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Neighbours Episode 1754 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1754
Australian airdate: 27/08/92
UK airdate: 04/08/93
UK Gold: 22/07/99
Writer: Jeffrey Truman
Director: David Morgan
Guests: Buzz Wade: Brett Swain
Student 1: Peter Tzferios
Student 2: Louisa Graham
Customer: Androo Allen
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Rick has a bomb scare over the radio phone-line.
Benito has come to see Doug about the building, but his men are still on strike. Doug can't meet their demands, so they'll just have to wait until they make their demands more reasonable. Benito is sympathetic, and wants to offer Doug a 5% bonus. He suggests offering it to the men as a counter-offer.
Beth comes in dressed for work, saying she's exempt from strike under the terms of her apprenticeship, But apparently Doug can only employ her on a different project, so that's no help.
Rick is trying to reason with Dorothy, but she doesn't believe him. Eventually she agrees to call the police, but tells Rick it had better not be another prank.
Coffee Shop
Madge makes Lou buy a red nose for Comic Relief day. Jim comes in and buys a couple for Hannah and Debbie. Lou baits Jim about the car, but he tells him firmly that he's quite happy with his new car.
JIM: Lou. No means no!
Lou still thinks it's only a matter of time before he wears Jim down though!
At a table, Cameron and Gaby are chatting about the rapist case. It will be difficult for Cameron to turn the case down.
A bomb has not been found at the school, so Dorothy has called Benito in. Rick insists that he didn't lie, but Dorothy tells him he's suspended.
Building site
Doug and Brad arrive at the site. Doug thinks the men might come around to the new offer, but they'll have to wait until they have their meeting. Beth turns up to help, but Doug insists that he can't employ her. He says she can clean up the ute if she wants, but she can't work on the site.
Rick is insisting that there really was a phone-call about a bomb. Benito tells Rick that Cathy doesn't need this sort of aggravation - especially now. He doesn't elaborate on this and instead tells Rick he's ashamed of him.
Jim thanks Dorothy for not suspending Debbie too. Dorothy asks Jim to get a punishment for Debbie at home instead.
Jim goes into the classroom where the radio station is set up to talk to Debbie. She insists that Rick isn't lying, but Jim doesn't believe her. He asks her to stay away from Rick for a while - he's always in trouble.
When Jim has gone, Debbie goes to the radio equipment and makes an announcement over the air that Rick has been suspended unfairly. Students all over the school stop and listen.
Building Site
Doug and Brad are having a break from their digging. They wonder what's happened to the timber delivery and decide to go down the shop and find out what's happened.
When they've gone, Beth picks up a loose shovel and puts it into the earth. In the bushes, she is being photographed, and it looks like she's digging.
Carpenters Cars
Lou is selling a customer a car via the power of his mind(!) He hasn't actually talked to the customer yet!
Finally he goes over and the bloke asks to have a look at the red Lazer and Lou offers him a test drive.
Cameron has turned down the case, but he may be in trouble over it. Gaby says he's done the right thing - he can't defend a rapist. Cameron says he'll have to take whatever case come up in future.
Beth and Brad come in. There's an envelope waiting for Beth with the photo of her "digging" and a note, "You know what happens to scabs!"
The students have organised a protest with banners saying things like, "Rick told the truth" and "Bring Back Rick". Dorothy comes out to find out what's going on and tells them to go home. She won't be pressured by mob protests, but the kids are unmoved. Dorothy says they'd better go or she'll suspend all of them!
Beth is horrified by the photo and explains to Brad and Cameron that she was just putting it back in the earth so noone would trip over it. Brad tells Cameron that someone has rung the timber shop and cancelled their order.
Debbie is telling Rick about the protest. Dorothy comes around to see Rick - she's come to eat humble pie. Apparently Elliott Park School also had a bomb threat today. Dorothy says Rick is the classic boy who cried wolf, but he's un-suspended. She says he can't go on the radio anymore though.
Jim and Lou are having a beer and Lou is harassing Jim about the car again. He tells Jim that there's some problems with his car, reported by his mechanic. Jim reads the list and is shocked. He's a bit suspicious but feels he has to sort things out. Lou offers him a swap back with $500 for the repairs!
Just then, Madge comes in and tells Lou that Jim's car has been sold, albeit with $2,000 of the price. Jim realises that Lou has been playing him and storms out, saying he'll expose Lou's shonky work practices to as many people as possible.
Doug has had a phone call - the strike is over! He's very pleased.
There's a knock at the door and it's a bloke from the work team. He's come to tell Doug that he wants him to get rid of Beth. He shows him the photo of Beth "digging" and threatens to show it to the whole team if he doesn't sack Beth.
<<1753 - 1755>>
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