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Neighbours Episode 1729 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1729
Australian airdate: 23/07/92
UK airdate: 30/06/93
UK Gold: 17/06/99
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Simon Hunter: Frederick Whitlock
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Gaby and Simon are having dinner tonight, so Simon heads off to start cooking.
GABY: If Simon insists on something, he can be very forceful!
SIMON: That's what she likes about me, my assertive personality!
GABY: Underneath which, you're a pussy-cat...
Simon offers Doug to put an advert in the hardware store to drum up some business and Doug readily agrees.
Brad stomps in and tells Pam what happened with the photo shoot. He doesn't look very impressed.
The Pub
Madge is trying to do the books while Lou tries to persuade her to spend some time with him. Madge fends him off and suggests that he sets up the new pool table. Lou isn't keen, but when Madge mentions that Harold always liked a game of pool, he decides to give it a go!
Brad is moaning to Pam about Rick and Beth doing the advert. Doug thinks he's just unhappy that they chose Rick over him.
Pam answers the phone to Lou and tells him that Doug will be on the way soon. Doug is initially unimpressed that Pam thinks him so predictable, but when he hears Lou has invited him to the pub, he heads off on cue(!)
Beth and Rick come in - the photographer was pleased with the photos and they're doing another shoot tomorrow. Brad looks fed up, but doesn't say anything.
The Pub
Doug and Lou are having a game of pool. Doug is telling Lou about Simon offering him some display space and is raving on about what a good bloke Simon is. Lou asks Doug how his retirement village is going - he thinks they'll all be able to move in there by the time Doug's finished! Doug invites him to come and have a look a few days later. Madge says Lou won't be able to climb on the scaffolding as Lou is terrified of heights.
Rick and Beth are talking about Brad. Beth can't understand why she and Brad are so tense together, but things are working out a lot better with Rick. Rick suggests some kissing rehearsals, but Beth doesn't think he needs it(!) Brad pops around as Beth is leaving. Rick thanks Brad for giving him a chance with Beth.
RICK: I can't believe it's happening!
He reckons that Beth likes him too(!) He reckons it's all in the kiss!
Marco comes in with the takeaway and Brad tells Rick quietly not to mention the Beth thing in front of Marco - he likes her too. Rick thinks that things might get tricky.
Gaby is all dressed up in a strapless gown for her date with Simon. Gaby mentions that she and Simon haven't actually slept together and she's enjoying not rushing things. She thinks Simon is very gentle and considerate.
GABY: After Glen, I didn't think I could feel this strongly about anyone again.
PAM: I hope it works out for you, love, I really do. You deserve to be happy.
GABY: I'm happy already, Mum! Guess it must be love!
Marco, Rick and Brad are hanging out and having a laugh. While Marco goes off to get another drink, Brad asks Rick when he's going to break the news to Marco about Beth. Brad decides to head off down the pub and leave Rick to it(!)
Rick awkwardly asks Marco where Cameron is and then turns the subject around to Beth. Marco reckons he likes Beth a lot and is waiting to make a big move. Rick awkwardly tells him about him kissing Beth all the afternoon. Marco doesn't take offence and says Rick is really lucky! Rick finally breaks the news that he's in love with Beth and that she feels the same. Marco is shocked.
Simon's place
Simon has laid out a candlelight dinner and dimmed the lights. Gaby arrives and he compliments her on her outfit. She admires the table and thanks him for all the trouble he's been to.
SIMON:(pouring a glass of wine) I don't think you realise just how important you are to me.
GABY: It's mutual.
SIMON: I want us to be special. Not just two people spending time together.
GABY: I know. Me too.
SIMON: Do you know what I really love about you? Your honesty.
GABY: I love everything about you!
Gaby goes on to tell him that she likes his confidence and admires him a lot.
The Pub
Lou and Doug are still playing pool why Madge and Pam look on. Doug suggests a bet - not involving money though. He challenges Lou to cure his fear of heights if he loses. They decide to play a doubles game with Pam and Brad. Lou insists that Brad joins his side, and that Pam should play with Doug.
MADGE: Lou Carpenter, I hope you know what you're doing.
Simon's place
Simon and Gaby are enjoying their dinner and chatting amiably. The conversation turns to relationships. Simon apparently had a previous relationship, but he was dumped, and he was with Melanie too.
SIMON: So many women, you give them a bit of emotional rope and they hang you with it. They just walk all over you.
GABY: That's all in the past now though. Sorry, it was none of my business.
SIMON: That's OK. I guess I'm pretty lucky to have found someone like you.
GABY: I'm lucky to have been found.
He stands up and presents Gaby with a pearl necklace. She's astounded, saying it must have cost a fortune. She tries it on and thanks him.
SIMON: What I want more than anything is to make you happy.
GABY: Well, I've got news for you. You're succeeding!
They kiss.
Beth pops around to see Rick. Marco tells her that he's surprised to here that she and Rick are getting it on. Beth says that it was strictly business, she's not interested in Rick.
Rick comes in and Beth immediately sets him straight - the kissing was just for the cameras. Rick says he knows that, and Marco just got the wrong idea. He looks gutted, though.
Simon's place
Simon and Gaby are dancing in each other's arms in Simon's living room.
GABY: I think this might just be the most romantic night of my life.
SIMON: I'm glad to hear it.
GABY: The food was wonderful...it was incredible...the company...
SIMON: What's all this past tense? The night isn't over yet!
The Pub
Pam is at the pool table and Doug is trying to coach her. She aims and misses and Doug berates her. Brad takes his shot but accidentally knocks the 8 ball in and therefore loses the game. Lou is mortified and knows now that he'll have to face his fear of heights. Doug says that Lou has to go sky-diving. Pam tells Doug to stop teasing Lou, but Lou takes offence and says he'll do it.
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