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Neighbours Episode 1727 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1727
Australian airdate: 21/07/92
UK airdate: 28/06/93
Writer: Steve J. Spears
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Jacqueline Summers: Tiffany Lamb
- "Nats Blues" by Nathan Cavaleri
- "Garbo" by Steve Kearney
- "Ordinary Angels" by Frente!
Summary/Images by: Sal
- Cameron finds out that Jacqueline has been arrested.
Number 26
Jim, Helen, Beth, Phil, Julie, Debbie and Hannah are having a meal. Hannah is enthusing about how it was a million to one chance that she spotted Granny Helen in the middle of nowhere. Phil, Julie and Debbie all tell her to give it a rest! Julie joins Helen in the kitchen and tells her that she should take it easy, given that she's been through such a lot.
JULIE: Let me take over the house for a while. Relax.
PHIL: You must be special, Helen. Julie doesn't usually bother to ask permission before taking over a household!
Julie says that she, Debbie and Hannah will do the washing up.
HANNAH: Sure, I love washing up!
DEBBIE: Oh, brother. Whenever there's company around, she's Cinderella. The rest of the time, she's the original ugly sister!
HANNAH: You're the ugly one.
The pair go to wash up. Jim asks Phil how long the Martin family are planning on staying and Phil stalls, saying he's not sure. Julie reckons it'll be a couple of weeks at the most.
JIM: How much leave did the bank give you?
PHIL: Six weeks.
JULIE: Four weeks.
...they both laugh nervously.
PHIL: Four to six weeks. The bank left it open ended.
HELEN: It seems a shame to interrupt the girls' school term like this.
PHIL: To tell you the truth-
JULIE: (interrupting) To tell you the truth, I had to twist Philip's arm to get him to take even this much of a break. He was working so hard he was headed for a breakdown...*weren't you?* You and that silly old bank. It'll still be there when we get back. ... *If* we go back. The girls' education might take a slight dent, but Philip's health is more important. Isn't it, girls?
HANNAH: I love school. But I love my Dad more.
They all laugh.
Police Station
Jacqueline is waiting. Cameron comes in - they briefly hug and then he wants to sort it all out. She agreed to be part of a line up as she thought it would clear her from the Paxton case, but Cameron thinks she should've told him first. Jacqueline knows that now, but she was so confident that she'd be cleared that she didn't think. It turns out an eye-witness to the robbery has now identified Jacqueline as the driver at the robbery.
CAMERON: What are you telling me? That you were involved?
JACQUELINE: No! Of course not. It's obvious Paxton's paid this guy to incriminate me.
CAMERON: Why would Paxton do that?
JACQUELINE: Because he's sick. Maybe he thinks he'll get a lighter sentence. Maybe it's just revenge. I don't know how Paxton thinks. Cam, you've got to believe me. I had nothing to do with the robbery.
They hold hands and Cameron tells her that he believes her. He promises to get her out of prison, and she hugs him.
Number 22
Paul and Chrissy are having a nice, happy evening on the sofa. Paul mentions that he invited Julie to stay with them - and Chrissy looks a bit put out. He tells her that it's just Julie and Phil because Number 26 is so crowded, and the kids can stay with Jim and Helen. Chrissy is definitely not stoked at the idea, but understands.
PAUL: ...unfortunately, Julie said she wanted the whole Martin clan to stay together...so, I guess it's just going to be you and me.
Chrissy laughs and is clearly pleased to have Paul to herself. She says that she wants to meet them all, but now that she and Paul are reunited, she wants to hide with him from the world for a while.
CHRISSY: What's she like?
PAUL: Julie?
PAUL: Well, she's my sister and I love her. BUT, she's a bossy-boots, a sticky-beak and a bit of a social climber!
CHRISSY: But apart from that she's fine(?!)
PAUL: Yeah, her intentions are good, she's just got a habit of stirring things up, that's all.
Paul tells Chrissy that he wants to get her something nice to show her that he loves her because he didn't intend to hurt her. Chrissy can't think of anything - all she could ever want is Paul, and she's got him! He tells her to keep thinking.
Number 26
Jim, Julie, Beth and Phil are sitting in the living room. Debbie and Hannah are playing a board game on the floor. Julie says that Helen won't forget today for a while, what with Todd's funeral and then being kidnapped! They're relieved that Bob let her go and that she was found. Jim says it amazes him how Helen seems to take everything in her stride, no matter what happens.
