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Neighbours Episode 1771 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1771
Australian airdate: 21/09/92
UK airdate: 27/08/93
UK Gold: 16/08/99
Writer: Christine Madafferi
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: None
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Beth asks Brad to make love to her.
Brad is very shocked at Beth's unorthodox request. He is speechless.
BETH: Gee, Brad, don't look so enthusiastic!
BRAD: (stunned) Don't get me wrong...I had no idea you felt this way.
BETH: Well, I don't. But I really like you as a friend, and I want to...lost my virginity...with someone I trust.
BRAD: (faintly) And you want me to...
BETH: Brad, you'd be doing me the biggest favour. I know this sounds crazy, but that's why I trust you. You're...vulnerable. I bet you're more nervous than I am.
Brad stands up and struggles for words.
BRAD: Beth...I like you heaps, but we don't love each other...
BETH: But that's just the point! I want to have my first sexual experience without all the hassles of being in love. It's the only way I'll ever get over my hang-ups.
BRAD: I understand what you're saying. And I'm really stoked you chose me...you're a great chick and...well, any guy would love to, but...
BETH: But not you.
BRAD: It's not right. You know what I mean?
BETH: It was crazy to ask. Just do me a favour, forget the whole thing.
She walks off.
Lou is very worried about Madge not arriving home as planned and Phoebe is trying to calm him down. But Lou thinks the power of the mind has injured Madge(!)
LOU: I'm going to call the police!
PHOEBE: Don't you think that's a bit drastic?!
While Lou is on the phone to the police, Madge comes in through the door. He puts down the phone and hugs her. Apparently Madge was held up in Customs and then bumped into an old friend - that's why she's late.
Helen and Cathy are having a chat. Cathy is very upset about not being able to have another baby - she would have loved to have had a daughter. Helen talks about losing Anne, and how she felt life would have no joy ever again when she died. But she decided to spend her life grieving and bitter would have been an insult to Anne's memory. Cathy must concentrate on her two boys now.
Benito is asking Marco how he can support Cathy through this difficult time. Marco says he and Rick will behave well. Anyway, maybe Cathy will let him look for his sister again. Benito warns him to stay away from that subject - Cathy is too fragile.
Cathy comes in, in quite a good mood after her chat with Helen, humming to herself and they're very surprised!
PHOEBE: What?!
BETH: Don't make me repeat it.
PHOEBE: This is really off-the-wall.
BETH: it was you who gave me the idea in the first place!
PHOEBE: I did not!
Beth explains that she was just copying Phoebe and Todd - being friends with someone for a long time before anything happened. Phoebe counters that she and Todd were in love.
PHOEBE: So...what did he say?
BETH: He looked like I'd suggested a fate worse than death.
PHOEBE: Oh, he was probably a bit stunned.
(Well, you would be, wouldn't you?!)
Beth doesn't know how she'll face Brad, but Phoebe tells her just to talk to him.
BETH: I think I've just lost one of the best friends I've ever had.
Marco is making breakfast for Cathy, much to her surprise. She insists she isn't feeling low and that Marco is going too far. Also, she isn't entirely convinced that Marco doesn't have an ulterior motive(!)
Brad and Gaby are discussing Brad, who is sitting right there in front of them, but is so distracted he can't hear what they're saying(!) He leaves his cereal uneaten and goes off to his room to "think".
BRAD: I'm not hungry!
DOUG: I wish your mother was here to see this!
Doug picks up a note that Z wrote to Gaby and reads it aloud. She tells him off and says they're just casually dating occasionally.
Toby is very relieved that Madge didn't have a plane accident. He still thinks that Lou should keep an eye on Madge though.
Madge is showing Doug and Brad some photos of Henry and Bronwyn's house in New Zealand. Lou pops round to offer Madge a lift to work. She sighs.
MADGE: When are you expecting Pam back, Doug?
DOUG: Not until she's sorted out Cody. We may never see her again!
