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Neighbours Episode 1774 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1774
Australian airdate: 24/09/92
UK airdate: 01/09/93
UK Gold: 19/08/99
Writer: Jeffrey Truman
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Raymond Chambers: Greg Parker
Donna Burgess: Kerry Bartlett
Jasmine: Tiffany Haintz
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Rick and Debbie get back together at Debbie's 16th, but then she sees he has lovebites on his neck!
Helen has taken refuge with Dorothy and Phoebe tonight and they are just washing up. Phoebe has been feeling a bit sick, but the pregnancy is generally going well. She's got an appointment tomorrow for a check-up at the hospital.
When Phoebe has gone to bed, Cameron happens to pop around and they sit together in the kitchen. Cameron is wondering how Toby is after the Chambers verdict. Dorothy thinks he'll get over it in time, but Cameron says that Toby has a point - he now thinks that Chambers is guilty after all. He said some things after the case which made Cameron suspicious. Now he's worried Chambers could hurt someone else, but he can't say anything because of the confidentiality clause. Dorothy and Helen are sympathetic - it's up to the system now. Cameron is unhappy to be part of the system.
Garage of the Robinsons
Debbie and Julie are cleaning up while Debbie is ranting about Rick's date, Collette. Hannah is also helping. Julie tells the girls that Jim is coming home tomorrow and they'll both have to be on their best behaviour. Hannah is pleased to hear that Jim is coming home, but Debbie is still brooding about Rick.
Front drive of No.32
Rick is looking for Marco, but Cameron hasn't seen him. Cameron sees Rick's lovebites and laughs. Rick doesn't know what he's going to do - Collette just jumped on him like a leech and he couldn't fight her off! Cameron tells him to just explain things to Debbie, and if she doesn't believe him, tough. Rick is enthused by this and goes off to have the conversation.
RICK: What's the worst she can do?
CAMERON:(pause) Maybe you should wait until she calms down a bit.
RICK: Yeah. Good idea.
Jim has just arrived home and Julie, Helen and Dorothy are fussing over him. Hannah greets Jim and he asks after Debbie's party. Hannah tells him that Debbie said it was a disaster.
HANNAH: She reckons Rick got off with this bimbo called Collette Roberts, and now she hates Rick's guts.
JULIE: Hannah!
HANNAH: Apparently Collette's a real scrag. And she's got the IQ of toast. Whatever that means.
Jim laughs and Julie sends her off to put the kettle on. Dorothy heads off and Julie tells her she's got everything under control. She informs Jim that Gaby's filling in for her today so she can look after Jim. Jim doesn't look impressed(!)
Phoebe bumps into Donna at the hospital. She tells Phoebe that she's heard about Todd and she's very sorry. Donna has had her little girl Jasmine, who is in a pushchair.
DONNA: I don't want to scare you, but you're in for the shock of your life. Nothing prepares you for this.
PHOEBE: Oh, but she's gorgeous!
DONNA: When she's asleep. And that never lasts long. I haven't had a decent sleep since she was born, I'm knackered. It never lets up. Dirty nappies coming out of my ears, and doing anything takes five times as long as it used to.
PHOEBE: Haven't you got anyone to help?
DONNA: Nah. The olds and I haven't spoken since I got pregnant. When anything's wrong, she just cries. They can't tell you what's wrong, it's so frustrating. How are you supposed to know?
PHOEBE: I wish there was something I could do to help.
DONNA: You're going to have your own hands full soon enough.
PHOEBE: At least I've got Mim.
DONNA: She's never had any kids, has she?
DONNA: I tell you what, Phoebe, if you want to get some practice, just say the word. I know a baby you can borrow for a while.
Cameron and Chambers are having a quiet beer. He tells Cameron that things are going well, although some mud will always stick.
CAMERON: You know Ray, speaking professionally, there are places around that offer help if you do have a problem.
CHAMBERS: What do you mean?
CAMERON: Just that.
CHAMBERS: I won, remember - not guilty.
CAMERON: Yeah, but we both know your ex-wife was telling the truth.
CHAMBERS: You made her look like the piece of work she really is. Serves her right. Good on you.
Cameron takes a phone number out of his pocket - it's for a support group. Chambers says he's not interested and says he's got everything under control.
CAMERON: Got *what* under control?
CHAMBERS:(darkly) What's your game?
CAMERON: I'm trying to help.
CHAMBERS: Sure. You did the job I hired you to do. Now just butt out.
Phoebe is broaching the subject of babysitting to get experience, but Dorothy thinks women are naturals at being mothers. Dorothy thinks Phoebe has too much study to do, but just then she hears a knock at the door and a baby crying.
