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Neighbours Episode 1756 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1756
Australian airdate: 31/08/92
UK airdate: 06/08/93
UK Gold: 26/07/99
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Buzz Wade: Brett Swain
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Cathy tells Benito that she wants to have another baby.
Benito is very shocked (and who can blame him!!) He points out that there'll be nappy changing etc and he definitely doesn't want to go through that again! Benito thinks Cathy is just clucky because she's been around Phoebe. He tries to keep his cool and reason with Cathy - his job has only just started, he was hoping they'd have an overseas holiday next year etc. He thinks Cathy will be grateful he didn't take her seriously when the cluckiness passes.
BENITO: Sweetheart, believe me, this is not the solution.
Cathy doesn't say anything.
Madge is fed up of Lou going on about positive thinking. Toby comes around and jokes that he's been practising too! He tells Madge and Lou that he's having his own show on the school radio station tomorrow. He wants to invite some guests, like Brad, to talk about his time in America. He wants Lou to come on the radio and talk about his schooldays. Madge is a bit put-out not to have been asked herself(!) Lou is delighted though and can't wait to be on the radio!
Benito is telling Doug that he can break the building contract if the building work doesn't start soon - he's got someone to step in if necessary. Doug assures Benito that the men are back to work tomorrow, so Benito agrees to stick it out.
When Benito tells Doug that it was a poor show that he sacked Beth.
Cathy seems to have perked up a bit and has made a nice dinner for Benito. Benito comes in, unhappy about having to hassle Doug constantly. Cathy asks Benito if he's thought any more about them having another baby. Benito says he doesn't have to think about it.
Marco overhears Cathy saying she wants a baby and says he thinks Cathy is a bit past it! Cathy is annoyed and storms out, telling them to "go to hell".
BENITO: This is more important to her than I realised.
(The next morning)
Cathy is at the bottom of the stairs and really yelling at Rick to get up. Marco and Benito are eating their breakfast trying to keep a low profile(!)
Benito and Marco apologise to Cathy for being insensitive last night but she doesn't want to hear it. She says they're financially secure now and it would be a lot easier than when they were young.
BENITO: I provided for us when Marco and Rick were young.
CATHY: That's not what I'm talking about, and you know it.
Marco looks up in surprise, and there's clearly a lot of history behind this comment. He asks Cathy what she meant but she brushes it off.
MARCO: Mum, I'm really sorry - if you want to have another baby, that's fine by me. Hey, you can even rope me in as a baby-sitter!
Brad is talking about America on the radio and how much he enjoyed travelling. Then Toby introduces Lou to talk about the "old days". Lou starts talking about his teenage years, but spends a lot of time slotting in adverts for Carpenters' Cars(!)
Doug tells Buzz that he's sacked Beth, but he doesn't appreciate being blackmailed. Buzz is still stalling about getting the boys back to work but Doug says he'd better keep his promise - work must start this afternoon.
Toby is fed up of Lou trying to court Year 12 students as future customers(!) over the radio. A call comes in and it's Madge, but speaking in a funny old lady's voice. She says taht her son bought a car from him and it was a real turkey. Lou is not amused and tells Toby to put a record on! He soon twigs it was Madge though.
Brad and Beth are talking about her work. Beth's still ranting about being sacked unfairly. Just then, Buzz walks past and Brad offers to flatten him(!) Instead, Beth goes to have a word with him. She asks why he went to so much trouble to get rid of her and he reckons that she doesn't belong on a building site as a woman. He knows that Beth wasn't really working that day, but he's got the photograph, so who cares. Beth thinks there's something deeper than Buzz simply disliking her.
The Office
Marco comes into the office to talk to Benito about Cathy. Benito doesn't really want to talk about it as it's between him and Cathy. Marco asks about the comment Cathy made about when they were young. Benito gets cross and tells Marco to go away.
Madge is mopping the floor. Toby and Lou come in - Toby is berating Lou for advertising the car yard so much. Lou tells Madge off for calling in and bad-mouthing the car yard.
Toby apologises to Madge for not inviting her on the programme as his proper grandmother (well, actually - she isn't any more related to Toby than Lou is, is she?!) They have a hug.
Beth and Brad come to see Doug. They tell him about Beth's conversation with Buzz today and their suspicions about Buzz's drastic actions to get rid of Beth. They think something doesn't feel right, but Doug can't think what it could be - Buzz has worked with him for years. He heads off to pick up his ute.
Cathy is washing up to the sound of opera music. Benito comes in and sneaks up on her. He's come home early to work on his paperwork, and keep her company.
BENITO: I really do love you, you know.
CATHY: I know you do (hugs him)
Benito offers to take Cathy out tonight to a nice restaurant, but first they should have a bit of a talk. Cathy is surprised that Benito is so against having another baby. They talk about how much they've enjoyed their boys.
CATHY: Who knows? Maybe this time it might be a little girl.
BENITO: That's...what's behind all this, isn't it? You're trying to make up for the past.
CATHY: No. It's not just that. If it's a little boy, I'll be just as happy. Ben, we're both healthy and financially secure. I can't see any real reason for us not having another baby.
BENITO: I'm afraid there's one very big reason. Something I've never told you.
CATHY: What?
BENITO: I've had a vasectomy. There's no way I can father a child.
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