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Neighbours Episode 1770 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1770
Australian airdate: 18/09/92
UK airdate: 26/08/93
UK Gold: 13/08/99
Writer: Adam Bowen
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: John Bridges: Matthew Smith
Tori: Katrina McEwan
Joanne: Michelle Gleeson
Charge Nurse: Susan Yardley
Delivery Person: Greg Marris
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Raymond Chambers is acquitted.
Outside the Court Room
Julie and Phil are very disappointed by the verdict. Cameron comes out and says he's sorry - he didn't know Chambers was actually guilty when he took on the case. Phil says that's all very well, but when he tells Hannah she'll be too scared to leave the house.
JULIE:(to Cameron) You're no better than Chambers!
Beth has accepted a date with John and is trying to pick an outfit. Brad tells her to relax. He says that most guys will try it on at some point and she shouldn't panic - she should just be ready for it.
BETH: I don't want John to know I'm totally inexperienced.
BRAD: Then don't tell him!
BETH: You make it sound so easy.
BRAD: It *is* easy!
Just then, Cameron comes in and mopes off to the kitchen.
BRAD: Do you think that means he won or lost?
BETH: Either way, he looks like he needs some support. I think I'll cancel my date(!)
BRAD: No way, you're not piking it now!
Julie and Phil are still very upset about the verdict. Julie has heard from the hospital and Jim is stable, but she's still very worried about him.
Lou comes in with Hannah and Toby. Phil takes Lou and Toby into the living room, leaving Hannah with Julie.
TOBY: Free?! He can't be!
LOU: That's incredible.
TOBY: But I saw him do it, didn't they believe me?!
Phil explains what happened in the court - the jury found Chambers not guilty.
TOBY:(downcast) It's just not fair.
Beth is telling Cameron that he's not responsible - he was just doing his job and there was no proof. The law says the jury is in charge, so Cameron just has to accept it. But Cameron won't accept it - what if Chambers attacks another child?
CAMERON: Maybe I'm in the wrong business.
TOBY: Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
He has his eyes closed and is trying out some of Lou's mind control techniques - he was visualising Chambers in an accident(!)
Phoebe comes over for dinner - Dorothy has gone to see Jim at the hospital. Toby gives Phoebe the visualisation book and tells her that it works on one's enemies - like the kids that are hassling Phoebe at school.
Beth is wearing a rather low-cut top and putting the final preparations on her evening with John. Cameron shows John in and then makes himself scarce.
John seems quite nice.
JOHN: You needn't have cooked.
BETH: Oh, I prefer to eat at home. It saves time later on.
JOHN:(startled) How do you mean?
BETH: You know, in case we get a bit carried away.
JOHN: Yeah...right...!
Beth offers John a drink. Despite the conversation, she looks very nervous.
Phil tells Hannah gently that Raymond Chambers isn't in jail. She is shocked. Julie explains that the judge is giving Chambers another chance, but he'll never hurt Hannah again.
Beth and John are having a candlelight dinner now. Beth turns the lights down so far they can hardly see what they're eating and then puts some soft music on.
BETH: Chocolate's an aphrodisiac.
JOHN:(nervously) Is it? I didn't realise you were so talented, Beth. Builder's labourer, gourmet cook...
BETH: Do you want to dance?
JOHN: Dance?
He agrees and they dance slowly in the middle of the living room. Beth puts her arms around him but he breaks away.
JOHN: Beth, could we cool it? I'm not sure I want to move this fast.
BETH: Don't you like me?
JOHN: Sure, I like you a lot. I just thought we'd get to know each other a bit more before...well, you know.
BETH: I'd rush you to bed?
JOHN: Well, yeah.
BETH: I'm sorry. I'm not very experienced at this kind of thing.
She turns the music off. Then she explains that she wanted John to think she was a woman of the world. He tells her not to worry - he just needs a bit more time.
JOHN: Come on. Let's sit down and finish our aphrodisiacs!
No 24, the following morning
Toby is playing with an aeroplane when Lou comes out looking rough. He had a dream that Madge had been in an accident.
TOBY: Wow! You had a premonition, Mr Carpenter, just like it says in "Muscles of the Mind"!
Lou tells him not be so silly. Phoebe comes in, and just as Toby goes to leave, he knocks the toy aeroplane to the ground. It breaks in two.
TOBY: Oh no! It's an omen!
Lou tells Toby that the book is a load of rubbish and sends him off to school. However, Lou does look a bit worried(!)
Ramsay Street
Brad sees Beth and asks her how her date went. She tells him it was OK. Brad goes off to play football with Toby, while Beth tells Phoebe about her date. She tells that she tried to seduce John and it was a complete disaster! Phoebe is very surprised to hear that Beth is totally inexperienced with men - she doesn't give out that impression. Beth says she has no idea how it works and asks Phoebe how she and Todd got around to it. Phoebe explains they were friends for ages first, and they trusted each other.
PHOEBE: You'll find someone you trust, too.
TOBY: Come on Phoebe, we'll be late for school!
PHOEBE: Yeah. Got to go face the anti-pregnancy squad!
BETH: Good luck.
PHOEBE: They don't bother me.
The Coffee Shop
Some girls are laughing at Phoebe in the Coffee Shop.
TOBY: Haven't you two rejects ever seen anyone pregnant? Or are you totally stupid?!
Phoebe comes back from the toilets with something up her jumper and tells the two girls that the baby "swelled up" suddenly(!) They decide to leave. Phoebe shouts after them that they'd better get used to it because she's not leaving school just to please them(!)
TOBY: On ya, Phoebe!
Julie is haranguing a nurse about Jim's condition. Cameron comes along with a present for Jim. Julie tells Cameron that Jim doesn't want to see her because of the Chambers case. Cameron tells her he wants to talk it through with her, but Julie tells him to just leave them all alone.
Phil and Lou are having a beer when Julie comes in. She tells them that she saw Cameron at the hospital.
Hannah comes in, quite cheerful, much to their surprise. Lou tells Phil and Julie that kids find it much easier to put yesterday behind them and get on with today.
Beth is moaning to Cameron about how useless she is with guys. He thinks she thinks too much - she should just relax. He says that she should have a good friendship with a guy first and let things develop.
Just then, there's a delivery for Cameron - it's French champagne. It's from Chambers.
Cameron screws up the note.
Madge still isn't back. Lou went to pick her up at the airport, but she wasn't there. Toby says that maybe Lou's premonition came true!!
Beth has just been telling Brad about her date with John and he is laughing his head off about the chocolate aphrodisiac part. Beth is not amused. Brad tells her she doesn't need to impress a guy - she should just be herself.
BRAD: You're a good chick, any guy can see that. I mean, you're friendly, you're intelligent, you're fun to be with, you're beautiful-looking. You're kind, you're honest. Look, send any applicants to me, I'll set 'em straight!
BETH: Thanks, Brad.
BRAD: Hey, no worries. I mean it.
BETH: Brad...we're good friends, right? And we trust and respect each other?
BRAD: Sure.
BETH: If I ask you a favour...something I've never asked anyone else before...will you do it for me?
BRAD: Anything for you, Beth. What is it?
BETH: Will you make love to me?
Brad looks shocked.
<<1769 - 1771>>
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