Hannah and Debbie start to bicker over the Monopoly game and Phil tells them to be quiet because Helen's asleep. He reminds them that they're guests in Number 26, so they should behave. Julie sends them both to bed. They quickly make arrangements - Phil and Julie will sleep in the spare room, one of the girls will sleep on a mattress on the floor and the other will have Lucy's bed in Beth's room. Julie apologises to Jim for turning his home into a hostel!
Beth takes Hannah and Debbie to their room and Phil jumps up to clear away the Monopoly game. Jim tells him to stop feeling like he's not welcome, and urges him to relax. Phil thanks him and Jim embraces Julie - he thanks Phil for bringing his darling daughter back home to him, especially as Lucy's away in Singapore. Jim goes to bed. Phil sits back down and Julie sits with her back to him as she tidies up the Monopoly game.
PHIL: We have to tell him, Jules. We can't keep my...problem a secret.
JULIE: There's no need to let the world know, either.
PHIL: We should tell them!
JULIE: Not yet.
Phil pauses and stares at her.
PHIL: You're too ashamed of me, aren't you?
There's a long pause. Then Julie weakens.
JULIE: Of course not.
She gets up and sits next to him on the sofa.
JULIE: I love you.
PHIL: Do you?
She puts her hand on his face and kisses him. He smiles and they rest their heads together.
Police Station
Jacqueline is a bit upset that she has to stay in the police station over night. Cameron tells her that some of his best clients have stayed in holding cells! He says that he'll be applying for bail first thing in the morning. She asks what'll happen if she doesn't get bail, and he says that she'll be sent to a female prison. Cameron warns that they'll take a very dim view of the charge of armed robbery, so if she is granted bail, it might be high.
JACQUELINE: I've got some money saved. About $11,000.
CAMERON: That might not be enough.
Cam tells he that he'll do his best. He says that it all depends on the magistrate, but Jacqueline corrects him and says that it all depends on him!
Number 26
Jim, Helen, Phil, Julie, Beth, Debbie and Hannah are all sitting down to breakfast. Julie tells Helen to remember what she said last night - she'll take care of everything. Helen tells her to leave it all to her. Julie completely ignores her, and gets Hannah and Debbie to wash up with her! Helen asks Beth to introduce Debbie and Hannah to some of the neighbours on her way to work. Beth agrees, but they have to leave now - Julie agrees to let them go.
DEBBIE: Where do you work, Beth?
BETH: I'm a builders labourer.
DEBBIE: A labourer?
BETH: What's wrong with that?
DEBBIE: It's so...boy.
DEBBIE: I'm going to be a flight attendant.
BETH: (good naturedly) Oh, well that's so girl, isn't it?!
HANNAH: She's so fat the plane would never take off!
They leave. Jim and Phil agree that Debbie's gorgeous and not at all fat! Jim and Phil leave to have a look at Phil's new car. Julie tells Helen to put her feet up, and Helen gets a bit irked. Helen reminds her that she's *fine* and says she's going over to Paul's.
JULIE: Oh, I'd love to come with you but I've got a million little jobs that need attending to!
Helen looks like she could quite happily punch her! Julie says that Paul's lucky - she could do with a holiday in Hawaii. Helen tells Julie that Paul's going to Hawaii for good. Julie is surprised and asks what will happen to Lassiter's.
HELEN: He's looking for someone to take over.
JULIE: Really?!
Helen leaves. A plot is clearly forming in Julie's mind!
Ramsay Street
Beth, Debbie and Hannah are walking down Ramsay Street.
DEBBIE: Julie's not my real mum. She died in an accident. She's Hannah's mum. I call her my wicked stepmother!
BETH: (laughing) She's not really wicked, is she?
DEBBIE: No. She's just a bit bossy. Especially with Dad. Which is ok in small doses. She tries...I just wish she'd calm down!
Hannah spies Rick coming out of Number 32. Beth calls him over and introduces him. Debbie is clearly keen on him, and asks if he lives in Ramsay Street. He doesn't, but his brother, Marco, lives in Number 32. Debbie tells him that she'll be staying for a while. He leaves to go for school. Helen passes them on the way to Paul's house and tells Beth that she'll be late for work. Beth leaves, promising to introduce Debbie and Hannah to the rest of the neighbours later. Debbie and Hannah head back to Number 26.
HANNAH: Got your eye on him, have you, Deb?
DEBBIE: Oh, shut up, Hannah or I'll pull all the heads off your Barbie dolls again.
HANNAH: You couldn't get him if you tried.
DEBBIE: Get who?
HANNAH: Ricky!
DEBBIE: His name's Rick - and if you tell anyone about this, I'll kill you!
HANNAH: What's it worth to keep me quiet?
