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Neighbours Episode 1758 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1758
Australian airdate: 02/09/92
UK airdate: 10/08/93
UK Gold: 28/07/99
Writer: Chris McTrustry
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Raymond Chambers: Greg Parker
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Julie tells Phil that Raymond Chambers is out on bail. Then they realise they've both forgotten to pick Hannah up from school.
Julie starts to panic and Phil tries to calm her down, but he's very worried himself. He rings the police, but can't get through.
Jim comes in and takes over on the phone while Julie and Phil rush off to look for Hannah.
Brad is happy that his surf board will be in the shops in a few days and Rick and Debbie congratulate him.
Benito and Cathy come down from upstairs in the middle of an argument, but stop short when they see the kids there.
When the kids have gone, Benito tells Cathy that they both made the decision to gave up their baby all those years ago. Cathy reckons Benito pushed her into it and thinks they could have found another way. Benito says they couldn't - things were so different back then.
Cathy continues to sulk, and tries to corner Benito into looking into a vasectomy reversal.
CATHY: Ben, I've stood by you on everything you've done. It's your turn to give a little.
Ramsay Street
Camerone, Brad, Debbie and Rick are playing basketball. Jim rushes out to his car to go and look for Hannah and Cameron offers to join him.
A road
Phil and Julie are driving around looking for Hannah, frantic.
JULIE: If Chambers has got her, I...
PHIL:(sharply) Chambers hasn't got her!
Ramsay Street
Toby has joined the basketball game and Debbie and Brad are fighting over the ball. Rick comments that Debbie is getting a bit friendly with Brad(!)
Phoebe comes over and asks Debbie to help her with an agony aunt programme on the school radio and she agrees.
Jim, Julie, Phil and Cameron come in not having found Hannah. Phil goes off to call the police, but just then Hannah comes out of the bedroom. Julie clutches her in relief and Hannah explains she went to play at Holly's house when Phil and Julie didn't come to pick her up. Julie hugs her in relief.
PHIL:(angrily) Look at the aggravation caused by a visit to a friend's place! All because that animal Chambers is on the loose!
JIM: Well, he won't be out for too much longer Phil.
PHIL: Well, I hope not. Cos I don't want us to go on living like this.
Phil and Julie have calmed down now and tell Hannah that next time she should wait with a teacher. She agrees and goes off to our room. Phil is still very upset about Chambers being out on bail.
There is a funereal silence over the dinner table at No.22. Rick looks from Benito to Cathy and demands to know what's going on. They won't tell him, though. Rick says that if it's about a new baby, he likes the idea, although he thinks Cathy is a little old(!)
When Rick has gone off to his room, Cathy apologises to Benito - she knows Benito didn't really push her into the adoption all those years ago. But she still wants a new baby. Benito tries to reason with her - they *are* a bit old. But he finally relents and says he'll make enquiries at the hospital. Cathy is delighted!
Phil has come to see Cameron about Raymond Chambers. He wants to get a protection order, but Cameron explains that they're not always effective. Phil is not optimistic that Chambers will go to jail, but Cameron says he has to have faith in the judicial system - if Chambers is guilty, he'll go to jail.
Debbie is lying on her back doing exercises with her legs, much to Julie and Hannah's amusement. Julie says Debbie hardly needs to lose weight and Hannah bets that Debbie is trying to impress a guy(!)
HANNAH: I'm never going to do things just because a *guy* thinks they're good.
JULIE: Tell me that in ten years' time!
Toby calls around and is rather distracted by Debbie and her exercising(!) He's come to walk Hannah to school, but apparently Hannah is staying home today.
Brad is reading the paper and eating a banana. He asks Cameron if he wants to go surfing, but Cameron has to go to work. When Brad has gone the phone rings. It's Cameron's boss who gives him some bad news - he has to take on a case and he doesn't have a choice. He's not happy and goes off to look for his boss.
School Radio Station
Debbie and Phoebe have got their first caller on the line. It's a girl calling for kissing advice. Debbie advises her to dump him(!) much to Phoebe's horror!
Cathy is in a very good mood but Benito is not and is bemoaning the prospect of washing dirty nappies. He clearly doesn't really want a baby, but Cathy assures him she's not trying to replace the daughter they gave up.
CATHY: Well, suppose I am...is that so wrong?
BENITO:(melting) Not if it makes you happy.
CATHY: It will. It'll make us both very, very happy. I know it will!
They hug.
Julie and Phil are brooding about Raymond Chambers over a cup of tea. They put on the radio to hear Debbie and Phoebe's radio show. Hannah is in the window, looking out for Raymond Chambers - she's too scared to go out. Phil sees red and says he's going to put an "end to this".
School Radio Station
Debbie is giving terrible advice to the callers, but they seem to like it because 3 calls are waiting! Just then, someone rings in saying Debbie can sort out his love-life any time and he thinks she's gorgeous. Debbie is flattered.
Raymond Chambers' Office
Phil storms in and pushes Chambers against a wall. He tells him he'd like to smash his smug face in(!)
PHIL: Have you any idea of the misery you're causing my family?
CHAMBERS: Just watch your step, Martin. You're this close to being sued for libel!
Chambers tells Phil he doubts he'll be going for jail - in fact his lawyer is already here to make a start on his defence. Shock horror, it's Cameron!
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