thinks Brad is still in love with Lucy.
Lou pops round to see Doug. He suggests a bet this afternoon, but Doug says his gambling days are over. Doug is not in a very good mood and tells Lou about Jill's visit.
DOUG: She wanted to go to bed with me.
Lou laughs loudly.
DOUG: What's so funny?
LOU: Oh, nothing, nothing. I can't help it if the lady's got no taste(!) Did you accept?
DOUG: Of course I didn't, I'm married.
LOU: Pam would kill you, you mean!
DOUG: Oh, Lou!
LOU: Oh go on, admit it, you were tempted, she's an attractive woman, Jill!
DOUG: Very. Yes, and I *was* tempted. Only for a moment. Problem now is, whether to tell Pam about it?
LOU: Oh, mate. You know what women are like once the green- eyed monster is stirred. They read meaning into everything, especially when there is none. They're masters at it!
DOUG: You're right.
Michael is having breakfast and Helen asks him what he's doing today. He says he might rob a bank(!). Helen suggests that Michael opens up a bit so they can help him.
MICHAEL: I know what we could do! I'm amazed no- one's thought of it. High- voltage shock treatment(!) Better still, a lobotomy! That would stop me in my tracks for sure! A bit of a veg, but, real manageable!
Helen smiles at his antics.
In the living room, Phil tells Julie that he has to get a job and fast - their savings are dwindling fast. He won't be able to send Phil back to boarding school, he'll have to go to Erinsborough High instead. Julie is horrified - she can't cope with having Michael in the house.
JULIE: Please Philip, please don't put me through this! If Michael stays here with us, I'll go crazy!
Lassiter's Complex
Helen and Jim are talking. Helen says that Michael needs love, not another stint at boarding school. Jim says Phil will get him under control, but Helen is worried that Phil and Julie are at each other's throats. Jim doesn't want to take sides.
HELEN: If his own relatives don't have any faith in him, who will?
Cathy pops Phoebe round to show some leaflets about giving birth. Phoebe has been talking to some "alternative" birthing people who have been giving her very questionable advice about her relationship with her mother having an effect on her childbirth. Cathy tells her that she might resolve things with her mother one day, but Phoebe is quite interested in the "alternative" advice. She wants to "learn about herself".
Garden of No.28
Brad tells Doug that he might split up with Beth. Brad admits that he and Beth are now sleeping together, and Doug says that it's a commitment now. Brad explains that Beth is worried about Lucy. Doug advises him to give Beth a chance - all relationships need a chance to settle in.
Phil and Julie tell Helen and Jim that they've decided to send Michael back to boarding school.
HELEN: Um...the last thing Jim and I want to do is interfere, we're as worried about him as you are, but boarding school? It seems so...so cold. I believe what Michael's craving is attention, from both of you.
JULIE: Attention? He gets nothing but attention! He was spoilt rotten as a kid.
JIM: He's fifteen! It's a very volatile age. He could go in any direction, not all of them good.
PHIL: What are you trying to say?
HELEN: He needs a father's guidance, not a house- master's.
PHIL:(to Julie) What if they're right? We could lose him forever!
JULIE: He was born a trouble- maker!
JIM: I'm not so sure. This is only a gut feeling, but I think you've still got a chance with Michael. I reckon you can make a go of it.
Ramsay Street
Michael is sitting on the street looking angry when Bouncer comes over to him.
MICHAEL: Get lost, dog!
But Bouncer grabs a stick and wants Michael to play with him. Michael starts stroking him.
MICHAEL: I'm sorry, you're not so bad, are you?!
Beth tells Brad that she wants to split up - it's her fault because she rushed things. Brad wants to talk it through.
<<1780 - 1782>>
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