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Neighbours Episode 1733 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1733
Australian airdate: 29/07/92
UK airdate: 06/07/93
UK Gold: 23/06/99
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Julie tells Jim, Helen that Phil is also going for an interview for running Lassiter's - but hotels aren't really his field so he isn't sure he'll get it.
Debbie quietly wraps some food in a serviette. Nobody sees.
Cathy is worried about Rick's whereabouts and Christina is trying to calm her down. Cathy tells Benito that if he hadn't been so hard on Rick, he would never have run away. He has to admit that she's probably right.
Garage of the Robinsons
Debbie comes into the garage and shuts the door. Rick is hiding there! and she's brought him some food. She's also brought him a sleeping bag and a torch. Rick is very glad he ran into Debbie in the park! Debbie thinks the garage is a safe haven for now - they can work on a plan of action in the morning. It looks like Debbie has a little crush on Rick(!)
The Office
Julie is straightening Phil's tie for the interview. Paul shows him in and fends Julie off(!)
Paul tells Phil that he hasn't had an assistant manager since Caroline, so there's a lot of work to do. Phil stops him for a moment and goes to the door - Julie is listening at the keyhole! He sends her off to the Coffee Shop.
Debbie and Rick creep into the house so that Rick can take a shower. While he's in there, Jim and Benito come in(!) Benito is really worried about Rick and is considering calling the police. Debbie looks a bit guilty.
Coffee Shop
Madge tells Julie off for calling her "Mrs Mitchell". Julie says she's heard Madge will soon be "Mrs Carpenter" and Madge scowls at her - it's none of her business.
Phil comes in and sits at a table with Julie. He thinks the interview went well, but isn't confident about getting the job - he didn't get the last one, after all. Julie tells him that was because she told Mr Quinn that Phil didn't want his job(!) Phil is furious but has to keep his temper reigned in in such a public place!
Jim asks Debbie if she's sure she hasn't seen Rick because she's been behaving very strangely whenever Rick's name is mentioned. She assures him she doesn't.
Rick comes out of the shower wearing a towel - he can't find his clothes. They hear someone coming and Rick runs out the back.
The someone is Helen, who's just got back from church. When Helen is making a cup of tea, Hannah comes out holding Rick's clothes(!) She threatens to tell Helen so Debbie forced to let her in on the secret.
Cathy, Benito and Marco are worried about Rick. Marco and Benito are arguing about whose fault it is that Rick ran away. Marco says that Benito is impossible to live with - that's why Marco moved out of home! He says Benito is a tyrant and then storms out.
When Marco has gone, Benito is upset at being called a tyrant. He reckons Papa Alessi was much more strict(!)
Garage of the Robinsons
Debbie has brought Rick his clothes. Hannah tells Rick that Debbie really fancies him(!) She starts bargaining with Debbie so she'll keep her mouth shut. Debbie has to agree to buying her a chocolate sundae at the Coffee Shop.
DEBBIE: One chocolate sundae...and that's it.
HANNAH: One chocolate sundae and that's it...for the time being.
The Office
Paul and Christina are having a pash when Julie come into the outer office. She overhears Paul and Christina talking about the new manager and how they'll be "keeping things in the family". Julie looks delighted!
Coffee Shop
Madge asks Phil if he's staying long in Erinsborough - but he says it depends on a lot of things. They chat about Lou's crazy schemes - this week it's the skydiving.
Julie comes in and tells Phil and Madge that Phil has got the manager's job!
JULIE: All our trouble are over.
Benito and Cathy are having afternoon tea. They chat about Benito bursting in on Cameron and Jacqueline yesterday(!)
Cathy tells Benito that the boys need love as well as discipline. She knows Benito loves them, but she doesn't think that the boys know that. It wouldn't hurt Benito to tell them once in a while. Benito reckons they'd laugh in their face - and anyway, it's not the way he does things.
Jim is opening some champagne to congratualate Phil on the manager's job. Phil tells them that it's not official yet until Paul speaks to him.
Julie tells Jim and Helen that they're not actually there on holiday - Phil was made redundant. There's been a whole spate of bank closures because of the recession. They came to the city hoping to find work. Jim and Helen tell them off for not confiding in them.
Coffee Shop
Hannah is finishing her sundae and threatening Debbie(!) Madge overhears them mentioning Rick Alessi but they tell Madge that they don't know where he is.
Julie tells Helen that she feels so much happier now that Phil has the job - they can make a new start and buy a house too, perhaps.
Just then, Paul and Benito comes in. Paul tells them that Benito is the new manager of Lassiter's! (so that's what he meant by "keeping it in the family"!)
<<1732 - 1734>>
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