DEBBIE: What's it worth to keep breathing, Brat!
HANNAH: (running off) Debbie loves Rick, Debbie loves Rick!
Debbie chases Hannah back into the house.
Number 22
Paul is tidying up and chatting to Helen about his "plan". Helen thinks it's marvellous idea - and she thinks Chrissy will be thrilled too. Paul says that the idea is to put the past behind them. Helen offers to help, but he tells her to rest after everything she's been through, which she's not too pleased about!
HELEN: Everyone I know seems to want me to rest. I'll rest when I'm pushing up daisies, thank you very much!
She says that the best way for her to get over Todd's death and her adventure with Bob is to keep busy...so she will be helping! They sit together on the sofa.
HELEN: You are a handful, and you always have been but I'm going to miss you so much.
PAUL: Mmm. Feeling's mutual, I'm afraid!
They sit in silence for a moment.
HELEN: I might holiday in Hawaii one of these days. And I'll stay as long as you and Christina will have me.
PAUL: Yeah, I guess we can find a spare mattress somewhere.
HELEN: Well, if you haven't, I'll bring my own!
They start to discuss Paul's super secret plan - just as Chrissy walks in. Helen and Paul do a painfully poor job of pretending that Chrissy didn't just interrupt something secret. Paul tells her that he was being a classic new age husband and was talking about nappies! Chrissy gives him a disbelieving look.
Number 32
Jacqueline is celebrating being free - with takeaway! Cameron reminds her that she's only out on bail; it's not real freedom yet. She paid $10,000 to get out on bail. She comments that she could kiss Cameron for doing his bit, but she realises it'd be unethical. Cameron guesses that Jacqueline knows who tipped the cops off about Paxton. She admits that she did it. He's clearly not happy, but Jacqueline protests that she only kept it from him because she knew that he'd think that she was involved.
JACQUELINE: That's what you said. Whoever called the police was obviously his accomplice. I called them, Cam, but I had nothing to do with the robbery, I swear.
CAMERON: What else haven't you told me?
JACQUELINE: I've told you everything.
CAMERON: (coldly) Have you?
JACQUELINE: You don't trust me, do you?
CAMERON: Well, why should I? You keep coming up with these little surprises that make me think you're as guilty as hell!
Cameron tells her that as her lawyer, he has to be able to trust her. He asks how she was involved with Paxton, and why the witness is swearing that she was driving the get-away car.
JACQUELINE: You think I did it, don't you? After everything we've been through. Thanks for getting me out, Cameron, but it's obvious, from now on, I'm on my own.
She picks up her bag and walks out.
Paul is at the bar discussing shift changes with one of the extras. Julie walks in and they bump into each other (well, they're supposed to, but it's more a case of Julie standing directly behind Paul and then acting surprised when he walks into her!).
JULIE: I was hoping to bump into you, but this is ridiculous!
Paul says that he's got so much on his mind, he wasn't watching where he was going. Julie wants to have a chat with him, but Paul has to rush off.
JULIE: Same old brother; always too busy for me.
PAUL: Oh, will you give me a break? I'm interviewing a woman who sounds *perfect*.
JULIE: (teasing) For *what*?!
Paul tells her he's hiring for his replacement at Lassiter's. Julie pretends to be surprised and then suggests that he interview Phil.
PAUL: Your Philip? He's a bank manager!
Julie says that Phil's doing really well, but they both want to return to Erinsborough. Paul points out that running a bank and running Lassiter's are completely different. Julie thinks that he'd soon pick it up, but Paul's not convinced - as far as he's concerned, Phil's not got the qualifications, or the experience. Julie pulls him back and begs Paul to give him an interview. Paul doesn't really understand - he thinks Phil would hate the job. Eventually he relents and agrees to interview Phil - but he warns Julie that he's not making any promises. Julie beams and kisses him on the cheek!
Number 26
Rick and Beth are in the living room, and they talk about how the house is crammed now that the Martins are there too. Beth says it's good for Helen, to take her mind off Todd. Beth says she feels like an orphan. Rick says that he wishes he was one.
BETH: Is your dad still giving you a hard time?
RICK: It's all he knows how to do!
Hannah and Debbie come in. Debbie is pleased to see Rick.
HANNAH: Guess what, Debbie's in love with you, aren't you, Debbie?
Debbie laughs weakly and then drags Hannah off.
Number 26 - Kitchen
