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Neighbours Episode 1766 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1766
Australian airdate: 14/09/92
UK airdate: 20/08/93
UK Gold: 09/08/99
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Raymond Chambers: Greg Parker
Mrs Chambers: Helen Rollinson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Ray Chambers' ex-wife comes round to see Cameron, saying she has some information about him.
Cameron invites Mrs Chambers in for a chat. She sits on the sofa and asks him is Cameron is *really* convinced that Ray didn't do it.
MRS CHAMBERS: I divorced him because of what he did to our young daughter.
CAMERON: Well, there's nothing about that on the record...
MRS CHAMBERS: No, I didn't want to put her through a court case. And at the time...I didn't think he'd do it again.
She explains that Ray rang her out of the blue a few weeks ago and kept telling her he was sorry. That was the same day that he tried to pull Hannah into his car.
CAMERON: That doesn't prove he's guilty, Mrs Chambers.
MRS CHAMBERS: It does to me.
She doesn't want to go to the police prosecutor, but she'll do it if she has to. She wants Cameron to convince Ray Chambers to plead guilty. She alludes to an incident in Hong Kong, but then leaves, telling Cameron she's told him everything he needs to know.
Doug is trying to claim sex discrimination because Gaby won't let him come to her lingerie party(!) Rick and Marco come round - only one person from each street can enter the race. They say they'll have to have a heat to decide who gets to enter the race. They don't think Gaby has a chance against them, though. Gaby is outraged and vows to beat them both.
Pam comes round to see Jim about the bike race and explains that there's only one entrant per street. Jim says it was just a bit of fun so thinks he'll bow out. He doesn't want to get involved in a "hotbed of neighbourhood politics"
Helen is really surprised that Jim has pulled out - she thinks he really might be ill.
Financial Offices (Ray Chambers' workplace)
Cameron has told Ray Chambers what his ex-wife has accused him of. He says she's just bitter from the divorce and that there's no truth in her allegations. He says they'll just have to find a way to discredit his ex-wife. They go over the case details again and a hole appears in Ray's version of events - he says Hannah asked him to buy some of her sweets, whereas before he said that he asked Hannah for directions. Cameron is rather suspicious, but Ray tells him that Cameron's only job is to prove him innocent.
Ramsay Street
Rick and Marco are warming up for their bike race and making fun of Gaby. Doug is the starter and they all race off. Debbie comes up and tells Doug that Rick is becoming a pain. Doug says that maybe they should take Rick and Marco down a peg or two.
Cameron is brooding about the case and tells Beth that he's having major doubts about his client. She offers to talk it through with him. Beth suggests that he tries to find out more information and this gives Cameron an idea.
Pam, Helen and Dorothy are talking about Jim's heart problems and have obviously got a plan.
They wait for Jim to come in and then they all pretend to cry and talk about Jim like he's died. They totally ignore him and Jim starts to wonder if he's in an out-of-body experience(!)
A road
Rick is in the lead. Doug drives up in the yute and offers Rick a drink. He starts talking to him about Debbie and how upset she is at the breakup with Rick. Then he says that Debbie is going to go over to see Brad for consolation(!) Rick abandons the race and rushes off!
Jim has apparently stormed off and the women wonder if they went too far. They keep it up when Jim comes back though and start talking about having a seance to contact Jim(!)
Rick comes in and asks Debbie to come over to his place for a bit for a talk. Jim storms off again(!)
Ramsay Street
Rick tells Debbie that he abandoned the race because their relationship is more important. Rick says he's willing to forgive Debbie, but she says she's the one that's going to do the forgiving. And besides, she can get it on with whoever she likes now - she's a free agent.
Financial Offices
Cameron tells Ray Chambers that he's found out about the incident in Hong Kong - it was identical to Chambers' current charge. The case was thrown out due to lack of evidence, but Chambers lost his job and that's why he returned to Australia. Chambers says the allegations were unfounded. Cameron warns Chambers that his ex-wife will take her evidence to court if necessary and says he could find himself on a second charge. He tells Chambers he'd better re-consider his position.
CHAMBERS: There's no way I'm pleading guilty, I'm completely innocent!
CAMERON: I find that just a little hard to believe.
Cameron says he may not be able to represent Chambers any more, but he refuses to change lawyers at the last minute.
CHAMBERS: Try to walk and I'll see that the stink follows you for the rest of your career!
A road
Marco is cycling along. Doug directs him the wrong way, allowing Gaby to take the lead.
DOUG: And the tortoise takes the lead, ladies and gentlemen!
Debbie is ranting to Dorothy and Helen about Rick. Jim has been out and has been gone a long time. They're hoping that he's gone to the surgery, but they're not sure.
Cameron is telling Beth about the other child-related incidents that Chambers was accused of. Beth says that Cameron will have to drop the case, but he says that the claims are totally unfounded. Beth doesn't buy this, and says that Cameron will be responsible if Ray Chambers attacks another child. Cameron says that he's part of the legal system and someone has to do it.
BETH: I'm glad it's you and not me. I like to be able to sleep at night.
Jim has finally got back. He's been for a walk and has come to a decision - he's going to ring the surgery.
Ramsay Street
Rick tells Doug off for fibbing to him about Debbie and distracting him from the race. Just then, Gaby comes up the street with Marco in close pursuit. It's a photo finish and Gaby just pips Marco to the post. Gaby is very excited and says she's going to go ahead and win the real race now!
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