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Neighbours Episode 1782 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1782
Australian airdate: 06/10/92
UK airdate: 13/09/93
UK Gold: 31/08/99
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Ian Watson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Brad and Beth agree to go out on a date, get to know each other properly and take things slowly.
Toby comes round looking for Madge, but she's not there. Lou is trying to make a system for betting on the horses. Toby says that Joe has a system too, but his never works(!)
Phil tells Julie that he thinks Helen and Jim have a point about not sending Michael back to boarding school. Julie is not happy, saying she's not sure what Michael is capable of.
JULIE: Michael could take every piece of jewellery that I've got and we could replace it. We've only got one marriage. He must go back, Philip. There's no two ways about it.
Brad and Beth are on a date. Brad tells her that his ex, Lucy, was always trying to change him into something he wasn't. Beth is finding it hard to play- act that they only met half an hour ago. Brad keeps it up though, and says he's really glad he's met Beth - it's all over with Lucy.
Debbie tells Michael off for taking Julie's ring. Michael says that Julie will get rid of Debbie, just as she's getting rid of him!
MICHAEL: You have to see what she is, Deb! She doesn't want to share Dad with us! She's out to get us!
The phone rings and Debbie answers it - it's Rick. She tells him she can't talk now and he says he'll call back later. He is disappointed.
Toby is working out a gambling system on Dorothy's computer. He asks Dorothy if she has a book called "Probability and Statistics". She hands it over, observing it's a bit advanced for Toby (!) He says he's doing some research.
Rick tells Benito that he's had a bad day. Benito asks where Cathy is, but Rick doesn't know. He tells Benito that Julie called him.
Rick tells Benito that he's depressed about "women" and not knowing where he stands with Debbie. Benito advises him to wear smarter clothes(!)
Phil has got Julie's ring back, but he had to use the grocery money to pay for it. Julie is horrified, and is forced to ask Helen to pay for this week's groceries. Phil says that he had to redeem the ring, or they could have lost it forever - and it's a symbol of them and their marriage. Nothing is more important to Phil. They kiss.
Brad and Beth are having a long conversation and getting on well. They both want to build a solid foundation for their relationship.
Julie has come to ask Benito for a broader role at work. She wants to work some extra hours. Benito thinks Julie is after more money, but she insists she isn't. Benito says if he gives Julie more hours, Gaby will have to do fewer. He can only do it if Gaby accepts.
Rick comes down from upstairs wearing a suit and tie and asks Julie for permission to go and see Debbie. Julie agrees and Rick tells Benito excitedly that his advice about the clothes worked!
Toby is telling Lou about his gambling "system". Lou is ringing his latest bet in and reads his account number and PIN into the phone. Toby tells Lou he's backed the wrong horse, but Lou says he doesn't care - he just wants to close down his accoutn by using up what little money is left in it.
Rick using as many posh words as he can and invites Debbie to the dance on Friday night. She accepts. Michael doesn't look impresed.
When Rick has gone, Julie tells Debbie she can't go to the disco on Friday - they don't have any money.
MICHAEL: What about what Deb wants?
DEBBIE: Yeah, what about what *I* want?
JULIE: That doesn't come into it, young lady. We've got rules in this house and you just have to abide by them whether you like them or not.
DEBBIE: I'm old enough to make my own decisions, Mum...Julie!
JULIE: Why are you suddenly calling me that?
MICHAEL: Isn't that your name?
DEBBIE: You can't stop me going!
JULIE: We'll see what your father says.
DEBBIE: I don't care what he says! You're just trying to drive *me* away so you'll have him all to yourself!
JULIE: Debbie!
Debbie stalks off to her room, leaving Michael smiling smugly.
Toby's hot tip came in second. He tells Lou that he needs to perfect his system! Madge isn't sure that Lou should be encouraging Toby to bet.
Front garden of No.26
Julie tells Helen that Michael is turning Debbie against her now. She explains about the disco incident. Helen thinks Julie is being a bit harsh about the disco - Rick is a nice boy, and she's playing into Michael's hands by stopping Debbie going.
Brad and Beth are sitting quietly. Brad suggests that they go on a second date and Beth agrees. He gets up to leave and asks if he can kiss her. He finally gives her a very brief kiss which develops into a passionate one.
Toby comes round and finds the house empty. He grabs the paper containing Lou's TAB account number and PIN and writes them down for himself.
Toby is speaking to the TAB on the phone using a gruff voice. He puts a bet on a horse for $50 to win!
TOBY: It worked, Bouncer! They took the bet, we're going to be rich!
Dorothy puts her head around the door and asks Toby if he's finished his assignment. He says he's going to get a really good mark for it!
Michael ignores Julie when she tells him to take his shoes off the sofa. In the kitchen, Julie tells Debbie that she can go to the disco. Debbie isn't impressed, saying she was going anyway! Michael comes in and tells Julie that everyone hates her.
JULIE: Michael, I have always done my best to be friends with you. You're the one that's being unreasonable, right from the start!
MICHAEL: How have *I* been unreasonable? Huh? Just because I wouldn't play your stupid game of 'pretend we don't hate each other'?!
JULIE: I never hated you!
MICHAEL: Like you never hated Mum!
JULIE: Of course I didn't hate your mother! Why should I?!
MICHAEL: Because she had Dad, and you wanted him! So you took him and you didn't care what it did to her! I'm never going to forgive you!
JULIE: For what, Michael?
MICHAEL: For killing my mother!
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