Debbie hits Hannah and tells her off for what she said to Rick. They start pulling at each other when Julie walks in and tells them off for misbehaving.
JULIE: Your father's already told you - we're guests in this house.
HANNAH: (whining) She picks on me for no reason!
DEBBIE: You little liar!
Julie tells them to be quiet! The girls agree to behave themselves and Julie leaves them.
HANNAH: You're mean and horrible.
DEBBIE: And you're a little brat!
HANNAH: ...do you want another game of Monopoly?
DEBBIE: (resignedly) Sure.
Number 32
Cameron is sitting despondently. There's a knock at the door - it's Jacqueline. She apologises to him, and tells him that she can't do it without him. He says he can't help her unless she tells him everything. She promises that there won't be anymore secrets.
CAMERON: You've got yourself a lawyer again.
Number 26
Julie is cooking a meal and Jim suddenly gets upset and slams a drawer. He reveals that he was just about to set a place for Todd at the table. Julie tells him that she was always able to cry on his shoulder when she was little, so she's there for him now if he wants to cry on hers. He thanks her and they hug. Phil walks in looking for Julie and interrupts the moment. Jim excuses himself. Phil apologises and Julie says that she and Jim have got lots of time in the future, so it's ok.
PHIL: I've got some good news. I've just been to see a bloke called Quinn - he runs a little furniture business over in Ansons Corner. Anyway, he needs a bookkeeper and I reckon I'm a cert for the job!
JULIE: Oh, Philip! You don't want to be a bookkeeper. I've got much better news than that.
PHIL: What?
JULIE: I spoke to Paul today. (she lowers her voice) And he practically offered you the job at Lassiter's.
PHIL: What job?
JULIE: The top job, what else?!
PHIL: (incredulously) What, managing Lassiter's?
PHIL: Are you nuts?!
Julie reckons he'll be a natural, but Phil thinks it's ridiculous as he doesn't have the qualifications for that sort of work. He asks why Julie went to Paul without speaking to him about it first. Julie doesn't understand the issue, but Phil doesn't want to accept charity from his brother-in-law. Julie says that families are there to help each other. Phil doesn't agree, and reckons the first thing he's doing tomorrow is telling Paul to forget the whole idea!
JULIE: Well, excuse me for trying to help!
PHIL: You went behind my back, Jules!
JULIE: Well, someone's got to do something! You haven't got a job anymore, or have you forgotten?
PHIL: No. But I'm hopeful that won't be a problem for too long. I'm very optimistic about this position with Mr Quinn.
JULIE: What?! Doing the books for some tin pot little furniture factory?! Surely, you'd rather run Lassiter's?
PHIL: (angrily) I'd rather get my own job, my own way, thanks very much!
He storms off. Julie is shocked.
Number 22
Paul and Helen are looking at photographs of Andrew. They talk about how much kids grow without you noticing. Chrissy comes over to look too.
PAUL: I'm sure he gets more handsome though, every day - just like his dad!
CHRISSY: Yeah, I agree - on both counts!
Andrew makes a noise via the baby monitor and Helen offers to give Chrissy a hand. Silently, Paul indicates that he wants to talk to her so Helen quickly changes her mind and says she'll rest!
HELEN: (muttering) I hate that word "rest".
Paul makes a deal with Chrissy - she give Andrew his bath now, and he'll do the early feed. Chrissy agrees and leaves. Paul and Helen start their super secret talks again - whatever the plan is, Gaby is in on it too, and it's all running like clockwork!
HELEN: I can't wait to see Christina's face tomorrow.
PAUL: (laughing) She's going to get the surprise of her life, that's for sure.
Number 26
Julie is still cooking, and looks a little annoyed. The phone goes - it's Mr Quinn, the man Phil was hopeful of working for.
JULIE: Mmm, so he got that job, did he? Well, that's terrific but I'm afraid Philip's just accepted a position with someone else. ...a managerial job. ...well, you must admit, he's a little overqualified to be your bookkeeper anyway. ...yes, well, I'm sorry too. Thanks for calling, Mr Quinn.
Phil overhears this, just as Julie puts the phone down.
PHIL: That was Quinn?
PHIL: Well, what did he say? Did I get the job?
JULIE: Sorry, darling.
PHIL: Oh, damn!
Julie hugs Phil, who looks severely troubled.
JULIE: Maybe you should go for that job at Lassiter's after all.
PHIL: Guess I haven't got any choice.
Julie tightly smiles to herself - it's clear she's got her own way!
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Beth Brennan, Debbie Martin, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 1727
Beth Brennan, Debbie Martin, Hannah Martin

