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Neighbours Episode 1731 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1731
Australian airdate: 27/07/92
UK airdate: 02/07/93
UK Gold: 21/06/99
Writer: Chris McTrustry
Director: David Morgan
Guests: Jacqueline Summers: Tiffany Lamb
Simon Hunter: Frederick Whitlock
- "(Ill Be A) Freak For You" by Royalle Delite
- "Wanna Be Up" by The Chantoozies
- "Dumb Things" by Paul Kelly
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Doug prepares to go and bash Simon for trying to molest Gaby.
Gaby starts to cry again and worries that Doug will do something drastic. Brad comes out and they have to tell him what happened. Brad is sympathetic and wants to join Doug in bashing Simon!
Simon's house
Doub gets Simon against the wall and punches him in the stomach. Simon tries to apologise but Doug shouts that he thought Simon was a friend and a gentleman! Simon says he got a bit carried away and Doug shouts even louder!
DOUG: Just stay away or next time...just stay away!
Ramsay Street
Lou is still vowing to Madge that he's going to do the parachute jump. They observe Cameron driving up with a girl on the back of a bike. He introduces her as Jacqueline Summers - Cameron is defending her in court.
Marco comes over and Cameron tells him off for blabbing about Jacqueline's supposed involvement in the car yard robbery.
Brad still wants to go and help Doug to bash Simon(!) Phoebe is settling into her room while Dorothy is away.
Doug finally gets home and tells them he gave Simon some advice - he won't be bothering Gaby anymore.
Toby is a bit worried about Phoebe because Dorothy is away. He wants to go around and see her, but Madge tells him to wait until tomorrow. Lou has gone off the the therapist and Madge is convinced that the therapist will talk him out of the parachute jump.
MADGE: How did you get on?
LOU: In one word - geronimo!
Apparently the therapist agreed it was radical, but reckoned it was OK for Lou to face his fears.
Marco is teasing Jacqueline about hanging around with Cameron. When he's gone into the kitche, Jacqueline makes a quick phonecall.
JACQUELINE:(into the phone) Tomorrow, four o'clock, Lassiter's lake. I love you too. Can't wait until this trial's over so we can get out of here!
Marco overhears some of the conversation and looks a bit concerned.
No.32, the following morning
Cameron tells Marco he really likes Jacqueline. Marco warns him to be careful - he overheard her on the phone setting up a meeting with someone. Then she lied and told Cameron she was ringing the restaurant. Cameron tries to bury his head in the sand, but Marco reckons Jacqueline is bad news.
Pam is berating Doug for punching Simon. He says he knows it was wrong, but he was just so steamed up.
Gaby is moping around and hasn't decided if she's going to go to the police yet. Pam thinks Gaby owes it to herself, and to other women who've found themselves in such situations.
PAM: You can't let him get away with this. You just can't.
Gaby says she'll think about it.
Phoebe is visiting Toby and worrying about going back to school. She hopes she won't cope flack at school when the other kids find out she's pregnant.
Lou is off to the mall for "therapy" with Madge.
The Mall
Lou is going up in a lift and looking scared(!) Madge then makes him look over a high balcony and he gets the wobbles and steps back quickly.
Coffee Shop
Jacqueline is telling Cameron that she had nothing to do with the robbery - even though she was picked out in the line-up. They talk about the getaway car again. Jacqueline says that she didn't drive it - she can't drive a manual. Cameron gets suspicious - he never told her it was manual. Jacqueline gets angry and storms out.
Toby and Phoebe are hanging out and talking about how awful it is when people die. But they can always remember the person - like Toby remembers the great time he had with Harold in the Scouts and stuff.
Pam comes out and offers Phoebe her support while Dorothy is away. Phoebe reckons Gaby needs the most support at the moment.
Simon approaches Gaby. He tries to apologise and says he doesn't want to harm their relationship. Gaby gets angry. Simon tries to tell her that he made "a mistake". Gaby says that ripping her clothes and mauling her was more than a mistake. She's going to the police and having him charged.
Lou is still up for the skydive and Madge is upset - she doesn't want to be widowed again! Eventually she decides that if Lou's going to do it, she's going to do it too. Lou is delighted, but Madge is annoyed that her suggestion backfired.
Gaby tells the Willises that she's going to press charges against Simon. Cameron is also there, but is distracted. He's happy to help Gaby, but warns her that it can be quite traumatic in court. She won't be moved though.
DOUG: We're with you love. One hundred per cent.
Jacqueline has come round to tell Cameron that she knew the car was a manual from the advert in the paper that she read before the robbery. Cameron asks her who she called last night and Jacqueline says it was her mother. Cameron is concerned that she lied about who she was on the phone too. Jacqueline storms out again!
Marco comes in. He tells Cameron he'd better be at Lassiter's lake at four o'clock.
Simon has come round and Doug and Pam shout at him to get lost. But Gaby agrees to speak to him. He asks her not to go to the police - it will damage his business and embarrass his family. He begs Gaby to think about it.
GABY: I have. I'm not changing my mind.
Simon says that if she charges him, he'll charged Doug with assault. His neighbours witnessed the whole thing.
Doug tells Gaby to stick to her guns and not be blackmailed. Brad goes off to sort Simon out.
GABY: What do I do?
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