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Neighbours Episode 1763 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1763
Australian airdate: 09/09/92
UK airdate: 17/08/93
UK Gold: 04/08/99
Writer: Wayne Doyle
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Digby Romero: Dino Marnika
Sam: John Cramer
Sarah: Anne Vercoe
John: Des Bergin
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Marco wants to find their sister without his parents' consent. Rick doesn't think it's a good idea.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Rick says that Marco is being selfish and that he's messing with people's lives. Marco says he has to because he can't spend the rest of his life wondering about her.
Helen has arrived home earlier than expected - Julie rang her and filled her in on all the recent events. Helen tells Jim off for cycling after the attack he had, but Jim says it was just a stitch.
When Jim has gone for a shower, Helen tells Phil that she thinks Jim has a heart problem. She's going to make an appointment for him with the doctor, whether Jim likes it or not.
Lou is upset about the TV ad ruining him. Madge rolls her eyes, but Doug is more sympathetic after his own experiences with the Erinsborough News.
MADGE: I used to have a bit of class before I started going out with you!
She says that Lou is a very difficult man to stand by(!)
Helen has made Jim breakfast, but he doesn't want it - he's going to skip breakfast as he's trying to lose a bit of weight. Doug comes in and tucks into Jim's breakfast instead(!) Jim heads off to do some cycling and Helen is shocked. Doug tells Jim that he wishes he hadn't stirred him about his age now - even Pam is saying that Jim should have a check-up.
JIM: For the millionth time, I am fine! I'm going in the race because I want to go in the race and for no other reason.
When Jim has gone, Helen determines to ask Dr Lawson to ring Jim up for a quiet word. Meanwhile, Jim and Phil conspire to find a way to get through to Jim.
Coffee Shop
Rick is upset that he couldn't go to a party last night because he was grounded. Helen comes in and asks Rick and Marco to stop teasing Jim about the bike race. They agree and say they'll try to talk Jim out of the race if they have a chance.
Marco asks Helen for some advice about "a friend" who has a sister he wants to find. He wants to know how Rosemary went about tracking down her birth parents.
Car Yard
A gang of people are waiting when Lou and Madge arrive at the car yard. They tell Lou that they've been inspired by him and his "power of the mind".
HIPPY: All great prophets were mocked in the beginning!
Lou is a bit taken-aback, but rather pleased(!) by this turn of events. He offers them a free tape of mind-healing if they buy a car!
MADGE: You're like a cat, you always land on your feet!
Christina has sent some presents for Cathy and Benito from Hawaii. Helen is there and invites them around to dinner, but Benito explains that he has to go to hospital for a few days. He is a bit awkward and doesn't tell her what it's about(!) Helen gives Benito a leaflet for Marco for his "friend who wants to find an adopted sister".
When Helen has gone, Cathy and Benito are not impressed with Marco.
Rick has come to chat to Jim about the race, but Jim is determined to go through with it.
In the living room, Jim tells Phil he's going training, but he just smiles and tells him to have a good time. Jim is rather surprised(!)
Helen and Doug come in with a huge sheaf of papers and ask Jim to help Doug out with the accounts - Benito needs to see them urgently. Jim suggests Phil helps because he's an accountant, but he says he has to take Hannah and Debbie to the ice-skating rink. Jim resignedly retires to the kitchen with Doug to look at the books while Helen and Phil giggle quietly.
Car Yard
Lou is having a lot of customers in on the basis of the TV ad - he's selling a lot of cars and they want him to arrange another seminar.
Lou goes up to a man who is browsing and it turns out his name is Digby Romero - the author of the books about positive thinking! Lou is delighted to meet him, but Digby Romero doesn't look too friendly.
Cathy and Benito quiz Rick about Marco's intentions towards finding their sister.
Car Yard
Digby Romero thinks Lou is a cheap, shoddy fake who is making money out of his ideas. Romero thinks he's entitled to a share of Lou's profits. Lou pooh-poohs this and says Romero is just jealous that Lou is a good salesman. He throws Romero out of the yard.
ROMERO: You're making a big mistake, Mr Carpenter. You see, a keenly-focused mind can make not only positive things happen, but also negative things - bad things.
LOU: What do you mean?
ROMERO: I mean that accidents aren't always accidents. At least, they certainly won't be in your case. Take care, won't you...
He walks off.
Marco comes in and Cathy and Benito confront him. Marco says that they can't keep pretending that the girl doesn't exist, but Cathy and Benito say that they gave up their rights when they put her up for adoption. Marco says that he won't drop it - it's something he has to see through, no matter what. Cathy starts to cry.
Doug and Jim are still going through the accounts. Jim wants to take a break to go for a training run, but Phil says he can't because Hannah needs him to help her with her school project. Jim smells a rat and realises that they're all in a conspiracy against him. He's not pleased and stalks off.
Lou is home early from the car yard. Madge comes in. Lou says he's decided to get out of the guru business - he's had a visit from Digby Romero who has accused him of stealing his ideas. He's scared that Romero will get him with his mind-power. Madge doesn't really understand, so offers him a cup of tea!
Coffee Shop - kitchen
Rick comes in and has a row with Marco about the sister issue.
Ramsay Street
Jim is cycling home looking worn out. Phil and Doug chase him in the car, begging him to stop. Jim angrily tells them to leave him alone. Phil tells Jim that he thinks he's being childish and he's overdoing things. Jim tells them to get lost. He cycles off down a cycle path, so Jim and Doug have no choice but to go home.
A little way off down the path, Jim falls off his bike, clutching his chest.
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