When Madge has gone, Brad answers the phone to Z and Gaby signals that she doesn't want to talk to him.
GABY: The last thing I want now is for our friendship to turn heavy.
BRAD: Tell me about it!
Marco tells Cathy that he's expecting a call from the agency about finding his sister. She isn't very pleased, but says she won't let it come between her and Marco. They hug.
Benito asks Cathy why she'd suddenly so happy after being to depressed yesterday. Cathy says her talk with Helen helped - she'll always regret not having a daughter, but she's bless with two wonderful sons...and a handsome, virile, husband!
BENITO: So, you won't want to waste a second of my virility, will you!
CATHY: Somehow, Ben, I don't think you're quite up to it.
BENITO: I think you're right.
Outside the Willises
Brad is shooting basketball hoops. Phoebe comes up to talk to him about Beth and says she knows about the proposition. Brad is shocked that Beth told Phoebe - it's very personal. Phoebe doesn't want to discuss the proposition though, she's just worried about Beth - Beth thinks that she's messed up her friendship with Brad. Brad says she's hasn't - he'll always be there for Beth. He is a bit embarrassed though and doesn't want to make things worse with Beth.
PHOEBE: It'd be a shame if it cost you guys your friendship. Come on, Brad, someone has to make the first move.
The Pub
Madge and Helen are discussing Jim's heart attack when Lou comes in. Madge tells Lou off for stalking her, but he says he just missed her. As Madge walks back to the bar, she slips and Lou catches her.
Brad comes round to talk to Beth about yesterday.
BRAD: I'm sorry I handled it so badly. I guess you feel rejected now.
BETH: Who says? Look...I realised as soon as I said it that the whole idea was just a big mistake, so can we just drop it? It's cool. Honestly.
BRAD: OK. I just want you to know that there's no reason to be embarrassed.
BETH: Who's embarrassed?
BRAD: Beth, I think you're really beautiful. And you've blown me away. It's not I didn't want to, it's just that I didn't want to risk our friendship by having sex. Plus it wouldn't be right, your first time should be with someone special
BETH: I understand, I do. Thanks for coming over, but I've got to get a move on.
She shows him out.
BRAD: Are you OK?
BETH: I'm fine, I've just got things to do.
BRAD: So, no hard feelings?
BRAD: OK. Bye.
Beth is still clearly mortified though.
Benito is still recovering from his vasectomy reversal so is languishing on the sofa reading the paper. Marco comes in - there's a message for him from the agency. Marco is excited and rushes off.
Doug and Brad are watching football.
DOUG: Brad! Four magnificent goals and you haven't even batted an eyelid! It's like watching football with your mother!
Brad tells Doug that he has a lot of heavy stuff on his mind, but it's too personal to discuss - he'll have to try to work it out on his own.
Gaby comes in with a phallic-looking cactus. It's from Z. She says she'd better ring him and set him straight.
BRAD: Go easy on him, Gab. You chicks sure do make life complicated.
Madge and Helen have been to see Jim. He's doing well physically, but is still low mentally. Madge notices that Lou is stalking her(!) and tells him off for spying on her. He confesses that he's worried about something terrible happening to her, due to the power of the mind(!)
Ramsay Street
Beth and Phoebe are discussing baby names.
PHOEBE: I like weird names...Chrysanthemum's my favourite!
BETH:(laughing) You're not serious?!
BETH: Oh(!)
Brad comes up and invites them down to the Coffee Shop. But Beth doesn't want to and goes off to the house to write some letters.
PHOEBE:(sympathetically) You did your best, Brad.
BRAD: I blew it!
Phoebe thinks he should give Beth time - she's just embarrassed.
BRAD: I said no to Beth because I thought it would kill our friendship. It's dead now, anyway!
Cathy and Benito are wondering where Marco is - he's been gone two hours. Finally Marco arrives and tells them that the agency has found his sister.
MARCO: They're getting in touch with her today! We're going to meet my sister!
Benito and Cathy look shocked.
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