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Neighbours Episode 1753 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1753
Australian airdate: 26/08/92
UK airdate: 03/08/93
UK Gold: 21/07/99
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: David Morgan
Guests: Peter Knotts: Simon Hughes
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Hannah's abductor is caught, but it does mean Phil no longer has job.
No.22 - evening
Debbie and Rick are messing about and listening to music - they've got the house to themselves. There's a knock at the door and it's Dorothy - she's come to see Rick about the school radio station: tomorrow will be the first day. At least they've read the books this time though.
RICK: Thanks for making my punishment such an enriching experience!
Phil and Jim are having a chat. Raymond Chambers has been charged and remanded in custody. Phil admits that things are a bit bleak - even his job at the Waterhole isn't open anymore: Benito has already replaced him. Jim assures him that he'll always have a roof over his head.
No.24, the following morning
Lou is up early, practising his mind techniques(!) Apparently it's all about visualisation of what you want: the cosmos will see this and make it come to pass. Madge isn't convinced.
Madge turns on the radio to hear the school station.
School Radio
Rick and Debbie are ready to go with their book reviews. Dorothy announces them over the air. They enthusiastically start the program and when Dorothy has gone, he puts some music on!
Phil and Hannah are having a chat. She feels guilty about Phil being unemployed again. Phil insists that the most important thing is that the man is behind bars. Hannah explains that Julie went to a lot of trouble to get Phil the job.
School Radio
Rick is doing "school gossip" now. Dorothy hears the broadcast and is not amused. Rick claims over the air that Dorothy is in love with the science teacher(!)
Car Yard
Madge has heard the broadcast about Dorothy's love life and is laughing. But Lou is more interested in getting the car back off Jim. He sits down to clear his mind.
LOU: Jim will come to me. He will be wearing a blue shirt. And here he comes now.
In a psychadelic-style trance, Lou suggests that Jim gives him back the new car. Jim agrees.
MADGE: Lou! Are you alright?
Lou says he's fine, now all he has to do is wait for Jim to arrive!
Phil is hoovering when Julie gets home. He's not impressed with her meddling behaviour. He tells her to stop interfering in his life.
Radio Station
Rick and Debbie have arrived for the next broadcast. Apparently Dorothy has had several congratulatory phone-calls about her impending engagement(!)
DOROTHY:(to Debbie) By the way, I thought your wedding dress predictions were on the conservative side!
Debbie giggles but Dorothy warns her there had better not be a repeat performance.
When Dorothy has gone, Rick announces that the school will be closed for the rest of the day. The students immediately begin to disperse(!)
Julie is telling Jim that she's never seen Phil so cross before - she was only trying to do the best for all of them. Jim says that Julie does have a tendency to meddle - she'd better take a long, hard look at herself. He tells her to count her blessings - he's seen so many homeless people since starting the fundraiser.
Radio Station
Dorothy is announcing that the school is *not* closing. She isn't happy with Rick - nearly two-thirds of the student population have gone home.
DOROTHY: You obviously under-estimate the power of the media.
Dorothy insists that Rick will do book reviews from now on, and she'll stay to supervise.
Phil tells Julie he loves her and her commitment, but she has become obsessed. He wants her to tone it down and get a grip on things.
PHIL: Maybe you should go to Interference Anonymous or something!
Phil says that she's teaching Hannah all her warped values. Julie assures him that from now on she's really going to try to be different. Phil doesn't think she can change.
Car Yard
Lou is having his dinner when Jim arrives. He's wearing a blue shirt, too! He tells Lou that the engine of his new car is running a bit rough and Lou offers Jim his old car back. Jim refuses - after all, the new car is still under warranty.
MADGE:(sarcastically) Well. That was a triumph!
Lou hasn't given up yet though.
Radio Station
Rick is still doing his book review. The science teacher pops in for a word with Dorothy. When Dorothy is out of the room, the telephone rings.
Outside, the science teacher (Mr Knotts) asks Dorothy to have dinner with him this evening(!)
Over the air, Rick says he had word that there's a bomb on the premises. Dorothy thinks he's playing up again and withdraws his announcement. But it's no joke, Rick really has had a phone-call.
RICK: We've got to get out of here!
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