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Neighbours Episode 1724 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1724
Australian airdate: 16/07/92
UK airdate: 23/06/93
UK Gold: 10/06/99
Writer: Rod Zielinski
Director: Steve Mann
Guests: Jacqueline Summers: Tiffany Lamb
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Jacqueline tells Cameron that she can't go out with him because her life is too complicated.
Christina and Paul are playing with Andrew. Paul sighs and says it's strange to have a young baby smiling and laughing when Todd is dead.
PAUL: It just makes you realise that you can go at any moment, can't you?
Christina feels really sorry for Phoebe - having a baby on her own now, and the baby never being able to know its father.
PAUL: Listen, Chris...what we had, you and me and this little guy, you know we can get it all back, don't you?
CHRISTINA: I'm not so sure.
PAUL: You and Andrew mean more to me than anything in the world.
CHRISTINA: I wish I could believe you.
PAUL: Come on, it's true. You guys are my number one priority.
CHRISTINA: That's good, then.
Andrew hiccups.
PAUL: Why are we sleeping in separate beds still?
CHRISTINA: You know why.
PAUL: Yes, but we love each other, can't you see that? Can't you just forget about the past and forgive me. Please?
Pam is on the phone to Gaby - she and Simon have decided to stay on longer at the guesthouse. Doug is pleased, saying Gaby and Simon are so right for each other. He's not sure what's wrong with Brad though - rejecting beautiful models for Beth(!) Pam tries to persuade Doug to give Beth some time off work to do the modelling, but he won't. He reckons he can't show favouritism. Pam doesn't think Brad is being very flexible.
Beth and Brad are having a glass of milk. Brad thinks Doug is being really unreasonable. Beth really enjoys her job with Doug though and really wants to be a builder. But she also would like to model. Suddenly, she gets an idea.
Marco comes in from moving Rick and his stuff back to his parents' place. He sits down to practise his drums. Cameron tells him that he really likes Jacqueline, but has no idea what her problem is. Marco thinks Cameron is a bit obsessed with Jacqueline - she'll tell Cameron in her own time.
Beth is off to work - she's managed to get the modelling shoot postponed, telling Helen, "Where there's a will, there's a way!"
Paul comes in and asks Helen why she's ironing Todd's shirt. She looks very sad and says she didn't know what else to do. Apparently they are letting Todd's father out of prison for the funeral and his mother is coming from Adelaide. Paul tells Helen that he's had a call from Hiroshi Udagawa who wants to set up a new chain of hotels throughout the South Pacific - and he wants Paul to run them. It's a huge new deal - but he hasn't told Christina yet. The chain's base will be in Hawaii, and they'd have to live there.
PAUL: I reckon it'd be the perfect chance for a brand new start.
HELEN: Yes, but will she want to move?
Cameron has rung Jacqueline to come over. She apologises for walking out on him the night before - she really likes him and is sorry for leading him on. Cameron kisses her. She tells him there can never be anything between them. Cameron sits her down in the living room and tells her she has to tell him what's wrong. She confesses that she's a suspect for a bank robbery in Elliot Park. She used to work for a bloke who's been arrested in connection with the robbery and he's told the police that she drove the getaway car. She doesn't know why he's doing it - maybe to try to get a lighter sentence. She doesn't know what to do - she's been questioned and had her flat searched. She's really scared she might go to jail.
Doug, Pam, Brad and Beth are having dinner. Paul comes in and tells Doug that he may have to sell his interest in the retirement village - he's been offered a job in Hawaii. But it's nothing to panic about - it's just he may be taking orders from someone else in the future.
Brad and Beth tell Doug that the agency have agreed to do early morning and evening modelling shoots.
Paul broaches the topic of living somewhere else with Christina. He doesn't mention any specifics, just talks generally about moving away and starting again. She is a bit takenaback and tells Paul that she doesn't want to go anywhere.
PAUL: You will think about it though?
CHRISTINA: I don't need to. This is our home, this is where our family is. Think how important that is for Andrew.
Cameron is going over the details of Jacqueline's case. He reckons that the police have no evidence against Jacqueline, so he can't see that she has anything to worry about. Jacqueline is worried though - she has no alibi, she was home alone on the night of the robbery.
CAMERON: You don't have to prove you're innocent. They have to prove you're guilty.
JACQUELINE: You make it all seem so simple.
Cameron offers to be her legal representation if she has to go to court.
Brad comes around and tells Beth there's some drama - he spoke to the agency and they want him and Beth to kiss for the photos. Beth isn't worried and can't see that it's a problem. Brad is practically beside himself though, worried about what Lucy will say.
Ramsay Street
Paul is pushing Andrew in the pushchair and meets Helen. Marco also rides up on his bike and tells them how sorry he is about Todd.
Paul tells Helen that Christina doesn't want to move away - she won't even consider it. Paul is very disappointed - it's a hell of a business opportunity to pass up. Helen suggests telling Christina the whole story, but Paul says she'll just think Paul is putting business ahead of the family again - and she might be right.
Cameron is telling Marco about Jacqueline's troubles. He's convinced she's telling the truth, but Marco says Cameron can't be sure as he's only known her a short time.
CAMERON: Jacqueline's innocent - got it?
Marco says that at least he'll see her as part of his legal duties(!) Cameron says that's a problem too - he can't get personally involved with his clients.
Brad and Beth are practising holding each other, but Brad is very uncomfortable.
BRAD: I just can't kiss you.
BETH: Other guys have done it and lived!
He's still worried about what Lucy will say, but Beth points out that it's just acting. They have another go, but Brad is very stiff. Beth suggests that Brad pretends she's Lucy. They have another go, but just then Helen and Marco walk in. Marco is not impressed and storms out.
HELEN: What on earth is going on?!
Pam and Doug come over and tell Christina excitedly that she must be thrilled that Paul has been offered a job in Hawaii! Christina is stunned and Pam and Doug realise they've put their foot in it.
CHRISTINA: And I was stupid enough to believe him when he said that Andrew and I are his number one priority now. He obviously doesn't give a damn about us, or how this will affect us! So much for putting our marriage back together.
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