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Neighbours Episode 1730 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1730
Australian airdate: 24/07/92
UK airdate: 01/07/93
UK Gold: 18/06/99
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lou tells Madge that he's afraid of heights and he thinks it's time to face up to it like Doug said. Madge tells him Doug was just stirring and Lou has nothing to prove. But Lou is determined to overcome his fear.
Pam is telling Doug off for stirring up Lou to do a sky-dive. Just then, Gaby comes in looking upset. She goes straight to her room saying she doesn't want to talk about it.
No.30, the following morning
Phoebe is preparing to go to school, but Dorothy doesn't want her to - she wants her to have a rest because she's been through so much. There's a knock at the door and it's Christina. She's come to apologise for what she said to Phoebe before about aborting the baby. Phoebe agrees to forgive her - but then changes her mind because she thinks Christina only wants to be friends because she decided to keep the baby. She shows Christina out.
Dorothy says it's a shame to reject an offer of friendship, but Phoebe says that a friendship shouldn't come with conditions. Dorothy is the only one who has supported Phoebe without conditions - and Phoebe loves her for it. Phoebe decides not to go back to school until next week.
PHOEBE: I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have you.
Dorothy hugs her.
Gaby is very subdued this morning and tells Pam she's going to work from home today. The phone rings and it's Simon - but Gaby refuses point blank to go to the phone. Doug has to tell him that Gaby's indisposed and goes on to discuss building ideas with him. Gaby tries not to cry.
When Doug has gone to work, Pam approaches Gaby. She doesn't want to talk, so Pam suggests they meet up at lunchtime. She taps Gaby on the shoulder and goes off to work. Gaby's shoulder is obviously hurting from an injury. Brad tells Gaby that no bloke's worth it, but she still won't tell.
Pam has popped in to check on Phoebe and warns Dorothy against neglecting herself too. Dorothy admits that she's had some bad news herself - her father is in hospital in Northern Queensland. She should be up there, but feels that she can't leave Phoebe. Pam tells her to put herself first for a change - Phoebe can stay with the Willises and they'd love to have her. She's not too sure about Oscar the snake though(!) Dorothy promises to think about it.
Phoebe has dropped in to see Gaby for lunch. They talk about design and Phoebe admits she's gone off it since Todd died. Gaby tells Phoebe about being unlucky in love - first the Japanese guy, then Glen, now Simon.
Pam comes in at that moment and asks Phoebe how she is. She also tells her about Dorothy's father being in hospital. Phoebe can't believe Dorothy hasn't told her - but Pam explains that Dorothy feels she can't abandon Phoebe. She invites Phoebe to stay with them. Phoebe looks a bit unsure and says she'll have to talk it over with Dorothy.
When Phoebe has gone, Pam sits down for a talk to Gaby. But Gaby doesn't want to say what happened with Simon - she says she's just trying to forget "it".
Madge is watching a video of Charlene's baby Daniel and cooing over it. Doug comes in and teases Lou about the skydiving again. Lou says he's not reneging on the deal - he's already investigated a skydiving school!
Gaby has finally cracked and told Pam what happened with Simon. He tried to force her to have sex with him and he got rough - Gaby has a large bruise on her arm. In the end she managed to fight him off and run away. Pam is appalled and hugs Gaby as she sobs that maybe it was her fault. Pam tells her firmly that it wasn't.
Phoebe has come to make up with Christina - they've agreed to forget their differences and be friends. Christina promises to support her, but she won't be here much longer: she and Paul are moving to Hawaii! Paul has had an offer to run an office in Honolulu. Phoebe is disappointed but wishes Christina luck. She can't wait to hold the baby - it'll be a reminder of Todd. But that's not the only reason she's going ahead with the pregnancy.
Gaby is somewhat hysterical while Pam tells her that it's Simon's fault and no-one else's - Gaby is not to blame.
Phoebe and Dorothy talk about Dorothy's dad. Phoebe tells her that she has to go to see him - she doesn't mind staying at the Willises. She thanks Dorothy for everything she's done in the last week, but now it's time to go and see her father.
Phoebe has also been thinking about why she's decided to have the baby - she's worked out that she wants to continue the pregnancy for her, as well as Todd's memory. She feels happier now she's worked that out.
Doug comes in and asks if Simon has rung back about the building work. Pam is about to tell him what has happened, but Gaby shushes her. Doug prattles on about Lou's skydive then goes off to see Lou.
Pam tells Gaby that she needs to tell Doug the facts - Simon molested her! Gaby doesn't want to tell Doug - he'd bash Simon. Pam thinks Simon deserves to be bashed, but agrees to hold off telling Doug for a while.
Lou is practising skydiving by jumping off a chair on to a mattress(!) Then he starts jumping off the table!
LOU: Madge, would you look at the instructions, I can't remember if my feet should be together or apart when I land.
MADGE: I wouldn't worry, you'll probably land on your head anyway!
Doug tells Lou that he's released him from the debt. But Lou is determined to conquer his fear and goes outside to jump off a ladder(!)
Garden of the Bishops
Lou climbs to the top of the ladder but gets a bit scared by the height and comes back down(!)
LOU: I'm going to jump out of a plane if it's the last thing I do!
Doug comes in asking about Simon again. He asks Gaby to smooth over the tiff with Simon, but Pam tells him off for being insensitive. She has to tell him that Simon tried to force himself on Gaby. Doug is appalled and goes off to bash Simon.
DOUG: No-one's going to attack my daughter and get away with it!
He storms off.
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