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Neighbours Episode 1728 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1728 (Paul and Christina renew their vows)
Australian airdate: 22/07/92
UK airdate: 29/06/93
UK Gold: 16/06/99
Writer: John Upton
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Simon Hunter: Frederick Whitlock
Marriage Celebrant: Leonie Collins
Antony Beeton: Rob Elliot
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Gaby, Rick, Beth and Brad are hanging out. Paul drops around to see if Gaby has got everything sorted for tomorrow. She has - and Paul is very pleased, he thinks Christina will love his surprise.
Gaby asks Brad if he's nervous about the photo shoot and Rick teases him about cheating on Lucy. Beth says they're going to call Lucy to tell her in advance.
Christina tells Paul that she's worried about Phoebe - she's hardly speaking to her. Paul reassures her, but Christina wants to make it up to Phoebe. She wants to go and see her in a few days to let Phoebe get over the funeral.
Christina mentions that she's going over to her parents house tomorrow and Paul is horrified - he'd been planning a day together. He finally talks her around though.
Madge calls around to see Jim and Helen - she just got home a couple of hours ago. She's horrified by everything that's been happening. Madge also greets Phil and Julie and gives them an update on Scott and Charlene. She also has a video of Scott and Charlene, but she'll show them that another day - not tomorrow though, as she has to cover in the Coffee Shop because Paul has rearranged the schedules (for his surprise for Christina) This piques Julie's interest, but noone will say anything!
No.22, the following morning
Paul and Christina are having breakfast when there's a knock at the door. It's Gaby, come to ask Christina if she can fit a dress today just after lunch. She reluctantly agrees, as long as it only takes half an hour.
Lucy is chucking a mental on the phone to Beth over the kissing for the commercial. She hands the phone over to Brad, who also gets an earful, and then Lucy slams the phone down. Beth says they'll have to cancel, but Brad doesn't think it's possible at this late stage.
Gaby is putting makeup on Christina, saying she needs to check the look of the makeup against the dress. Gaby then says that she'll need a photo and Christina offers to go over and get her camera later.
Meanwhile, Helen, Jim, Julie, Phil and Paul have arrived at No.22. Paul leads them through to the back balcony. As they go, Phil asks Paul about the manager's job and says he wouldn't expect any special favours. Paul says Phil will be considered along with the rest.
Gaby and Christina come in to an empty house - Christina is wearing a wedding dress. They go out the back to take photos and Christina is shocked to see all the family gathered.
PAUL: A fresh start deserves a fresh start. Since it feels like we're having a second honeymoon, I thought, why not a second wedding?
Christina ia stunned, but pleased.
PAUL: Chrissie. Will you marry me?
CHRISTINA: Yes, of course I will!
There's a celebrant there, all ready to renew their vows.
Brad and Beth are still brooding about Lucy, but Rick is more excited about the promotion. The photographer guy turns up and tells them that they want a bit of passion for the photos.
Garden of No.22
Paul and Christina are renewing their vows.
PAUL: My darling Christina. What I want to do today is pledge undying love. In the past I've often - too often - put other things first. It's pretty hard to keep perspective in life, to keep focussed on the things that are all-important. It's not my nature to be patient, you know that. But I'm learning. You see, one thing I have learnt from this cynical world is that love *is* the most important thing of all. Chris, i want to thank you. I want to thank Andrew too, for giving me the chance to love you both for the rest of my life.
CELEBRANT: I know this is all a surprise to Christina and she hasn't got anything prepared. Would you like to say just a few words?
CHRISTINA: Um...I'd just like to say, I've promised to love and honour and cherish you, and I plan to continue to do that. I love you very much.
Paul places the ring on Christina's finger and then kisses her as the family throw confetti.
No.22 (inside - later)
The family and neighbours are having a drink and a few sandwiches. Julie is enquiring about Paul and Christina's past fights, but he won't be drawn. Gaby and Simon are cuddled up on a chair while Marco hands out drinks. Finally, Christina throws the bouquet and Simon catches it!
Brad and Beth are kissing awkwardly. The photographer isn't impressed with them. Finally he turns to Rick and suggest he has a go. Beth isn't impressed, but Rick turns out to be very passionate, sweeping Beth into his arms. The photographer loves it and takes loads of photos!
Paul and Christina kiss while Gaby finishes clearing up. Christina tells Gaby that she fooled her completely today, she had no idea what was being planned!
When everyone has gone, Paul asks Christina if she's still sure about Hawaii. She says she only wants to be where Paul is.
Rick is still kissing Beth passionately and the shoot is now going quite well. Brad isn't too impressed, but Beth is just pleased not to be kissing Brad(!) The photographer reckons that Beth and Rick are the new Lucy and Brad!
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