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Neighbours Episode 1775 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1775
Australian airdate: 25/09/92
UK airdate: 02/09/93
UK Gold: 20/08/99
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Raymond Chambers: Greg Parker
Jasmine: Tiffany Haintz
Dennis Parsons: Martin Crewes
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Chambers catches Toby spray-painting "GUILTY" on his car. He grabs him.
A street
TOBY: Leave me alone! Why don't you just rack off?!
He struggles, but Chambers is holding him firmly.
CHAMBERS: So you can do more of your handiwork? You've got to be kidding.
TOBY: You ARE guilty!!
Cameron rides past on his bike and sees the commotion. He hurries over to them.
TOBY: Why don't you pick on some-one your own size?!
CAMERON: Let him go!
CHAMBERS: Have you seen what he's done to my car?!
CAMERON: Toby, get home OK, straight away.
CHAMBERS: You're not going to let him get away with that are you? Look what he did to my car!
CAMERON: It'll wash off! I'd quit while you're ahead if I were you.
CAHMBERS: And he's been spreading lies all over the place!
CAMERON: Lies. You and I know better than that don't we?
CHAMBERS: So what?
CAMERON: You low-life! I ought to flatten you?
Cameron is incensed and demands that Chambers gets professional help - otherwise it's only a matter of time before he's in court again, and go to jail, too! Chambers says he didn't care a stalks off.
Dorothy tells Phoebe that they *have* to report Donna's baby as abandoned, but Phoebe wants to wait for a while. Dorothy agree to wait until the morning.
There's a knock at the door and Dorothy answers it - it's Cameron, looking for Toby. Dorothy thanks Cameron for intervening today (Toby told her). They talk about Chambers and Dorothy says she'll stop the vigilante business. In the background, Jasmine is screaming.
DOROTHY: I had to look after 600 children on my own during a teachers' strike a few years back, and that was a doddle compared to this!
Rick has rung to talk to Debbie, but she's gone to a sleepover at a friends' place.
PHIL: Any messages?
JULIE: I've got one for him!
She grabs the phone.
JULIE: Rick? You've got a real nerve ringing here after the way you carried on at Debbie's party last night! I don't care what Collette did, you ought to have more respect for other people's homes! So the next time you're locked in a love-bite session with one of your little floozies, I'll thank you not to use my bedroom! Goodbye.
She slams the phone down.
JULIE:(to Phil) He picked a bad time to ring!
Hannah wants to know why love-bites are so called and says she'll never let a guy do anything like that to her! Helen comes in and Phil takes Hannah off to bed. Helen reassures Julie that Jim will forgive her for suffocating him - they just have to treat him as normally as possible.
Phoebe and Dorothy think they've got a lot to learn about childcare.
Phoebe and Dorothy have brought Jasmine around to see Cathy and Benito. They fuss over her. Dorothy tells her disapprovingly that Jasmine's mother has abandoned her, but Cathy says that it's difficult bringing up a child when you're so young - or at any age. Dorothy and Phoebe ask for advice and Cathy says she wouldn't mind looking after Jasmine for the night - she'd be delighted. Phoebe and Dorothy gratefully accept.
Jim is sitting in the dark, brooding. Julie gets up and sees him there and tells him he should be in bed. They have a chat and Jim tells her that he needs time and space to recover.
JIM: I think it would be best if you all...left me in peace. I want you to move out.
No.26, the following morning
Helen is shocked that Jim has asked Julie to move out, she thinks it's rather drastic. Jim says he doesn't like everyone seeing him this way, and Helen says he's just distancing himself from the people who love him. He's still determined the Martins have to go though.
When Jim has gone, Julie and Phil come in looking depressed.
Garage of the Robinsons
Rick is upset to hear that the Martins are moving away. He asks Hannah if Debbie said anythign about him and she mentions that Debbie talks in her sleep sometimes! Rick probes her for details.
Phoebe tells Cathy that she's amazed that she has got Jasmine to stop crying. Cathy explains that you shouldn't keep picking babies up who are crying for no reason. Cathy is very sympathetic towards Donna and hope she will come back, otherwise she'll regret it in the long term.
Garden of No.22
Benito has had an earful from Julie and wants to inspect Rick's lovebites.
BENITO: Incredible!
RICK: Would you believe it was an accident?
BENITO: What, with an octopus?!
