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Neighbours Episode 1777 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1777
Australian airdate: 29/09/92
UK airdate: 06/09/93
UK Gold: 24/08/99
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Donna Burgess: Kerry Bartlett
Jasmine: Tiffany Haintz
Jill Weir: Lyn Semler
Gwen Burgess: Suzanne Brenchley
Frank Mizzi: Rikk Coombs
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Doug tells Gaby that under his roof she has to live by his rules. She storms out, saying she won't be back!
Ray and Benito can't adopt Jasmine, but they could become the legal guardians. Cathy thinks Donna is very confused and doesn't know what she likes. She suggests that both Jasmine and Donna stay at Phoebe's place tonight, so Donna can have one last night with Jasmine.
Coffee Shop
Marco tells Beth that he's heard that she and Brad are an item. He says he doesn't mind - he and Beth are just friends.
BETH: It was terrific with Brad. I couldn't have found a better guy to be my first.
TMI there Beth. Marco coughs and Beth demands to know if Brad has said something to him. At Marco's silence, Beth worries if she's got it all wrong - maybe Brad just wants to be friends.
BETH: Thanks. It's good to have someone to talk to about personal things like this.
Marco offers to find out from Brad exactly how he feels about her. Beth isn't sure.
DONNA:(to Jasmine) I'm sorry, sweetheart. But it's for the best. Mummy's not doing a very good job of bringing you up on her own. And if she makes a real mess of it, you'll only end up hating your Mummy. I want you to have a good life.
Phoebe and Cathy tell Donna that she does have a choice - what about Donna's mother? Donna says her mother doesn't care, but Cathy and Phoebe say they could help out.
DONNA: Changed your mind about looking after her, have you?
CATHY: Not at all. I just want to make very sure *you* don't change your mind afterwards.
DONNA: I reckon she'd be better with you. And that's what counts.
CATHY: I want to tell you something. When I was your age, I had a baby daughter too. And I had her adopted out. Something I've regretted every since. Now, I'm not saying it's wrong for everyone, but it was for me. And I think it could be for you too. I'd hate for you to have all the years of guilt that I've had.
DONNA: I don't want to give her up. But I just can't cope and there's no other way. It's for the best, I know it is.
Zed and his mates are playing rock music in the living room. Gaby opens the door to Doug. Doug wants her to come home but she won't. Zed's mate thinks Doug is hassling Gaby and tells him to push off!
No.28, the following morning
Marco is sounding out Brad about his feelings for Beth. He says that he really, really likes her, but he's not sure how Beth feels. He hopes she's not getting cold feet again. Marco says it's probably for the best after his relationship with Lucy. Marco is unenthusiastic and gives Brad the impression that Beth isn't interested.
Doug mopes in.
Gaby is cleaning up after Zed's mates. Beth liked his mates too, apart from Frank who's a bit weird. Gaby thanks Beth for letting her stay - it's good to be away from Doug's pressure for a bit. Beth says she could live permanently at No.32 if she wanted - they could turn Cameron's office into a bedroom, and they could do with the extra rent now Cameron has given up law.
Doug comes over to apologise to Gaby. Gaby isn't pleased when Doug asks if Zed is still in bed, he went home last night(!) Gaby says she knows Doug loves her, but she's fed up of him trying to run her life.
GABY: I'm all grown up now, Dad!
DOUG: It didn't stop you getting into strife with Simon.
GABY: And who pushed us together? And before that, interfered with Glen and me?! It's not good, Dad, I can't put up with this anymore! I'm moving out of home.
DOUG: You don't mean that. You've always been happy living at home!
GABY: Not anymore. I can't put up with you looking over my shoulder anymore! I want to be free!
Doug thinks things will blow over, but Gaby is adamant. Brad is also there and tries to dissuade Gaby, but she is unmoved.
When Doug and Gaby have gone, Brad and Beth chat awkwardly and then he wanders off.
Coffee Shop
Cathy has called Donna's mother (Gwen - apparently Cathy got the number from Dorothy through the school records!) and arranged to meet her in the Coffee Shop. She explains that she's met Donna recently and her husband and her are considering arranging guardianship of Jasmine. Donna's mother is shocked to hear that Donna is in such a state. Cathy says that Donna needs her mother, but apparently Donna cut all ties with her. She got a bit angry when Donna got pregnant, so Donna cut her off. But she'd do anything to make it up to Donna - she thinks about her constantly.
GWEN: If only Donna would let me, I'd be thrilled to help her raise Jasmine. I haven't even seen my little grand-daughter.
Doug doesn't think Gaby will go through with moving out, but Brad isn't so sure. Brad reads the paper and suddenly sees an article - Jill Weir's son Ross has drowned, nearly two months ago. Doug is shocked and decides to ring Jill straightaway. But there's no answer. Doug decides to pop around to see her later.
Coffee Shop
Rick thinks Marco is wasting his time with Beth, but he says he'll play dirty if he has to - he's sick of being Mr Nice Guy.
Jill's flat
Jill is surprised to see Doug. She invites him in and apologises for the mess in her flat. She offers him a cup of tea. Doug gives his condolences about Ross and Jill starts to cry.
JILL: I can't believe he's really gone. If only I'd left him with her grand-mother.
Doug says that she can't blame herself, and at least they were together as mother and son for a while.
JILL: I just feel so completely and utterly alone.
DOUG: No way. You're not alone, not anymore.
Donna is wishing that Cathy would hurry up and come and take Jasmine. She's surprised and hostile when Cathy turns up with her mother!
GWEN: I know I reacted badly when you first told me you were pregnant, and I'm sorry.
DONNA: It's too late to be sorry now!
GWEN: I never wanted you to leave home and cut me off the way you have! I want very much for you and your little daughter to be a part of my life.
DONNA: Why all of a sudden? You didn't show any interest before!
GWEN: You wouldn't let me! You kept shouting at me, telling me to go away and stay away! I...it seemed like I was upsetting you so much I finally did! But I haven't stopped worrying about you. Won't you let me help you?
DONNA: All you want is a chance to say, 'I told you so'. Alright, I made a mistake having the baby, I admit that. Now I@m trying to put things right for her sake.
GWEN: If you let me help you, you could keep her. We could bring her up together. I want that very much, Donna.
DONNA: It's too late!
PHOEBE: No, it's not! Donna, I thought you were like me, that your mother didn't care, but she does and she wants to help you. I'd give anything to have a mother like that, you don't realise how lucky you are! If you want to keep Jasmine, now you've got the chance to. But don't pretend you want her if you don't.
DONNA: I'm not pretending! I don't want to give her up!
CATHY: Well, you won't have to, now.
GWEN: That's right. We can do it together.
Donna looks suspicious, but then finally goes over to her mother for a hug.
Jill's flat
Jill thanks Doug for coming to see her over a cup of tea. She's sorry for losing touch with him, but she's still obviously very broken up about Ross's death. Doug invites her around to see them. Jill says his visit has encouraged her to get herself going again.
JILL: Thanks, Doug. You're a wonderful man.
Gaby has packed her stuff. Brad says it's a bit silly to move out just to spite Doug. Doug comes in at that moment and begs Gaby not to go. She finally relents and says she'll stay - but Doug is on his very last chance. Doug is delighted.
BENITO: You made a really big sacrifice.
CATHY: Well, I didn't want to see her make the same mistake we made all those years ago.
They talk about how attitudes were so different back then - there was no hope for them. But now there will be for Donna and Jasmine.
Marco calls around and in a blatant lie, tells Beth that Brad isn't interested in her because he's still in love with Lucy(!)
MARCO: He's just not interested. Sorry to have to tell you.
Beth looks gutted.
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