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Neighbours Episode 1772 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1772
Australian airdate: 22/09/92
UK airdate: 30/08/93
UK Gold: 17/08/99
Writer: David Allen
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Zed: Gavan McLaren
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Marco tells Benito and Cathy that the agency has found his sister.
Benito and Cathy are very shocked. They realise that Marco has been through their things. Cathy doesn't want to find the girl, but Benito isn't so sure.
Beth has dropped by to see Doug and is blanking Brad. On her way out, she lets Zed in. He's come to ask Gaby what he's doing wrong - she says she doesn't think they've got much in common, that's all. She doesn't want either of them to get hurt. Zed looks disappointed behind his long, blond, gelled-up hair(!)
Doug is pleased that Zed has been given the boot - he reckons Gaby and Zed are like chalk and cheese.
Madge and Dorothy are discussing the trial. Then Madge tells Dorothy that she's fed up of Lou and Toby trying to save her life(!) Just then, she notices Lou lurking outside the kitchen window(!!)
MADGE: Go home!
LOU: Not until I know you're safe!
MADGE: Oh, of course I'm safe, who do you think Dorothy is, Freddie Kruger?!
She shuts the kitchen curtains so he can't see in anymore.
Dorothy suggests that they do something to convince Lou that the "power of the mind" theory is rubbish.
Coffee Shop
Brad is moping over his milkshake. Marco comes over and reminds him about Debbie's party then presses Brad for details about his misery. Brad tells him that a girl asked him to sleep with her, but doesn't mention any names. Marco laughs and doesn't see it as a problem!
MARCO: Tell you what, mate, if you don't want her, send her to me, a quick bit of lovin' with a gorgeous babe is right up my street!
At that moment Beth comes round the corner. She's only heard the tail-end of the conversation so assumes that Brad has told Marco everything.
BETH: I thought you were a friend, Brad Willis! But you're nothing but a loud-mouth, blow-hard like all the others.
BRAD: Hey?!
BETH: What I told you was private...personal...how could you?! And to Marco of all people.
BRAD: But I didn't!
BETH: You make me sick. I never want to see you again.
She stalks off. Marco looks stunned to hear that the anonymous girl Brad told him about is Beth.
Benito is telling Cathy that they can't pretend that their daughter doesn't exist. Cathy says it's not right to stir things up after all these years.
Marco is trying to tell Beth that Brad really didn't say anything. Marco is quite hurt that she didn't talk to him instead of Brad. Beth gets angry and accuses Marco of thinking she's a slut.
MARCO: I guess...well...I guess I'm a bit jealous you didn't come and ask me!
BETH: I think you'd better leave, Marco. Before we both make things more complicated than they already are.
Marco heads off.
Dorothy and Madge are holding a cleansing ritual for the "destructive power of Lou's mind"(!) Lou is very sceptical, but Dorothy tells him seriously that the work in the book is very well-respected. Dorothy says she's going to do an infusion of herbs for him.
LOU: Oh, I don't know.
MADGE: Oh, come on Lou, if you can jump out of a plane, you can drink a cup of herbal tea!
LOU: Well...
DOROTHY: Combined with the appropriate ritual.
LOU: Ritual? What ritual?
DOROTHY: That has to be kept secret until the ceremony. If it is to work properly, the subject must offer himself in complete innocence to the spirits.
LOU: Must he?
DOROTHY: (firmly) He must.
MADGE: Oh, Lou. Don't be frightened. Trust Dorothy.
Lou looks rather scared.
An icy silence has descended on No.22. Cathy eventually breaks it and says that maybe she shouldn't be so negative - the girl is their daughter. Benito is pleased, but Cathy is very scared - how can she understand what they did?
CATHY: I suppose I always knew this would happen one day.
BENITO: At least we'll find out, once and for all, who our daughter is and what happened to her.
CATHY: I hope she doesn't blame us.
They hug.
Marco comes in and they tell him that they've changed their minds - they're looking forward to meeting their daughter.
Doug tells Brad that Beth is awaiting a delivery of window frames on the site. He doesn't like her being out there on her own, so asks Brad to go down and keep her company. Brad is not keen but Doug insists. They can sit in the caravan to keep warm.
As Brad resigns himself to his fate, there's a knock at the door and it's Zed. He's toned down his hair and put a suit on. Doug and Gaby barely recognise him(!) Zed asks Gaby if he has a chance with her now. She suggests they go to the Coffee Shop to talk.
Beth isn't chuffed that Doug has sent Brad to the site with her.
BRAD: Look, I'm sorry this is a turn-off for you Beth. I'm sorry for what happened. Can't we just forget it?
BETH: Forget it? After you told Marco Alessi?
BRAD: I didn't tell him, you gave it away!
BETH: What's the difference?
BRAD: There's a big difference! You started this, putting the hard word on me.
BETH: There you go again, you make me sound cheap!
BRAD: No, *you* make *me* sound cheap, all I did was say no!
BETH: And how do you think it made me feel?
BRAD: Get your stuff, we're out of here.
BETH: Just keep well away from me while we're there. Stay in the car.
BRAD: Suits me!
Marco, Benito and Cathy are wondering what the sister will be like. Then the agency calls with bad news - the girl doesn't want to get to know them, she's happy as she is.
A cauldron bubbles on the stove and the room is bedecked with candles. Dorothy, dressed in long robes and jewellery, puts her hands into a smoking potion. Lou tries not to cough and jumps as Bouncer barks.
Dorothy puts her hands on Lou's temples and tells him to take a deep breath.
DOROTHY:(chanting) Errrraaaade! Errrraaaade! All evil is pouring out of your brain!
And so it goes on, with Dorothy and Madge trying not to laugh(!) Finally Madge gives Lou the herbal infusion to drink.
DOROTHY: It'll stop the powers returning!
He takes a sip and chokes. He won't drink anymore, saying that he didn't have any negative thought in the first place.
DOROTHY: Missouri! Missouri! It worked! You are cured!
Benito says it feels like losing his daughter all over again. He can't understand why, but Cathy can. It must be a terrible shock to her to find her parents aren't her own. She thinks that they shouldn't have raked things up, but Marco says he'll carry on hoping that she'll change her mind.
Caravan on the Building Site
Beth is playing Patience alone when Brad comes in. The delivery still hasn't arrived, and Brad is freezing in the car. She reluctantly lets him in and gives him a towel to dry himself off. She tells him that they don't have to talk to each other.
Gaby and Zed come in. Gaby tells Zed that their date is definitely the last time - she still doesn't think they're right for each other.
ZED: Guess this is the heavy farewell scene, eh?
He heads off. Doug is quite relieved to see him go.
Caravan on the Building Site
Beth finally breaks the silence by asking Brad if he's warm enough. Outside, the rain is pouring down.
BETH: Look. I'm sorry about all this between us. I shouldn't have propositioned you in the first place. I wasn't using you, Brad. I really like you, honestly.
BRAD: I like you too.
BETH: That's why I thought if...if anyone could help me get over this thing with guys, it'd be you. I felt safe with you. But it wasn't fair to put you in that position.
BRAD: Why not? We're mates aren't we. It's just that I wanted to stay that way. I'm scared if things went too far it'd spoil things between us.
BETH: I guess I did spoil it.
BRAD: (taking her hand) Hey, it's OK. We can go back to the way things were. Just mates. Can't we?
BETH: Yeah. Just mates. Why not.
BRAD: Why not.
They continue to hold hands. Then they lean in to each other and start kissing.
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