Hannah asks Jim if he's stopped loving them. He says that of course he does, he just thought it would be for the best that they move away. Hannah doesn't think they can afford it until Phil gets another job.
When Hannah has gone, Jim calls Julie in.
JIM: Darling, I don't know what came over me, I think this heart attack must have affected my brain.
JULIE: What do you mean?
JIM: I don't want you to go.
JULIE: Are you sure?
Jim explains he's just not himself at the moment and he'd miss them all terribly if they left. Julie promises to stay out of his way, and says she'll try not to be too pushy.
Cameron comes in to find Ray Chambers sitting in his living room!
CAMERON: What the hell are you doing here? And how did you get in, anyway?!
CHAMBERS: Forced the window.
CHAMBERS: Don't act all hurt with me. You're the one who's just ruined my life!
CAMERON: How do you work that out? Did I get you off the charges? And didn't I alienate all my friends by taking you on your damn case?!
CHAMBERS: You've got your revenge now alright.
CAMERON: What are you talking about?
CHAMBERS: Because of these notes your little friend's been circulating, I've lost my job. My neighbours won't speak to me anymore.
CAMERON: You brought that on yourself. Don't blame Toby, and don't blame me.
CHAMBERS: Right. So this is all my fault now, is it?
CAMERON: I told you a million times, you've got a problem. You need professional therapy.
CHAMBERS: There's nothing wrong with me!
CAMERON: Yes, there is.
CHAMBERS: Stop saying that!
He gets up and grabs Cameron by the front of his shirt.
CHAMBERS: You're my lawyer. You're supposed to protect me. My life's become a shambles and I'm going to make you damn sorry you didn't.
But Cameron just shoves him on to the sofa.
CAMERON: I feel damned sorry for you.
CHAMBERS: Save your sympathy for someone who needs it!
CHAMBERS: You're a mess! You can barely hold it together. That's what all this macho stuff is, isn't it? A smokescreen.
CAMERON: So you're a psychiatrist now as well, are you?
CHAMBERS: It doesn't take much to know a sick man when I see one! But if you aren't sick, why do you do it? I suppose I can almost understand it. Picking on some kid you've never seen before and will never see again. But your own kids? You're telling me that isn't just a little bit sick? Your wife told me all about it. Suppose in a few years' time, your kid comes up to you. Looks you straight in the eyes and says, 'Dad why did you do it'?
Chambers is nearly crying now.
CHAMBERS: What am I supposed to do, huh?
CAMERON: I told you. You've got to get help!
CHAMBERS:(sobbing) I can't!
CAMERON: Yes you can. Own up. I know people who've been in situations just like yours and it's like having the weight of the world lifted off your shoulders. You know the game's up. You can't go on like this. Will you do it?
Chambers sobs.
Cameron has come to tell Jim and the Martins that Chambers has been down to the police station to confess. They are amazed and thank Cameron for his intervention. Cameron says that it was really Toby's campaign that did the groundwork. Julie is unmoved though, saying nothing can really make up for what they've all been through. Phil rolls his eyes.
Cathy and Phoebe are having a chat when Benito comes in from the garden. Phoebe wonders is Donna will ever come back - she'd hate to see Jasmine shuffled through foster homes.
When Phoebe has gone, Cathy and Benito look down on a sleeping Jasmine.
BENITO: It'll be hard to give her up now, won't it?
CATHY: I must admit. It's been lovely having her here.
BENITO: I've been thinking. How would you like to make it permanent? I mean, if Donna doesn't come back for Jasmine, maybe we could adopt her?
Dorothy and Helen are having a quite drink and talking about Jasmine. They also chat about Jim and Julie being at loggerheads. Helen offers to drive home as Dorothy has been drinking.
Phil has brought Cameron over a bottle of wine to apologise for the way they've treated him over Cameron. Cameron says he can see why Phil was angry at him for taking the case. Phil tells Cameron that he's good lawyer, but Cameron says Chambers is a lucky exception - loads of criminals get off charges every day. He's decided to quit law.
A road
Helen is driving Dorothy's convertible home. They are pulled over by the police on the way and the young policeman tells Helen that he'll have to fine her for a missing brake-light. Dorothy says it's her fault as it's her car, and suddenly the policeman recognises her - he used to be her pupil in school. He re-introduces herself as Dennis Parsons. He breathalises Helen and it turns out that she's over the limit!
DENNIS PARSONS: I'm afraid you'll have to accompany me to the station.
<<1774 - 1776>>
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