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Neighbours Episode 1759 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1759
Australian airdate: 03/09/92
UK airdate: 11/08/93
UK Gold: 29/07/99
Writer: Rod Zielinski
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Raymond Chambers: Greg Parker
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Phil confronts Chambers in his office. He introduces his defence lawyer - Cameron.
School Radio Station
Debbie excited about the mystery admirer and wonders who it is. Phoebe points out that she's going out with Rick, but Debbie says it doesn't stop her wondering.
Chambers' Office
Cameron is trying to calm Chambers down after Phil's visit. He's very upset and tells Cameron he's innocent of the charges against him regarding Hannah. He reckons he was just asking Hannah for directions. He denies trying to pull Hannah into the car, and he doesn't know why both children went hysterical. Cameron tells Chambers that he's not the best person to defend him - the Martins are his neighbours. Chambers says it doesn't matter.
Julie thinks Jim is overdoing things on the bike. Phil comes in in a rage and tells them about Cameron being Chambers' lawyer. Jim implores Phil not to take the law into his own hands, but Julie is less level-headed and charges off to find Cameron.
Beth is telling Cameron that he can't defend Chambers after what he did to Hannah. Anyway, his impartiality might be compromised.
Julie storms in and confronts Cameron, but he tells them he's on the case and that's it.
Ramsay Street
Jim is just heading off for another bike ride when Pam comes up. He tells her about Cameron defending Raymond Chambers and she's quite shocked. She tells Jim to take it easy on the bike - she thinks he's overdoing it too.
School Radio Station
Debbie is musing about why all songs talk about love or sex. There are no callers at the moment but eventually one comes through. It's the mystery admirer again. He won't tell Debbie his name, but he does tell her he's an outdoors sort of guy, into surfing and basketball. Also that he likes banana smoothies.
Beth is having a cup of tea with Gaby while she prepares to go back to work. Cameron is distracted by thinking about the Chambers case. It's hard for him to knock back the case as he already knocked back one recently - his bosses would not be impressed. Cameron says that the prosecution's case relies on the testimony of children - Hannah and Toby could have misinterpreted Chambers words and actions.
Coffee Shop
Debbie is surprised to hear that Madge tuned in to the advice section of the radio broadcase - she thought that only kids would be listening. They chat about Debbie's secret admirer and who it could be. Madge thinks it's all very romantic. Just then, Brad come in from surfing and orders a banana smoothie. Debbie suddenly looks rather worried - she's obviously wondering if Brad is the secret admirer!
Phil and Julie are having a cuddle on the sofa and chatting about Hannah. Beth comes round looking for Debbie but Phil wants to have a word with her about Cameron. Beth says that Cameron hasn't entirely made up his mind as to whether to take the case or not. Phil and Julie are shocked to hear that Cameron recently knocked back a sexual assault case and yet he is considering taking the Chambers case.
JULIE: Beth, you can tell Cameron something from me. If he takes Chambers' case, he'll never be welcome in this house again.
Coffee Shop
Rick, Madge and Pam are discussing the secret admirer. Jim comes in and Rick taunts him a bit about his training, calling him "granddad" and so on. Gaby comes in and gets in on the act, telling Rick that a girl could take him on in the race as well as Jim.
School Radio Station
Debbie tells Phoebe that she thinks Brad is the secret admirer - she's thought she's seen him looking at her recently. Just then, a girl comes through and tells them she's done something really stupid - she's pregnant.
GIRL: What am I going to do?!
Ramsay Street
Julie and Hannah are playing ball in the street when Madge chats to Julie. Hannah throws the ball to Cameron who is coming up the street, but Julie calls her away. Then she tells Cameron to stay away from Hannah, accusing him of getting Hannah to change her story. She storms off.
School Radio Station
The girl has hung up and Phoebe is quite upset. She hopes she'll ring back.
Brad comes in and Debbie tells him she's stumped about the mystery caller. He says he doesn't know anything about it. Debbie is secretly convinced that it's him though.
Gaby and Beth are chatting about sexism and decide they're both going to enter the bike race. Cameron comes in looking rather down and tells Beth about his altercation with Julie.
Ramsay Street
Jim is cycling very fast up Ramsay Street, much to Pam's concern about his health. Just then, Gaby comes up with a very old-looking bike, telling Jim and Rick that she's going to enter the bike race. They look doubtfully at her bike and Jim offers to help her oil it.
School Radio Station
Debbie and Phoebe are looking through records. Debbie says that Rick's the only guy for her - she doesn't know what to do about Brad. Phoebe isn't convinced.
Just then, the girl comes through again. She tells them that her parents will kill her. She hangs up again before they can talk to her.
DEBBIE: We did our best.
PHOEBE: Not good enough.
They worry that the girl might commit suicide.
<<1758 - 1760>>
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