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Neighbours Episode 1773 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1773
Australian airdate: 23/09/92
UK airdate: 31/08/93
UK Gold: 18/08/99
Writer: Rod Zielinski
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Doctor Andrews: Gareth Wilding-Forbes
Miles Ingelburn: David Imber
Collette Roberts: Narelle Hammond
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Brad and Beth talk about being just friends but then decide to sleep together(!)
Julie is watching the rain and hopes it'll stop for Debbie's birthday tomorrow. Phil tells Julie that it's Debbie's 16th and thinks that maybe they should go out - it would be very uncool for them to be handing out drinks.
Rick is fed up that Debbie hasn't invited him to her birthday party, but Marco reckons it'll be a last minute thing. Just then, Debbie pops around to ask Rick to her birthday party(!) He casually agrees to come. Debbie asks if he can find a date as it'll be practically all couples at the party. She's hinting that the date should be her, but Rick doesn't pick up on it(!)
Jim's hospital room
Julie is fussing over Jim. Jim wishes he could come to Debbie's birthday party and get very exasperated with Julie. Madge pops in with some flowers for Jim and Julie invites herself over tomorrow so she can keep an eye on Debbie's party without actually being there(!) The doctor comes in and asks them to leave, saying that Jim has to rest now.
Brad and Beth arrive back holding hands.
BRAD: So...what do we do now?
BETH: Brad, I'm kind of tired!
BRAD: No! I mean, we can't really go back to the way things were, can we?
BETH: No, I guess not. Do you want things the way they were?
BRAD: No way!
BETH: Me either.
They kiss passionately.
BETH: If you didn't plan for tonight, how come you were ready?
BRAD: I always carry one in my wallet.
BETH: Oh, this happens to you all the time, I suppose!
BRAD: No...but it's best to be on the safe side.
BETH: Well, I'm glad you were ready because I wasn't.
BRAD: You should be, Beth, you can't always count on the guy.
BETH: I'd be too embarrassed to buy condoms!
BRAD: Well, I'll give you some of mine. Next time, you'll be ready.
BETH: Will there be a next time?
BRAD: How do you feel about it?
BETH: Maybe we should think it over.
BRAD: Sure, no sweat.
They talk about what they're going to tell Lucy. Brad says it's none of her business as he's not going out with her anymore. They both still feel guilty though.
Brad gets up to leave and they kiss again. Finally, he leaves.
Outside No.26
Debbie tells Beth that she's fed up because Rick is bringing a date to her party. Now she has to invite a dork just to save face! Doug, Rick and Marco come over and wish Debbie a happy birthday. Rick gives her a card.
DEBBIE: Oh, a card, how nice(!)
Brad comes over and wishes Debbie a happy birthday then looks lovingly at Beth.
MARCO: Friends again, huh?
BRAD: Yeah, sure.
MARCO: Good. See you at the party!
Jim's hospital room
Jim is quietly reading a book when Julie breezes in. She starts fussing and wants to open the blind. She says she's going to get him moved to a more cheerful room. Jim gets annoyed and turns over in bed. The doctor is passing and calls Julie out.
In the corridor, the doctor tells Julie that Jim's reaction is not uncommon - he's depressed that his body has let him down. He tells her she's trying to hrad - she shouldn't treat Jim like a baby.
Garage of the Robinsons
The garage has been decorated with green carpet and palm trees and looks pretty good! Debbie is less pleased that her date is spearing her while trying to pin on her corsage! Brad comes over and gives Beth a peck on the cheek, but then Marco sits between them(!) They still flash loving looks at each other though.
Phil comes in and wishes Debbie a good party, and then drags Julie off. When they leave, Rick arrives with a girl with long blonde hair and Debbie looks upset.
Julie, Phil, Doug and Madge are playing cards. Julie thinks Jim's doctor is a silly busybody but they all point out that he has years of experience, and anyway, Julie *does* baby Jim!
Garage of the Robinsons
Rick introduces his date to Marco and then they go off to dance. Marco notices that Brad and Beth are deep in conversation. Meanwhile, Debbie's date, Miles, starts dancing with Rick's date!
Rick sees Debbie looking upset and goes over to talk to her. She's clearly mad about his "air-head" date but doesn't say anything.
Everyone is playing spin the bottle! Beth decides to make a sharp exit, and Brad and Marco head outside too.
The bottle lands on Rick and they spin again to see who he has to kiss. It ends up being Debbie, who promptly jumps on Rick! When they've finished, he pulls her back in for another one!
Outside, Brad and Marco are chatting while Julie tries to see into the garage from the balcony of No.24.
MARCO: So mate, what's the deal with you and Beth?
BRAD: What do you mean?
MARCO: Come on, I know there's something going on.
BRAD: Yeah, well...we're kind of together now, mate. Sorry.
MARCO: How far has it gone?
Brad's face says it all!
MARCO: I didn't think you were that kind of guy, Brad, who'd take advantage of a girl like Beth.
BRAD: That's not how it is!
MARCO: Well how is it then?!
He walks off.
Beth is sitting in her dressing-gown writing a letter to Lucy.
BETH:(voiceover) Being with a guy wasn't anything like I thought it would be. It was better! But that's only because I really trust this guy. He's a friend, so we're able to relax with each other and have fun. I think I'm in love! And guess what? You know him. In fact, you and I once had a big fight over him. Lucy, it's Brad.
She scrunches up the letter and throws it away.
Jim's hospital room
The doctor pops in to see Jim and tells him that he's making very good progress - in fact, he wants to discharge him. Jim doesn't feel that he's ready yet and looks rather panicked.
JIM: I'm not ready to face life outside. My heart could go just like that!
DOCTOR: Jim, you had a heart attack due to a mishap in surgery.
The doctor explains that as long as he doesn't do anymore bike rides with teenagers and takes it easy for a while, he'll be fine.
Garage of the Robinsons
Julie is still spying on the party from the balcony. Debbie and Rick have apparently got it together, so Debbie tells her date to go home. Rick then does the same for his date, taking her outside to let her down gently. Debbie sees Julie on the balcony and tells her that she and Rick are back together. Finally, Rick sends Collette packing, but Debbie is not impressed to notice love bites on his neck!
<<1772 - 1774>>
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