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Neighbours Episode 1764 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1764
Australian airdate: 10/09/92
UK airdate: 18/08/93
UK Gold: 05/08/99
Writer: John Upton
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Pete Horvath: John Rohan
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Doug and Phil try to get Jim to give up cycling. Jim heads off down a cycle path, but a little way off, he falls off his bike, clutching his heart.
Julie tells Debbie that she has to stop encouraging the bloke who rings her up on the air - he could be a nutter.
In the living room, Pam and Helen are talking about Jim riding his bike. Pam says that Jim is in denial and doesn't want to face his condition.
Phil comes in, telling them that they lost track of Jim.
Brad comes to invite Toby to play basketball with him. As they're leaving, Jim comes in. He tells her he's come for a chat and she's concerned to see him rubbing his chest.
Dorothy tells Jim that he's not a fool and wouldn't ignore the risk of serious illness - as she did with her tumour. She didn't want to face the prospect of dying or treatment, but Pam saved her by making her go for tests.
DOROTHY: If I hadn't gone, I wouldn't be here now. It's as simple as that.
It looks as if Dorothy's words are finally getting through to Jim.
Ramsay Street
Hannah, Toby, Debbie and Brad are playing basketball. Rick comes over for a word with Debbie and they chat about the mystery caller. Debbie is obviously flattered by the attention.
A motorcycle pulls up - it's Cameron and Beth. Debbie tells Beth that she's off to the radio station. Hannah is upset that Cameron doesn't want to talk to her, but Beth explains it's just because of the court case - lawyers shouldn't be talking to witnesses in advance of the case. She gives Hannah a hug.
Julie is looking through the window and sees Beth talking to Hannah. Helen assures her that Beth is a very nice girl. Julie says that Pam must be ashamed to be related to Cameron because he's defending Hannah's attacker(!) Pam quietly rolls her eyes and Phil tells Julie to cut it out.
Jim comes in and Phil apologises for upsetting him before. Jim accepts his apology, but insists he doesn't need mothering.
Cameron is dusting and Beth is very impressed with his efforts. There's a knock at the door and it's Helen. Julie words have struck a chord with Helen and she asks Cameron why he took the case. Cameron says it's everyone's right to proper representation, and anyway, off the record, he thinks that Chambers is innocent. Helen is shocked, but Cameron thinks that Toby and Hannah have exaggerated. Helen looks confused.
Julie is explaining to Hannah that she'll have to tell a police lady what happened with Mr chambers. She says that Hannah should practise with her first, so Hannah starts to go through the story, with some prompting from Julie. Phil tells Julie not to pressure Hannah. Helen comes in and agrees - she shouldn't be coaching Hannah.
(The following morning)
Jim is eating cereal this morning, but is sick of being checked up on. Helen tells Julie not to coach Hannah, but Julie says Hannah has to be sure about her story or the lawyers with take her apart. Phil eventually persuades her to leave off then.
Julie moans on about Cameron but Helen says that he's just doing his job, and she's not going to kick him out of No.32 in revenge. She thinks Julie is being hysterical.
Radio Station
Debbie is doing her programme. There's a call on Line 1 and it's the guy who's been calling her. He still won't tell her his name, saying it's "more fun this way". Debbie says she knows who he is and gives a description of Brad. However, Brad has come into the radio station and is now sitting behind Debbie, so it can't be him! Debbie is shocked that she got the caller's identity wrong and quickly terminates the call. Brad comforts her, saying that everyone makes mistakes. From the doorway, Toby sees them hugging and hears Debbie saying "I hope Rick doesn't find out about this" and jumps to the wrong conclusion.
Dorothy has popped round to see Helen and Pam about Jim. She tells them about their chat yesterday and thinks that she has made a breakthrough with Jim.
The Pub
Jim is having a drink with his friend Pete and tells him that he's off to see the doctor. His friend says that he had a twinge once and it turned out to be indigestion. Jim starts to wonder if his symptoms are caused by the same thing. Oh dear.
Coffee Shop
Pam tells Cameron that things could be very tricky for him in Ramsay Street if Chambers gets off the charge. Cameron says that Ramsay Street can be wrong, just like anyone else: they'll just have to accept the decision of the court.
Just then, Toby comes in and walks up to their table.
TOBY: I used to like you, Cameron, but now you make me sick!
He walks off to another table and sits down with Rick. Toby tells Rick that he saw Brad and Debbie all over each other at the radio station. Rick is shocked.
Jim tells Helen that he's figured out what's wrong with him - he's just got indigestion. Julie, Helen and Pam despair. Pam doesn't believe Jim has indigestion - he needs medical help.
Rick has come to confront Brad. Brad tells Rick that Toby got the wrong end of the stick and explains what happened. Rick realises this is the truth and apologises for accusing Brad. He wonders who the mystery caller could be.
Radio Station
Beth has popped in to see Debbie at the radio station. Debbie is convinced that the mystery caller must a really hot guy.
Just then, he calls again. He suggests that they meet up and go out to the movies. Debbie says she has a boyfriend, but the bloke says she'd really "dig him" and she should meet him at Lassiter's Lake in half an hour.
Helen asks Toby a question about Mr Chambers - she wants to know if he is sure about what happened. Toby says he's perfectly clear - Chambers tried to pull Hannah into the car.
Lassiter's Lake
Debbie and Beth have arrive to meet the mystery caller. They find Rick waiting there - he heard them talking on the radio. He is jealous that she's going on a date with another guy. Debbie says that there's nothing going on, but Rick isn't impressed.
RICK: You're dumped!
DEBBIE: Well, you're dumped too! Forever!
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