Philip Martin, Julie Martin, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1727
Philip Martin, Julie Martin, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels

Cameron Hudson, Jacqueline Summers in Neighbours Episode 1727
Cameron Hudson, Jacqueline Summers

Paul Robinson, Christina Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1727
Paul Robinson, Christina Robinson

Debbie Martin, Philip Martin, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 1727
Debbie Martin, Philip Martin, Hannah Martin

Julie Martin, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 1727
Julie Martin, Philip Martin

Cameron Hudson, Jacqueline Summers in Neighbours Episode 1727
Cameron Hudson, Jacqueline Summers

Beth Brennan, Hannah Martin, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1727
Beth Brennan, Hannah Martin, Debbie Martin

Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1727
Julie Martin

Beth Brennan, Debbie Martin, Rick Alessi, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 1727
Beth Brennan, Debbie Martin, Rick Alessi, Hannah Martin

Helen Daniels, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1727
Helen Daniels, Paul Robinson

Cameron Hudson in Neighbours Episode 1727
Cameron Hudson

Julie Martin, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1727
Julie Martin, Paul Robinson

Debbie Martin, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 1727
Debbie Martin, Hannah Martin

Beth Brennan, Rick Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1727
Beth Brennan, Rick Alessi

Jacqueline Summers, Cameron Hudson in Neighbours Episode 1727
Jacqueline Summers, Cameron Hudson

Philip Martin, Julie Martin, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1727
Philip Martin, Julie Martin, Jim Robinson

Philip Martin, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1727
Philip Martin, Julie Martin

Christina Robinson, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1727
Christina Robinson, Andrew Robinson

Paul Robinson, Christina Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1727
Paul Robinson, Christina Robinson, Helen Daniels

Paul Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1727
Paul Robinson, Helen Daniels

Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1727
Julie Martin

Philip Martin, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1727
Philip Martin, Julie Martin

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