Phoebe answers the door to Donna and Jasmine. Dorothy is rather surprised to hear that they are looking after Jasmine for the afternoon, but has little choice other than too agree. Donna gives them some nappies and some milk and various other paraphenalia.
Garage of the Robinsons
Rick is trying to explain to Debbie that Collette had a mouth like a vacuum cleaner, but she's still very angry. Rick has a present for Debbie, but she doesn't want it and storms off.
Outside No.32
Rick comes over rather dejected and talks to Cameron.
RICK: You know when you said if she's angry it means she cares? She must care heaps(!)
Cameron sees Toby walking past and calls out to him. Toby is still very angry with Cameron and doesn't want to talk to him. Cameron tries to explains that the jury found Chambers not guilty.
TOBY: But you think he did it!
CAMERON: Alright, I think he did it *now*. But I'm doing everything I can to set things straight.
TOBY: You're on his side!
CAMERON: I'm not on his side!
TOBY:(angrily) You are too! You got him off and now he's going to pay!
He storms off.
CAMERON: You're not going to do anything dumb, are you Toby? Toby?
A street
Toby is putting notices on windscreens that read, "Raymond Chambers is Guilty".
Chambers sees on and is angry.
Julie is looking in the fridge for low-cholesterol cheese and then she and Helen chat about Debbie and Rick. Dorothy pops around with some scones for them - then asks Helen if she still has some of Andrew's toys. She explains that she and Phoebe looking after a 6-month old baby for the day. Helen finds the toys.
DOROTHY: Thank you. Well, I'd better be heading back to the front!
HELEN: Good luck!
DOROTHY: We're going to need it!
Hannah comes in and goes through into the living room and whispers to Jim.
JIM:(whispering) Why are we whispering?
HANNAH: Because Mum says we have to be really careful because you might have another heart attack.
JIM: Did she?
HANNAH: Yeah. You're not, are you?
JIM: I'm going to try very hard not to.
HANNAH: That's good.
When she's gone, Jim looks fed up.
Phoebe is trying to calm Jasmine down when Dorothy comes in. They can't understand why she's screaming as they've fed and changed her already. Phoebe suggests picking Jasmine up. She's getting scared that her own child will scream all the time and Dorothy looks rather worried(!)
Garden of No.26
Debbie has calmed down now, but tells Rick that she just wants them to be friends now.
RICK: Come on Deb, what do I have to do?
He gives her the present. Debbie opens it and finds a gold bracelet inside.
A street
Toby is still putting leaflets on windscreens when Cameron drives up on his bike. He tells Toby that Chambers is doing his nut about libelous leaflets and he knows it's Toby - there's a leaflet in his bag. Toby is defiant and says that at least he's doing something. Cameron says it's not the way to go.
CAMERON: I'd give you a lift home but I don't have my spare helmet.
TOBY:(crossly) I'd rather walk.
CAMERON: Toby, stay away from Chambers, alright?
Jim is still reading his book on the sofa and then suggests he and Hannah play a game. Julie comes in and bustles Hannah off.
JIM: What is this, a jail?
JULIE: Dad, you've had a heart attack!
JIM: Yes, I know I have. But if I should ever forget, you remind me every five minutes! The thing is, I survived, and I'd appreciate it if you stopped treating me like I'm on my last legs!
JULIE: I'm not!
JIM: Yes, you are. I know this thing gave me a scare - a big scare - but the doctor said I could get back to a normal life.
JULIE: In time.
HELEN: What's going on in here?
JULIE: Speak to him Gran, he's being unreasonable.
JIM: Now you're talking to me as if I'm a child!
JULIE: I'm worried about you!
JIM: Well do me a favour - stop!
JIM: I'm sorry, Helen, but I can't talk to the kids, my friends aren't allowed to see me.
He looks fed up and goes back to his book.
Phoebe and Dorothy have finally got Jasmine to sleep. Phoebe opens the bag and is horrified to find a note from Donna,
"Please look after Jasmine. I love her but I can't handle it any more. I'm sorry, but I'm sure you'll provide a much better home for her than I ever could. Donna".
Jasmine wakes up and Dorothy and Phoebe despair.
A street
Toby has spray-painted "GUILTY" on Chambers' car.
TOBY: Ha, ha, suck on that!
But unfortunately Chambers has caught Toby red-handed. He grabs him.
CHAMBERS: What the hell do you think you're doing?
TOBY: Telling everyone you did it!
Toby wriggles free and runs off. Chambers pursues him and grabs him again.
CHAMBERS: It's about time someone taught you a lesson, boy!
<<1773 - 1775>>
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