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Neighbours Episode 1765 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1765
Australian airdate: 11/09/92
UK airdate: 19/08/93
UK Gold: 06/08/99
Writer: Ysabelle Dean
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Raymond Chambers: Greg Parker
Mrs Chambers: Helen Rollinson
Angela: Soula Alexander
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Rick dumps Debbie.
Toby insists that Mr Chambers did try to pull Hannah into his car and that's what he'll tell the court. Julie starts going over the details of the story again and Helen warns her not to put words into their mouths.
Coffee Shop
Debbie tells Beth that it's all her own fault - she knew that Rick was the jealous type, it's the Italian in him, apparently! She doesn't think Rick will have her back. She tucks into cake as consolation.
Rick has just told Brad that he himself is the mystery caller - and he's dumped Debbie for wanting to meet up with him. He's very sad that Debbie was ready to two-time him, but Brad thinks he's over-reacting - Debbie was probably just curious. He points out that Rick would probably have done the same in Debbie's position. Rick looks a bit chastened.
Gaby is telling Cameron off for believing that Chambers is innocent, but he's unmoved. Beth comes round looking for Cameron because it's his turn to cook dinner tonight. Beth picks up some of Gaby's design sketches and thinks they're great. She suggests that Gaby has a lingerie party to sell her wares.
Coffee Shop, the following morning
Cameron and Chambers are having a meeting. He's got an affadavit for Chambers to read through. Cameron says that things are going well with the case - his character witnesses are good. Just then, Toby comes round the corner and sees Chambers and Cameron sitting together. Toby is really shocked and starts throwing grass balls at them.
TOBY:(shouting) I hope the judge slings you in jail and keeps you there for a hundred years, Chambers!
Cameron and Chambers get up to chase Toby, but he's already legged it. Cameron is shocked when Chambers starts ranting about Toby, saying he's an awful child.
Brad comes to see Debbie to talk to her about Rick. He thinks Rick might come round to getting back with Debbie. Debbie is delighted. Brad admits he knows who the secret admirer is, but says Rick can tell her. Then he accidentally lets slip that it's Rick himself.
Rick is stomping around the school. Debbie sees him and calls him over, telling him she knows he's the anonymous caller. Rick apologises - it started as a joke but then he got a bit carried away. He's sorry he dumped her and wants to "un-dump" her. Debbie refuses, saying that Rick has made her look like a fool.
DEBBIE: I wouldn't go out with you again if my life depended on it!
She stomps off, and Rick bangs his head on a locker!
Helen warns Julie to stop coaching Hannah on her story about Chambers. The social worker lady arrives and sits down for a chat with Hannah. She's concerned that Julie has been coaching Hannah (it's obvious from Hannah's speech) and asks Hannah to tell her what happened in her own words.
Coffee Shop
Gaby and Beth are chatting excitedly about the lingerie party. Beth warns her not to invite Julie(!) Cameron comes in and peeks at the designs for the lingerie, but Gaby quickly whips them out of sight. Cameron sits down at a table with Toby and says that Mr Chambers nearly pressed charges against him for throwing the grass. He warns Toby that noone will believe his story about Chambers pulling Hannah into the car if he's on assault charges himself.
Hannah is telling the social worker lady what happened but Julie keeps interrupting. Eventually she sends Hannah off to play while she has a word with Julie. She tells Julie that Hannah is now unable to tell the story in her own words, thanks to Julie's interference. Julie is quite affronted but the woman warns that unless they can reverse the "brain-washing", Chambers is bound to get off.
Toby is chatting Rick and Debbie about their break-up and each is blaming the other. Debbie and Rick argue again.
Hannah has come to see Cameron. He reluctantly lets her in. She tells Cameron she's afraid that Cameron will make "mincemeat" of her in court. She doesn't understand why he wants to help Mr Chambers - he's a bad man. Cameron explains about the justice system, but Hannah says if Chambers doesn't go to jail, he might do it again to another child. Cameron looks a bit conflicted but says he can't discuss it.
HANNAH: Mr Chambers is a bad man. And if you help him, you'll be a bad man, too.
Brad is sneaking a look at Gaby's lingerie designs and she tells him off. Rick comes round to see if Brad wants to go to the mall with him to "cruise for talent" as it's definitely over with Debbie. Gaby says he should try to patch things up, but he won't have any of it.
Outside the pub
Cameron is going over the case details with Mr Chambers again. It seems that Cameron has become suspicious of Chambers' story now and grills him a bit. He says that Hannah obviously thinks she's telling the truth, whether it's actually true or not. Cameron says it's unfair to put a child through court - it could scar her emotionally.
MR CHAMBERS: If that what it takes to get me off the hook, so be it.
Cameron is relating the story to Beth - he thinks Chambers has a bad attitude. Now he can't be 100% sure Chambers is telling the truth. He doesn't want to win if Chambers is lying to him - he could attack another child if he gets off the charge. He doesn't know what to do.
Debbie is eating cakes again! Julie and Hannah are cuddling on the sofa. Julie complains to Helen about the social worker, but Helen says Hannah is just confused now. Helen doesn't think Hannah will be able to convince the jury if Julie persists in her ridiculous coaching.
Cameron is brooding over the case. He's not sure what to do for the best.
There's a knock at the door and it's Ray Chambers' ex-wife.
MRS CHAMBERS: Cameron Hudson? I'm Ray Chambers' wife. Ex-wife to be precise. I believe I have some information about my husband that may be very important.
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