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Neighbours Episode 1762 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1762
Australian airdate: 08/09/92
UK airdate: 16/08/93
UK Gold: 03/08/99
Writer: Betty Quin
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Reporter: Pamela Graham
Sandy: Laura Christie
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Marco confronts Cathy about her being pregnant in a photo he found. He wants to know what happened to the baby.
Coffee Shop
Phoebe tells Rick that she needs to get back on the air tonight, and Rick offers to help her break in to the school(!)
Marco is really shocked that he has a sister out there somehow, and that Benito and Cathy have never told them about her. They don't know where she is now. Cathy looks upset and goes off to her bedroom.
Erinsborough High, night time
Phoebe isn't sure about breaking into the school - she'll get Rick in trouble. He says that's a small price to pay.
Pam, Doug and Gaby decide to go to a do with Lou. Doug teases Pam about Jim and she tells him to stop stirring. Pam asks Brad to keep an eye on Jim that he doesn't do too much training. Pam tells Doug that she'd like him to take more care of himself too - he drinks a lot and is stressed out at work. He agrees it wouldn't hurt to shed a few pounds.
Lou is talking into a tape recorder about Tolstoy(!) but is interrupted by Madge calling him for dinner. He's looking forward to sharing "the power of the mind"!
There's a knock at the door and it's a lady from the TV who's heard about his seminar - they'd like to do a piece on him tomorrow!
Benito is telling Marco what joy he and Rick have given them. But there's always the first baby at the back of their minds - they had to give her up to strangers. Benito wishes he had been stronger and stood up to their parents - they could have found a way. But back then, things were different - they were young, and the elders made the decisions for their children.
Brad is telling Dorothy how much he enjoyed doing the piece on the radio. Dorothy isn't sure that the school radio will continue though. She wonders where Phoebe is and Brad says he heard her on the radio earlier tonight. Dorothy is shocked and turns on the radio - Phoebe is indeed broadcasting!
Radio Station
Phoebe appeals for the girl who rang the other day to call her.
Dorothy is really mad with Phoebe, but Brad says Phoebe is just worried about the girl who was having a baby. Dorothy heads off to the school - the school radio will definitely have to close now.
Dorothy and Brad come into the classroom where Phoebe and Rick are broadcasting. Dorothy wants to know how they got into the building and Rick explains that he "jemmied the window"(!) Phoebe begs Dorothy for another quarter of an hour. Just then, the girl comes through.
GIRL: Phoebe? Is that you?
PHOEBE: Yes, it is, I've been trying to reach you.
GIRL: I've only just got back from the clinic.
PHOEBE: How are you feeling?
GIRL: Kind of numb, I guess. But I didn't have any choice.
PHOEBE: I'm just glad you're OK. Look, I think it would be a good idea if we could get together some time. Can you do that?
GIRL: Well I...I have to go now.
PHOEBE: No, wait! I don't even know your name.
But the girl has rung off.
DOROTHY:(sympathetically) Well, at least you know she's alright.
Cathy is discussing the adoption with Rick and Marco. They are curious about their sister and reckon that things have changed now - they could even find her again. Cathy and Benito think that it's best to leave the past alone. They've lived with their decision for twenty years and let their daughter get on with her life. Marco isn't convinced - maybe their sister really wants to find her real parents. Cathy says there's been no attempt to get in touch from her - and she wants Marco to promise not to investigate.
Car Yard
The TV station are interviewing Lou about his second-hand cars. He says that he can "will" someone into buying a car and says how useful Madge's connections are to the business.
Dorothy has calmed down a bit now, but she's still worried that the school parents will be angry - Julie Martin is already stirring them up. Pam is also there and is more on Phoebe's side - she's more concerned about the girl, too. She tells Phoebe that she's given the girl all the right advice. Phoebe will just have to find another way to contact her.
Lou's mind seminar
Lou is down the front, chanting about "Inner Power" in front of a crowd of about fifty. The crowd includes Madge, Pam and Doug.
Benito comes in and has found out about Rick breaking into the school. Pam is there and tells Benito that it was in a good cause. She invites him over to Madge's later.
Cathy tells Pam that Benito is booked in for his vasectomy reversal next week, and she's made an appointment for herself too.
Coffee Shop
Gaby asks Marco why he's so distracted. He tells her about a "friend" who's found out he's got a sister. Gaby thinks anyone would want to track down a sister. She suggests talking to Helen when she gets back because she has an adopted daughter herself.
A girl comes in looking for Phoebe, and by a remarkable coincidence, Phoebe is sitting at a table with Brad! The girl introduces herself as Sandy - she's the girl off the radio. She thanks Phoebe for all her help and then starts to cry. Brad gives her his seat and then heads off. Phoebe comforts the girl.
Lou's piece has come on the television and most of the neighbours are gathered around. The announcer says that they're going to find out if Lou is a guru or if it's a cheap, shoddy con.
The report plays and they've spun the piece to make Lou look very shonky. Everyone is outraged.
LOU: After that, love, I may as well shut up shop. I'm ruined!
Outside the Coffee Shop
Marco has decided to track down his sister but Rick thinks it's a very bad idea to go against their parents' wishes.
RICK: Marco, don't do it. If they find out it could blow the whole family apart!
MARCO: I'm sorry, Rick. Look, we've got a sister out there and noone's going to stop me from finding her!
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