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Neighbours Episode 1760 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1760
Australian airdate: 04/09/92
UK airdate: 12/08/93
UK Gold: 30/07/99
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: None
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Debbie and Phoebe talk to a pregnant girl on the radio. She's very upset and they're worried she might commit suicide.
Pam comes in and is surprised to see Doug is home early. Brad looks excitedly through the groceries(!) and while he does so, he hears Phoebe on the radio, begging the girl to ring her back.
School Radio Station
Phoebe is really upset about the girl, but she doesn't want to announce her own pregnancy on the radio (to show the girl that they're both in the same position)
Lou and Jim are having a beer and burying the hatchet about the car. Lou advises Jim to come along to his positive thinking seminar - he reckons he wants to spread the word. Jim is suspicious as it's not a free seminar(!)
Doug is giving Gaby a pep talk about her training - he reckons she can win the race if she trains hard enough.
Pam asks Gaby how Jim seemed when he was fixing her bike and asks her to keep an eye on him.
Phoebe comes round to talk to Pam and Gaby observes excitedly that Phoebe is starting to show now. Phoebe tells Pam her worries about the girl on the radio. Pam tells her she did the best she could and if she does ring back, Phoebe should advise her to ring LifeLine.
Coffee Shop
Marco and Rick are laughing about Jim entering the race against them. Rick observes that there is a "different class" of women in here tonight and steers the conversation on to Debbie. Rick tells Brad that Debbie goes a bit girly when Brad's around. Brad says Debbie has been acting weirdly, but he's not at all interested in her.
No.28, the following morning
Doug is fed up this morning - he didn't sleep very well. He tells Pam that she was talking in her sleep, and that she mentioned Jim's name a couple of times. Pam says it's probably because she's been worried about his back lately.
Debbie comes round looking for Brad, but he's gone surfing.
Alessi Garage
Marco and Rick are talking about Cathy having another baby and then head off into Ramsay Street with their bikes. On their way, they see Jim and Gaby and taunt them a bit about their stamina. They decide to go off for a jog, and when they've gone, Rick and Marco steal their bikes, replacing them with very old bikes, one of which is a tricycle(!) When Jim and Gaby come back, they are not amused. Jim says he'll race the Alessi boys anyway - on the vintage tricycle. Gaby is concerned about Jim's back, but he is determined.
Jim sets off, and Lou calls after him that he'll use the power of positive thinking to assist his win. As Rick sets off after Jim, his chain comes off(!)
Lou is telling a skeptical Doug and Pam about the power of positive thinking. Doug is impressed and says that Lou could make a fortune at the races. Pam thinks Lou is talking rubbish, but he tells her to come to his seminar and find out all about it.
PAM: Thanks for the invitation, Lou, I'll give it some positive thought!
Brad comes in and Pam tells him that Debbie came round earlier. Pam observes that Debbie might have a crush on Brad and he looks a bit worried!
Debbie and Rick are discussing the secret admirer, but Debbie won't tell him any of her theories as to the identity of the caller. The pregnant girl hasn't called back either.
Lou has been flyposting about his seminar. He insists that Madge must come along to the seminar. She agrees, but refuses to put up his poster in case it sets a precedent for shonky posters(!)
Coffee Shop
Lou gives Marco a poster about his seminar and says that Madge said it was fine to put it up(!)
Brad and Debbie chat at the counter and Rick is hiding behind the counter, listening to their conversation. Debbie tells him she'll be on the radio again this afternoon and that Brad should listen in.
When Brad and Debbie have gone, Rick wonders what's going on with Debbie.
School Radio
Debbie is taking some calls. Her mystery caller rings in and Debbie tells him that she thinks she knows who he is. Lou comes in with some posters and asks Debbie if he can plug his positive thinking seminar on the radio. She isn't keen, but caves in when Lou offers her $10!
Doug, Pam and Jim are listening to Lou's broadcast and laughing. Pam tells Jim that she's worried about him training - he should be resting until his back is fully recovered. Doug jokes that Pam could always give him another massage(!)
Coffee Shop
Lou orders Debbie a milkshake, but she isn't too impressed with his positive thinking escapade. Lou cancels the milkshake(!) Phoebe tells Debbie that she hopes the pregnant girl will call into the station today.
Rick asks Debbie about his secret admirer and challenges her that she thinks it's Brad. Debbie admits that she does think it's Brad. Rick accuses her of having a crush on Brad and Debbie is not amused.
School Radio
Phoebe is talking on the radio to the girl. She admits on air that she's pregnant too and there are shots around the school of kids looking up in surprise. They gather at the door of the radio station, looking in at Phoebe.
A road
Marco and Rick are riding their bikes when they see Jim who is also out riding. They taunt him a bit and challenge him to keep up with them. Jim ends up having a bit of a turn and gets off his bike, clutching his heart. Pam happens to drive past in the car and sees him struggling. She rushes over to him and tells the boys off for taunting Jim.
PAM: I think he's having a heart attack.
<<1759 - 1761>>
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