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Neighbours Episode 1767 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1767 (Jim Robinson's first heart attack)
Australian airdate: 15/09/92
UK airdate: 23/08/93
UK Gold: 10/08/99
Writer: Tony Cavanaugh
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Nurse Whelan: Debra Moon
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Gaby wins the bike race heat.
Gaby dashes in and tells Brad excitedly that she won the heat. He's very pleased for her, but then Rick and Marco follow her into the house and says that it wasn't a fair race - they reckon they were knobbled by Doug. Gaby wants to know what happened.
Benito is lying on the sofa with a hot-water bottle over his er...nether regions and ringing a bell for attention from Cathy. He's bored out of his mind and just wants a bit of a chat. He says his vasectomy reversal will be worth it though - soon they'll be parents again.
Pam comes in and asks Benito how he is. He's more embarrassed than in pain, though! Pam promises not to tell anyone. She asks if Cathy will be seeing a specialist, but she says she's seen her doctor and he thinks she's fine. Pam says she'd still see a gynocologist just in case, and recommends one to Cathy.
Debbie and Jim are chatting about Rick - Debbie thinks she's outgrown him(!) Pam comes in for a word with Jim. He tells Pam that he's decided to go to the hospital for tests tomorrow and Pam offers to go with him.
Gaby is sulking that Doug affected the outcome of the race. He says he was only trying to help, but now she says her confidence is at rock-bottom.
No.22, the following morning
Benito is sitting at the breakfast table, still looking very uncomfortable. Marco tells them that he needs more information about his sister - like when she was born and what hospital. Rick tells Marco to shut up and then Benito tells Marco that the subject is closed. Marco refuses to give up.
BENITO: If you value this family, you'll not disobey me.
MARCO: I'm sorry, but I can't just forget about this.
Jim has to have an angiogram - he is very shocked, but Pam reassures him, saying he's doing the right thing in coming to the hospital. Jim says that apparently he has high cholesterol too and blames himself for not coming in to the hospital earlier. Pam tells him to stop worrying.
Brad is showing Doug his surfboard design. Gaby and Debbie are discussing the lingerie party. Rick comes in and he, Gaby and Debbie get into an argument about men being better at sport than women. They accuses Rick of being sexist, but Brad pipes up and says that they're being sexist about the lingerie party - men may not wear lingerie, but they do buy it for their girl-friends. Gaby gives in and says they can come to the party.
Rick tells them that Benito has had a vasectomy reversal operation and they can't help giggling.
Jim is dressed in a hospital gown. Helen arrives with some things for Jim and he begs her not to tell Julie or Gaby that he's having an angiogram. The nurse wheels Jim away.
When Jim has gone, Pam assures Helen that it's a straight-forward procedure. Helen hopes they don't find anything very wrong.
Benito is very irritated that the rest of the street have found out about his operation! Doug says he heard it from Brad who heard it from Rick. Benito says he might as well put a sign up in his front yard(!)
Cathy comes in and tells Benito that Marco can't find his sister without their help - and anyway, he'll have a baby brother or sister soon and all their attention will be focused on that. Cathy has also been to the gynacologist and everything is fine. She's had a few tests (results tomorrow) but there should be no problem in them having a baby.
Coffee Shop
Marco is on the phone to his grandmother trying to get details about his sister. He lies and says that Benito and Cathy know about the search. But she won't tell him anything. Rick comes in and tells Marco off for dragging their grandmother into things. Marco says their sister doesn't even know she has two brothers, but Rick points off that their sister isn't looking for them or she'd have turned up already.
Gaby's lingerie models for the evening have cancelled. Debbie offers to help out with the less adult ones. They wonder who the male model could be. Just then, Brad wanders in and then freezes when he sees they are looking at him with intent!
Doug has joined Helen and Pam at the hospital. He's shocked to hear that Jim is having a procedure done on his heart.
DOUG: I feel like the only fit man in Ramsay Street!
Doug tells Pam that he's spoken to Cody on the phone - she doesn't want to do another course in America, but just wants to stay there with her boyfriend. Pam is not impressed and says she'll phone Cody when she gets home.
Brad is wondering why Gaby is being so nice to him (making him a smoothie). Eventually Gaby gets round to asking him to be a model. Brad casually says he'd be happy to. Gaby is surprised, but pleased. Brad is under the impression that he will be wearing shorts and stuff, but then Gaby holds up a G-string.
BRAD: Oh, you mongrel!
Cathy is ranting at Marco for dragging her mother into things. Benito begs Marco to think about other people's feelings.
BENITO: This whole thing was finished, years ago. To bring it back is painful for them, very painful.
Marco apologises for involving his grandmother, but refuses to give up the search.
Helen and Pam are doing a crossword when a nurse rushes up.
NURSE: Mrs Daniels? Mr Robinson has just suffered a massive heart-attack. We're doing what we can. If you just wait here, a doctor will talk to you as soon as possible.
Pam and Helen clutch each other in shock.
<<1766 - 1768>>
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