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Neighbours Episode 1752 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1752
Australian airdate: 25/08/92
UK airdate: 02/08/93
UK Gold: 20/07/99
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: David Morgan
Guests: Raymond Chambers: Greg Parker
Sergeant Franklin: Paul Tiewes
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Cathy drops a drink on the floor. Phoebe slips and falls.
Coffee Shop
Phoebe panics that she's hurt the baby - it really hurts. Cathy helps her to a chair. Just then, Pam comes in and offers to take her to the hospital for a check-up.
Ramsay Street
Phil is apologising to Benito for quitting the job, but he says it's fine - Phil is over-qualified anyway. He doesn't even need Phil to do a week's notice - they're neighbours after all. Aw.
PHIL: I'm finally back into a management job!
Hannah is looking very fed up. She's worried that Mr Chambers might come round more now that Phil is working for him. She doesn't tell Julie this, however.
Doug is on the phone to some of the striking workers trying to resolve the situation. Brad tells Gaby that he's quite interested in Wendy - she's no longer Swampy's tomboy little sister. But he's worried because he's trying to be faithful to Lucy. Gaby says that Lucy has gone for a year - she can't see her being faithful for all that time. She suggests he rings Lucy for a chat.
Pam is tucking Phoebe in on the safe and tells her to take it easy. Phoebe's knee is badly hurt but luckily the baby is fine. Cathy tells Pam she's really glad she turned up in the Coffee Shop - she's hopeless in emergencies. They apologise to each other for their recent fallings-out. They make a pact not to let their husbands' arguments interfere with their friendship from now on.
Toby is having tea with the Martins tonight. Debbie isn't there though - she's over at Rick's. Julie apologises to Toby for speaking harshly to him the other day - she's very grateful to him for rescuing Toby the other day. Hannah decides to go off to bed early. Phil decides to go and have a chat to her.
Toby tells Julie that he recognised Phil's boss's car - it looked very much like the one Hannah was nearly abducted into. Julie looks a bit worried.
Cathy has come across Phoebe's snake in the laundry basket and screams(!)
Dorothy and Toby come in and Pam explains what's happened. Toby picks Oscar up and gives him to Phoebe.
PAM: Well, I'd better be off and see if my lot have resorted to cannibalism!
Before she goes, Phoebe tells Cathy that she hopes she'll be half as good a mother as her.
Robinsons, the following morning
Julie asks Hannah about Mr Chambers' car. Hannah says that it wasn't the same one. Phil gets off the phone and says that Raymond Chambers is coming over so Hannah promptly makes herself scarce. Julie tells Phil that she thinks there's something funny going on.
Madge comes in through the back door to give them some news about Helen in Brisbane - she's having a great time. Julie distractedly makes her a cup of tea.
Doug arrives home to find Pam and Gaby playing Scrabble, bless their wholesome little hearts. Doug still hasn't resolved the strike action. He's not in a very good mood. Gaby observes that Pam and Doug have been snapping at each other a lot recently.
Brad is on the phone to Lucy having a rather heated conversation. In the end they agree to "see other people". Brad doesn't seem overjoyed at this, however.
Julie reckons that Phoebe is too young to be pregnant as girls her age aren't responsible enough(!)
Madge mentions the car and Julie realises that it's Raymond Chambers' car.
In the living room, Julie tells Raymond that she might have seen him before and asks if he was in Erinsborough last Tuesday. Raymond gets a bit shifty and says that he might have had some business in the area. Julie spies one of Raymond's business cards in his briefcase and asks if she can take one.
Cathy and Dorothy are hanging out when Benito comes in. Cathy is knitting for Phoebe's baby. Dorothy thanks Cathy for being a good influence on Phoebe - especially someone with experience of having their own kids.
When Dorothy has gone, Cathy starts to cry and says she's no perfect mother. Benito tells her that they mustn't dig up their past history again.
CATHY: It's not past history, it's my history! How any mother could do what I did...
Phoebe is still resting on the sofa and having a chat to Dorothy, Toby and Hannah. Julie comes round to ask Hannah about Raymond Chambers. She shows the business card, which has a photograph of Raymond on it, and he confirms that it's the abductor. Hannah says she just didn't want to mess up Phil's new job.
JULIE: Oh, honey. That's neither here nor there. This is *much* more important.
Julie says she must call the police - hopefully they can get there by the time Raymond leaves.
Benito is comforting Cathy and telling her that she mustn't keep doing this. Cathy says that Phoebe is so courageous to go ahead with having the baby despite her situation.
CATHY: Nothing is going to stop that baby being born.
BENITO: Cathy, don't. I can't stand seeing you hurt like this.
CATHY: You can't tell me you don't feel the same way.
BENITO: Of course I do. But it was such a long time ago - we can't change it. We have to come to terms with it. We have to.
Brad is depressed that Lucy has been seeing other guys already. He thinks he's gone off women entirely(!)
Phil and Raymond are just finishing their meeting when Julie comes in with Dorothy, Hannah, Toby and the police. Raymond recognises Hannah and looks frightened. Toby starts shouting at Raymond and Dorothy has to restrain him. The police take Raymond away.
Hannah throws herself into Phil's arms.
JULIE: You were very brave, sweetheart.
Dorothy suggests some ice-cream while Toby laughs that they caught the bad guy - just like in the movies!
Phil can't believe that Raymond was the abductor - of all the men in the city, it had to be his new boss. Julie hugs him and tells him not to worry - they'll get him a new job somehow.
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