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Neighbours Episode 1769 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1769
Australian airdate: 17/09/92
UK airdate: 25/08/93
UK Gold: 12/08/99
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Raymond Chambers: Greg Parker
Mrs Chambers: Helen Rollinson
Crown Barrister: Lise Rodgers
Judge: Colin Duckworth
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Benito is moaning about the pain from his vasectomy reversal. Cathy tells him that she's been to the doctor and she's got her results. She can't have any more children.
Ben is shocked. Cathy is too upset to speak and goes off to her room for a cry.
Hannah is telling Julie about the court preparation session - she is feeling quite secure about it. Julie tells Phil that she feels exhausted - she wishes she could be with Jim during his recovery. But she's looking forward to Raymond Chambers being put away where he can't hurt any more children.
Cathy has re-surfaced. Benito asks her if she's OK. Apparently Cathy is pre-menopausal and isn't ovulating anymore. Benito rather insensitively tells her that he wishes she'd had her tests before he had his vasectomy reversed(!) Cathy gets angry and stomps off.
Lou tells Toby that the court room won't be like in the movies - but he just has to be truthful. Dorothy tells Lou off for telling Toby rubbish about "mind power". But Lou has given up on the theory - he's throwing all his books and tapes away. Lou invites Dorothy and Toby to dinner tonight.
Toby comes back in with Bouncer - he's found Lou's mind book in the bin(!)
Coffee Shop
Phoebe is skiving off school because she's sick of the whispering from the other kids. Brad and Beth sympathise with her. Changing the subject, Phoebe asks Beth about the guy on the building site who asked her out. Beth has turned down his offer of a date and is rather defensive about the reason why.
Cathy has come back. Benito apologises for being insensitive and they hug.
BENITO: I think my pain will heal quicker than yours!
Cathy says she really wanted another baby - perhaps a little girl. Much as she loves the boys, sometimes it's hard living in a house with a load of man.
CATHY: I just left it too late, Ben. Too late.
Court Room
Cameron is cross-questioning Hannah, who is in the witness box. She explains how Raymond tried to push her into the car.
Later, Toby is in the witness box, explaining how he rescued Hannah from Raymond Chambers.
Phoebe comes over to see Cathy for a bit of a chat. She tells her awkwardly about the kids at school. Cathy tells her that she'd trade places with Phoebe in a second, since she can't have kids. Phoebe realises she's come at a bad time, and decides to head off.
Brad asks Beth why she isn't going out with John. She admits that she has a few hang-ups - about guys in general. Although her mum's boyfriend who tried to force himself on her was older, her hang-up isn't about age - it's about sex in general. She's not ready - and is starting to think she'll never be able to have a proper relationship with a guy.
Outside the Courtroom
Phil, Julie, Dorothy and Lou think the court case is going very well and tell Hannah and Toby that they're very proud of them.
Cameron comes out and Dorothy thanks him for handling the children well. Raymond Chambers follows him out and growls at him for "going easy" on the kids. He warns Cameron that he'd better do a better job this afternoon and get him off the charge.
Brad is telling Beth that she doesn't have to go to bed straight away, but Beth says that relationships inevitably lead to the bedroom eventually. Brad says she can wait until she's ready - as long as she wants. He thinks letting things develop naturally is the key.
BETH: I hadn't realised you were so wise, Brad.
BRAD: Yeah, well, I just tell it like I see it!
Beth is feeling a bit better now.
Court Room
Cameron is cross-questioning Raymond Chambers' wife about the alleged abuse to their daughter. He gives her a hard time and asks her why she didn't go to the police. She says she just left and took her daughter with her. Cameron tells her that she's just bitter about the divorce. Things appear to be turning in Raymond Chambers' favour.
Cathy has called Phoebe round. She apologises for being short with her earlier and they have a chat about their respective problems.
CATHY: Phoebe, never be ashamed of being pregnant. It's a wonderful thing to have a baby! You ought to be proud of it! And not let the kids at school make you feel otherwise.
PHOEBE: I'd really like you to be my daughter's godmother.
CATHY: I'd love that. Thank you.
They are both feeling better now.
Court Room
The lawyer for the prosecution is cross-questioning Raymond Chambers. He is lying through his teeth. He claims he was outside the school for nostalgic reasons(!) He is putting on an Oscar-winning performance, saying Hannah told him she was lost and he was just trying to help her.
RAYMOND CHAMBERS: Oh, God. How did this all happen?
He starts to cry.
Dorothy and Lou are talking about "mind-power". Dorothy is very sceptical about it, telling Lou that he does have mind power, he's just intuitive. Toby and Hannah come in. He answers the door to Phoebe, who he's asked over to play Snakes and Ladders.
Dorothy tells Phoebe that she knows she skipped school. She explains about the whispering, but now she's decided to be proud of the way she is.
Court Room
The jury are returning to give their verdict. Against all expectation, they have found Raymond Chambers not guilty.
RAYMOND CHAMBERS:(to Cameron) Well done.
Cameron doesn't look too proud of himself.
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