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Neighbours Episode 1776 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1776
Australian airdate: 28/09/92
UK airdate: 03/09/93
UK Gold: 23/08/99
Writer: C.M. Covington
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Zed: Gavan McLaren
Donna Burgess: Kerry Bartlett
Jasmine: Tiffany Haintz
Dennis Parsons: Martin Crewes
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Helen has a positive breath-test. The policeman asks her to accompany him to the station.
A street
Helen is shocked that her test is positive and Dorothy protests that it can't be! The policeman taunts Dorothy a bit while he takes Dorothy's details. Dorothy demands a second opinion and reckons Dennis is trying to get revenge for being disciplined by Dorothy at school.
Benito is telling Cathy that Jasmine could be the answer to her prayers, but she's too scared to even think about it. Anyway, Donna could come back! She's surprised that Benito has turned his opinion around and he admits he was very disappointed when Cathy couldn't conceive and then they weren't allowed to contact their own daughter.
There's a knock at the door and it's Phoebe. She's been around to Donna's flat and her stuff is still there. She plans to be there when Donna come back.
Gaby is showing Madge some of her underwear designs and Madge is very complimentary. Doug is moaning on about Zed but Gaby says that at least he's nothing like Simon Hunter(!) Doug suggests that she brings Zed around for dinner so he can get to know him better.
Police Station
Helen is being charged with being over the limit and with speeding! They protest the speeding charge, but Dennis won't be moved. He says Helen is facing a $300 and a 6 month suspension.
Outside Donna's flat
Phoebe intercepts Donna outsides her flat and asks her why she won't come to see Jasmine. Donna is hostile and tells Phoebe not to criticise her. She asks about the Alessis and Phoebe says they're great, but Human Services will step in soon.
PHOEBE: Donna, come and take Jasmine back. I know you can make it work. I'll help as much as I can.
DONNA: Don't you understand? I can't. I just can't cope.
She goes into her flat and shuts the door.
Benito is on the phone to Community Services - they're happy for now, but will have to come and pick Jasmine up tomorrow and put her in foster care. They fuss over the baby.
CATHY: Where's she going to end up, Ben?
Phoebe comes in and has somehow persuaded Donna to come with her.
CATHY: Here. Hold her for a while. Donna, think very carefully before you make this decision for Jasmine. It'll change both of your lives forever. Believe me, I know.
BENITO: Donna, if you should decide to give Jasmine up, my wife and I would like you to consider the possibility of her coming to us. Either through adoption or fostering.
PHOEBE: What do you think?
Zed arrives and starts by slapping Gaby on the bum! Doug introduces Zed to Madge and then sits him down rather forcefully(!) for a snack. Unfortunately Zed is wheat intolerant so can't eat any of the food. Madge admires Zed's jacket and then Zed suddenly starts talking knowledgeably about fashion houses(!)
Helen and Dorothy arrives back. Dorothy is beside herself and tells Jim and Julie that an ex-pupil of hers has booked Helen for speeding and drink-driving! Jim and Julie are shocked, but Jim does point out that it takes less for women to be over the limit than men. Julie blames Dorothy entirely(!) and then goes to pick up Dorothy's car. Dorothy says she won't let it drop.
Cathy and Benito are playing with a now very calm Jasmine. Cathy thinks they shouldn't be talking Donna into giving away her baby, but supporting her. Anyway, she doesn't want to get her hopes up too much.
Dorothy and Phoebe are discussing Jasmine with Donna. When Dorothy has gone to see Cameron, Phoebe tells Donna to think carefully about her decision. She suggests taking Jasmine back for a week, but Donna doesn't want to - the longer she leaves it the harder it will be to give her up.
Madge and Zed are getting on very well and Madge is offering to get him bookings at the hotel and put him in touch with Henry in New Zealand!
In the kitchen, Doug tells Madge off for being nice to Zed(!) Zed invites Gaby to see a band, "Dead Bodies"
DOUG:(to Madge) If she goes, it'll be over mine!
Julie has had a phone-call from Michael - he wants to visit for some of his school holidays, but she's not sure if it'll be too much for Jim.
Dorothy comes around and tells Helen that Cameron has given up law, but says they can fight the charge. Helen doesn't want to - she agrees in principle, but can't face it. Jim says it's not a good idea - they can't prove that Helen wasn't speeding. Helen finally agrees - Dennis Parsons shouldn't be allowed to get away with it.
DONNA: I thought a lot about what you said before, Mrs Alessi, about being very certain. I know my decision is going to affect a few people's lives.
CATHY: Jasmine's especially.
DONNA: I know. Phoebe helped me get it all clear in my head.
CATHY: Well, I hope she didn't talk you into anything.
DONNA: No. I've made my decision, and I'll live with it. I know some people will criticise me for it, but I honestly believe it's the best thing for Jasmine. Mr and Mrs Alessi, I want you to have her.
Cathy and Ben are stunned, but pleased.
CATHY: Thank you. I know it wasn't easy for you.
DONNA: She'll be happy with you. I know you'll care about her and look after her.
BENITO: You have our promise.
DONNA: I'm not a bad person, I just don't feel I can bring up a child, I'm too young. I want something else out of my life, that's all.
PHOEBE: No-one here's blaming you.
Benito gets on the phone to Community Services.
Ramsay Street
Madge tells Gaby that she really liked Zed, even though he's rather unusual. Gaby says that Zed isn't really her type - she and Zed are just mates. Madge thinks she should make that clear to Zed before he feels too rejected.
Doug and Zed are washing up. Doug asks why he's called Zed, but Zed doesn't know - it's just something people call him. Some people call him "Ada" too - "A to Z" (groan)
Doug tells Zed that he doesn't want him bothering Gaby - she's not ready for any relationship. Zed says he's going to build up slowly over time. Doug isn't impressed and neither is Gaby when she overhears him being mean to Zed.
GABY:(to Doug) How DARE you speak to one of my friends like that. Whether I go out with someone or not is my own business! You've got no right interfering, Dad, and if you don't like who I choose to go out with, that's your problem - don't make it mine!
DOUG: Now, hang on a second...
GABY: AND you may like to know that I had no intention of dating Zed. But...I've changed my mind. And if you don't like it, you can go to hell.
DOUG: You're not going to any low-life night-club with that zombie!
GABY: Just watch me...Daddy.
DOUG: While you're living under this roof, young lady, you'll do as I say. Or look for another roof.
GABY: OK, I will. So don't bother waiting up for me because I won't be back!
She slams the door behind her.
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