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Neighbours Episode 1757 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1757
Australian airdate: 01/09/92
UK airdate: 09/08/93
UK Gold: 27/07/99
Writer: C.M. Covington
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Buzz Wade: Brett Swain
Andy Lawrence: Christopher Clarke
Ted Mason: Martin Trainor
Davo: Brett Tucker
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Benito tells Cathy that he's had a vasectomy.
Cathy is absolutely gob-smacked, and even more so when Benito admits it was sixteen years ago - when they separated just after Rick was born. In a wave of bad acting Cathy rants and raves that Benito never told her. Benito says it got harder to tell her as time got one. Cathy starts ranting about honesty and trust and then takes off to her bedroom, thank goodness for that.
Julie asks Phil why he is looking at ordinary jobs in the paper when he should be looking for executive positions(!) Julie tells Phil that his job with Benito is no longer available - they've got a new barman with "international experience".
Hannah is a bit distracted and asks Phil if he'll take her to school tomorrow - she's worried that Raymond Chambers will come and get her. Phil assures her that Chambers is in jail so he can't hurt her.
No 28
Buzz has come to see Doug and tell him that the job won't be starting up tomorrow: the scaffolding has collapsed. Doug can barely believe it - he's bent over backwards to get the men back to work.
DOUG:(angrily) If you ask me, it's not the scaffolding that's dodgy.
When Buzz has gone, Doug tells Pam that he thinks Beth's right about Buzz having a hidden agenda. He'll inspect the scaffolding in the morning.
No.22, the following morning
Cathy locked Benito out of the bedroom last night and now is giving him the silent treatment. In fact, it's almost like he's invisible. Eventually she snaps out of it long enough to tell Benito that what he did was unforgiveable - not that he had the vasectomy itself, but that he kept it from her. She doesn't think he has any trust in her and that really hurts. Benito apologises - they had such trouble in their marriage when they had Rick, he thought if they had another one it could have been the end of their marriage.
BENITO: I'm sorry, I was wrong. I'll do anything if you'll forgive me?
Cathy asks if Benito would have been happy to have a baby now if he hadn't had the vasectomy and he says it doesn't matter - he can't make Cathy pregnant.
The Office
Julie and Beth are discussing Beth's sacking and Beth is considering going to the unfair dismissal board. A employee comes in and asks for an advance, but Benito tells him calmly that it's against company policy. He ends up firing the bloke when he gets a bit aggro. Benito asks Julie if Phil wants his old job back but Julie lies and says she doesn't know(!)
Inner Office
Beth has come to see if Benito has any work for her. He doesn't have anything though and she's too young for barwork. He says he'll keep her in mind though.
Doug comes in and tells Pam that he's asked around and he's heard that lots of people think Buzz is playing games.
The Office
Hannah has rung Phil to pick her up from school because she saw a car like Raymond Chambers'. Phil and Julie reassure her. Phil goes in to see Benito to get his final pay and some paperwork. Phil tells Benito that he quite enjoyed being a barman.
Outside the Pub
Doug is having a beer with all the work crew (including Beth) when Buzz comes up. Doug and the guys have compared notes - apparently Buzz didn't tell the men about the $1,000 bonus. The blokes tell Buzz that he's not in charge of them - they're quite happy with the $1,000 bonus and they don't want Beth sacked. Doug has checked the scaffolding and it's been tampered with. The men want an explanation from Buzz.
Pam is round having a cup of tea and notices that Cathy is distracted. She pours out her troubles to Pam about wanting to have another baby. Pam says it's not a problem at Cathy's age these days, but Cathy explains about the secret vasectomy.
Outside the Pub
The blokes are telling Buzz off for behaving in an underhanded way. Buzz admits he was waiting for Benito to fire Doug and then his builder mate could have taken over the project. The men are very shocked. Doug ends up firing Buzz and then men say they'll back Doug up with the union. Work will start first thing in the morning. But Beth still doesn't want her job - on principle.
The Office
Cathy is more upbeat this afternoon and has come to see Ben about the vasectomy issue. Apparently Pam has told her that Benito can have a vasectomy reversal. Benito says it isn't possible after 16 years, but Cathy is excited and says there is a chance and they must take it.
Outside the Pub
Doug is trying to talk Beth around and doing quite well. She finally agrees to come back to work - she does love the job and Doug is a good boss.
Phil has found out that the new barman has been fired and is ranting at Julie for not telling him. She claims she was just trying not to interfere(!) Phil says he'll go and talk to Benito.
Pam pops round looking for Jim, but he's out on his bike. Pam thinks Jim is pushing his back too hard.
Phil has come round to Benito's to ask for his job back. Unfortunately Benito has already given it to someone else. Benito is disappointed and says that Phil will have the next vacancy.
When Phil has gone, Cathy comes down for a talk. Benito doesn't want to have a reversal and is suspicious that Cathy is so knowledgeable all of a sudden. He's upset to here that she discussed things with Pam.
Julie tells Phil that Chambers is out on bail - they can't believe it. Also, they've had a miscommunication about who was picking Hannah up from school - she's still waiting there, and since Chambers was releasedt his morning, it could have been his car that she saw earlier...
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