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Neighbours Episode 1768 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1768
Australian airdate: 16/09/92
UK airdate: 24/08/93
UK Gold: 11/08/99
Writer: Roger Moulton
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Wendy Marsh: Nerida Leishman
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Jim goes into hospital for some tests on his heart, but ends up having a heart attack in the process.
Helen is shocked and upset by what's happened and Pam tries to comfort her as best she can.
Gaby and Beth are preparing for the lingerie party. Debbie is quizzing Doug about Rick but pretending she doesn't care!
Brad is in his bedroom getting ready for his modelling. He's quite nervous, but he is looking quite buff without his shirt there!
In the living room, Gaby gets the lingerie party started with Beth, Debbie and a sprinkling of random extras (male and female). Brad models the first G-string - but over his jeans! Gaby tells him off and says he'd better do it properly or else.
BRAD: I don't want to give away all my secrets!
Gaby drags Brad off to broker a deal!
Julie has arrived at the hospital - she's totally bemused by what happened. Apparently an arterial wall ruptured during the angioplasty, so Jim is having a bypass now. Pam tells them that she can't lie - his chances are not good. Julie starts to cry and Helen hugs her, also crying.
Benito is watching television while Rick sulks in a chair, reading a book. Cathy chases him out and tells him to go to the lingerie party. Cathy and Benito chat about the results of her tests, but she's not worried - the tests are just a formality.
Cathy has found the details of the baby they gave away and tells Benito she's going to burn them, just in case Marco stumbles on them. She puts the papers into a bin and lights them with a match.
CATHY: It's over.
Debbie is modelling a swimming costume, and then Brad models some long shorts.
Doug gets a phone-call - he looks worried, so presumably it's to tell him what's happened to Jim.
Julie, Helen and Pam are gathered at the bottom of Jim's bed. Pam blames himself for making him have a check-up, but Helen assures her he's in the right place. Julie talks to an unconscious Jim and implores him not to die.
A girl is telling Brad he should go for centrefold modelling but he says he doesn't like where they put the staples(!)
Debbie fretting about Rick's whereabouts and keeps quizzing Marco about him.
Part 2 of the lingerie begins and Dorothy puts a dollar bill in Brad's shorts waistband!
Doug has arrived. Pam tells them that if Jim survives the night, his chances will be much improved. Doug is berating himself for teasing Jim about his fitness levels. Doug has more bad news for Pam - Cody still won't consider the idea of coming home. But she's not staying in the USA - she's booked a flight to Europe with her new boyfriend. Doug wants Pam to fly over and sort Cody out, but Pam says she can't leave Jim. Pam realises that Doug is right.
Marco comes in and tells Rick to come to the lingerie party. He tells Rick that he's missing Debbie's underwear modelling but he reckons he's not bothered. Cathy asks Rick to go and have a chat to Benito who's in his bedroom feeling very uncomfortable(!)
When Rick has gone, Cathy tells Marco that she wants them to be friends again - she can't undo the past and doesn't want to go into it all again. Anyway, she'll have another baby soon if all goes well. Maybe the lost sister doesn't want to be found - Marco is needed with his actual family.
Pam is sitting alone by Jim's bed. She tells him tearfully that she has to go to the USA to see about Cody.
PAM: I just wanted to say before I go that I care about you...and more than just a friend. And er...I don't want to lose you, Jim. So you keep fighting, alright? And I'll be back before you know it.
She kisses his cheek. Just after she's gone, Jim begins to stir.
Gaby is taking loads of orders for the lingerie. Debbie and Brad are getting ready for the pyjama modelling in the bedroom.
Rick has finally arrived, considering the lingerie party a better option than reading to Benito(!)
He goes into the bedroom and sees Brad and Debbie sitting on the bed - he gets the wrong idea, but says it's cool and shuts the door again. Debbie is incensed - Rick wasn't at all jealous, so this must mean that he doesn't care about her at all!
Gaby is trying to calm Debbie down so she can do the last modelling session. She says she can't face Rick, but apparently he's gone home.
In the living room, Dorothy tells Gaby that her designs are excellent, but just then Julie rushes in and tells Debbie off for flaunting herself. Then she announces to everyone that Jim is fighting for his life in hospital. Everyone is very shocked. Dorothy wants to go straight to the hospital, but Julie asks her to wait until the morning - Jim needs to rest.
No.22, the following morning
Cathy has gone to the clinic. Marco and Rick chat about Debbie and Brad. Marco doesn't believe that Debbie is interested in Brad - she was talking about Rick all night! He advises Rick to talk to Debbie.
Just then, Marco sees some scraps of burnt paper in the bin. He realises that Cathy has burnt the paper, but a scrap of paper still remains - with the name of the hospital on it.
Jim is awake and Debbie is telling him how much she loves him. She, Julie and Helen then head off. Dorothy has arrived too and Helen says it's OK for her to go in.
Ramsay Street
Pam is heading off to the USA (blimey she got a flight quick!). She kisses Gaby and Doug goodbye and then jumps into Brad's car. Pam tells Doug to keep an eye on Jim and Doug jokingly tells her he'd almost be jealous the way she cares for him. She tells Doug she loves him and then drives off.
Cathy comes in to find Benito grumbling about his pain from the vasectomy reversal operation. She looks sort of shell-shocked and eventually tells him that she's had bad news at the clinic - she can't have any more children. Never.
Benito is shocked and tries to take her hand, but Cathy just goes off to her room, crying.
CATHY: Just leave me alone.
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