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Neighbours Episode 1755 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1755
Australian airdate: 28/08/92
UK airdate: 05/08/93
UK Gold: 23/07/99
Writer: David Allen
Director: David Morgan
Guests: Wendy Marsh: Nerida Leishman
Sally Cooper: Adrianne McColl
Kim Cooper: Sally Christie
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
A bloke from the site blackmails Doug with a photo of Beth "digging" during the strike. He wants him to sack Beth.
The Alessis are having dinner. Marco is wolfing his down because he needs to get the Coffee Shop - there's a lot of customers there. Cathy tells Benito about the bloke who wanted to buy the recipe off her. He is quite surprised to hear about this.
When Marco has gone, Benito asks Cathy how she's feeling. She says she's realised that she's happy with what she's got.
Beth's mate Wendy is asking Beth if she has a chance with Brad. Beth says that she thinks Brad is still keen on Lucy, even though she's gone. Wendy says she'd better look on it as a challenge!
Just then, Brad himself comes round to break the bad news to Beth about sacking her. Beth is very angry and says they are acting like Mafia. She says she'll sort it out by herself.
Doug is pacing and talking the situation over with Pam and Jim. He doesn't want to sack Beth, but he can't afford the men to go on strike again - he'll go bankrupt. He goes off to make a few phone calls.
When Doug has gone, Jim asks Pam about the homeless fund thing for tomorrow - he's looking forward to it.
Coffee Shop
Wendy comes in and sits at the counter, sulking. She asks Marco if he thinks Brad is still hung up on Lucy. They also talk about Marco's relationship with Beth - he doesn't think she's really interested. Wendy says he should just go for it - he should tell Beth how he feels.
Pam is telling Doug that she doesn't get to see him much these days between work, the homeless fund etc so they have a bit of a cuddle. But they are interrupted by Beth and Brad - Beth wants to know if she's sacked yet. Doug says it hasn't come to that yet, but the photo doesn't make things easy for him. He reluctantly tells her that he has no choice but to sack her and Beth is very angry.
Coffee Shop, the following morning
Marco tells Brad that he's going to tell Beth how he feels. Brad doesn't think it's a very good idea, but Marco is determined. Brad says it's not really the right time - Beth has got some work things on her mind. Marco won't listen though.
Beth is moping around the house. Cameron offers to look into things from a legal point of view for unfair dismissal. Beth is more upset at the way Doug has given in to the bloke on the site.
Wendy comes in and tells Beth that she has good news - Marco is going to ask her out. Beth is horrified and says she doesn't want to go out with Marco.
Benito comes round to see Doug. Doug tells him about the situation and that he doesn't want to fire Beth. Benito says there's no alternative because he needs the men back at work.
BENITO: You don't really have a choice, do you?
Cathy comes round and finds Pam and Jim looking after a couple of kids called Sally and Kim while their mother is out looking for a job. It's all part of the homeless fund thing. Cathy is very interested.
Marco is trying to ask Beth out, but she is very reluctant. He says he'll drop by again after work.
Coffee Shop
Cathy is telling Benito about the two little girls that Pam and Jim are looking after - she can't believe they've been living in a wrecked car. She wants to get involved - she could sell the sauce recipe and donate the proceeds to the homeless fund. Benito thinks it's a great idea, and will help her feel better about her recent troubles too.
At the counter, Marco tells Wendy that he and Beth are on(!) Wendy breaks the news that Beth isn't interested in a relationship and Marco realises that he didn't let Beth get a word in edgeways.
Benito calls Marco over and tells him that Cathy is going to be selling the sauce after all. But he's distracted by the Beth situation.
Later, Beth comes in to see Marco. He tells her that he got "carried away" before and would prefer them to just be friends. Beth is relieved.
Cathy is telling Jim and Pam about her plan for selling the sauce recipe. They are very pleased at her generous offer.
Doug has called Beth over. Beth is very hostile towards him and says he should stand up to bullies. Doug tells her if he doesn't let her go, he could go broke. He's asked some of his mates if they'll take her on when something comes up, but Beth is unimpressed and storms out.
Cathy is crying in the kitchen, much to Benito's concern. Seeing the kids today have upset her - she can't stop thinking about what might have been. It's very painful for her. Benito cuddles her and says they'll get through it together.
BENITO: There must be something we can do.
Suddenly Cathy stands up.
CATHY: I've been thinking. Maybe we should have another baby, Ben. I mean, I really want to, more than anything!
<<1754 - 1756>>
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