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Neighbours Episode 1761 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1761
Australian airdate: 07/09/92
UK airdate: 13/08/93
UK Gold: 02/08/99
Writer: Margot Knight
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: None
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Jim has a bit of turn while out cycling. Pam thinks he's having a heart attack.
A road
Jim insists he's fine as Pam tells him to breathe slowly. Jim says he's not having a heart attack - it's just a stitch. He tells Rick and Marco that they'll go training tomorrow. Pam gives Jim a lift home, rolling her eyes.
School Radio Station
Phoebe is broadcasting to the mystery pregnant girl. She says over the air what a shock it was to find out she was pregnant, but it's not a terrible thing and can be managed. She appeals for her to call in again.
Benito is apprehensive about his vasectomy reversal operation. Apparently it's not going to be painless but Cathy breezily brushes this off saying it'll be a lot less pain than childbirth(!)
Rick and Marco are apologising to Jim for taunting him. Pam and Julie think Jim should go to the hospital but he refuses. Julie says he's just being proud, but he won't listen.
School Radio
Apparently Dorothy has had a lot of complaints from parents about the contents of Phoebe's radio programme. She tells Phoebe that her programme will have to be closed down.
Cathy is telling Rick and Marco about the vasectomy reversal operation, much to Benito's discomfort. They cringe in horror! Marco doesn't understand why they've suddenly decided to have another baby and Cathy gets very defensive.
School Radio
Dorothy tells Phoebe that she can join someone else's show tonight.
Phoebe opens her locker and finds a packet of condoms with a note, "Next time use one of these". She is upset.
Madge, Doug, Julie and Pam are fussing around Jim, begging him to go to the hospital. Jim is still in denial and angrily shouts at them to go away.
Marco is grilling Ben about the baby thing - he's observed that Benito doesn't seem as keen as Cathy. Benito admits that he's doing it for their mother.
BENITO: I owe her.
BENITO: Because of something that happened before you were born. Before your mother and I were even married.
But Cathy comes in before he can say anymore. She looks very angry and send Marco out to buy milk. When he's gone, she lays into Benito, saying she wants to keep the past secret.
Ramsay Street
Rick feels guilty about winding Jim up but Pam tells him it's not his fault - Jim is very stubborn.
Marco and Rick walk to the shops and Marco tells him about the whole "owing it to Cathy" thing. He can't think what Benito meant.
Phoebe is brooding about the mystery pregnant girl and Dorothy tells her she should be studying. Julie comes round to complain that the school radio station is promoting undersage sex.
JULIE: Phoebe, you've got a real nerve encouraging school kids to have illegitimate children left, right and centre.
PHOEBE: I didn't!
JULIE: That's not what I heard!
She accuses Phoebe of "trashing minds". Dorothy tells Julie to get lost. Julie says unless Dorothy censors the radio station she'll have to do something about it herself.
Julie is ringing round parents trying to get them to go to their MP about the radio station(!)
In the kitchen, Doug is trying to stop Jim having a beer, saying it's bad for his heart. Pam comes round with a low-fat diet sheet for Julie and Jim is not impressed.
Rick and Phoebe are hanging out while Dorothy fields phone complaints from parents(!) Dorothy says she'll have to cancel all programmes until further notice. Phoebe is very angry and says she has to get in touch with the mystery girl.
Madge has brought Jim some chicken soup and is fussing over him. When she's gone, he puts his plate to the side(!)
Julie tells Jim that Dorothy is very self-righteous and not suitable as a school principal. Jim says that Dorothy is an excellent educator and Julie should sort it out with Dorothy if she has a problem. Julie tells Jim she's really worried that he's going to have a heart attack.
Coffee Shop
Phoebe is agitated and is telling Rick that she *has* to get back on the radio station - the girl might resort to suicide. Rick offers to help - by breaking into the school!
Marco is looking through some old photos while Benito and Cathy argue in the kitchen. In one of the photos, Cathy is pregnant. Marco goes into the kitchen and holds up the photo.
MARCO: I needed to know what you two were being so secretive about. You were pregnant when this was taken, weren't you? What I want to know is - what happened to the baby?
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