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Neighbours Episode 1725 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1725 (Todd's funeral)
Australian airdate: 17/07/92
UK airdate: 24/06/93
UK Gold: 11/06/99
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Steve Mann
Guests: Annette Landers: Tanya Uren
Bob Landers: Bruce Kilpatrick
Officer Rooney: Glen O'Hara
Officer Styles: Les Toth
Reverend: Barry Friedlander
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Doug and Pam let slip to Christina that Paul has accepted a job in Hawaii. She isn't impressed he hasn't discussed it with her.
Beth and Brad come into the kitchen and tell Helen that it wasn't how it looked - they were just practising for the advertising campaign. Beth is going to be the Lucy replacement in the ads, and the marketing guy wants them to kiss, so they thought they'd better practise.
BRAD: I wasn't doing the wrong thing by Luce, Mrs Daniels, honest.
Phoebe is watching a video of Todd and is upset that they never recorded his voice. She tells Dorothy that when Todd came to her after he died, he told her they'd be having a little girl. Dorothy tells her gently that she was probably just saying things, but Phoebe is convinced it was him.
DOROTHY: One thing's certain, he'll always be here in your heart.
PHOEBE: Don't worry, Mim. I'll be OK.
She puts the video on again.
Christina is stamping around the kitchen when Paul comes in. She starts laying in to him about the Hawaii job offer. Paul tells her it's not what she thinks, but she won't let him explain and stomps off.
Jim makes Helen a cup of tea and they discuss picking Annette up from the airport tomorrow. Even Bob will be there, under police guard. Paul pops around and looks very fed up. He tells them he'd already decided to turn the job offer down because Chrissie didn't want to go overseas, but now she thinks he's gone behind her back.
JIM: You've got to *make* her listen, Paul.
PAUL: Dad, she's so convinced that I'm up to no good, she wouldn't even dream of giving me the benefit of the doubt.
He sighs and says he's had enough.
PAUL: I will always be fighting a losing battle proving myself to Christina. I might as well face facts, the marriage is over!
HELEN: Oh, darling.
PAUL: I was just kidding myself. I wanted to make it work, obviously it isn't enough!
No.26, the following morning
Helen has prepared a funeral tea for them to come back to. Annette arrives and Phoebe looks rather concerned and escapes out of the back door.
Beth has come around to explain the Brad kiss-practice to Marco. He doesn't really believe her.
Helen and Christina are talking sadly about the funeral, but actually, Helen came around to talk about her and Paul's marriage.
HELEN: Christina, what I'm about to say is only because I care for you and Paul.
CHRISTINA: Helen, you don't really...
HELEN:(carefully) I think...you're being unfair.
CHRISTINA: Now hang on...
HELEN: Hear me out. Paul didn't tell you everything. That's true. He was approached about working in Hawaii, but when you said you didn't want to move away he just let the whole thing drop.
CHRISTINA: He turned the job down?
HELEN: Mmm. One of the best offers he's ever had.
CHRISTINA: He didn't tell me that.
HELEN: Apparently you didn't give him an opportunity. You'd obviously made up your mind right from the beginning. Christina, you and Paul could be making such a wonderful life together. But you seem determined to throw it away. And it's a time when you should be counting your blessings. Todd has...no chances left. But you and Paul do. Don't you think you should be taking advantage of them instead of frittering them away like this?
Phoebe is pacing. She tells Dorothy that Todd's mum is going to hate her - Todd was run over trying to stop her from having an abortion. Dorothy reassures her and tells her she's not to blame for Todd's death. She must stop torturing herself.
Just then, there's a knock at the door.
DOROTHY: Now look. That poor woman is just as upset as you are.
Dorothy answers the door and it *is* Annette. Dorothy shows her in and introduces her to Phoebe.
ANNETTE: It's so good to meet you at last. I've heard so much about you from Todd. I feel like I know you already from his letters. He loved you very much.
PHOEBE: I loved him too.
ANNETTE: I know you did. I just wish we didn't have to meet like this.
Annette gives Phoebe a letter from Todd that arrived yesterday.
ANNETTE: I thought you'd like to read it, it might help. It's the most beautiful letter I've ever read.
PHOEBE: You've just lost your only son and you want to cheer *me* up?
Annette hugs her.
Paul comes in and tells Christina that he doesn't want to argue again. Christina apologises for flying off the handle at him yesterday.
CHRISTINA: Is it true that you turned the job down in Hawaii?
PAUL: Yeah.
CHRISTINA: Because you thought I didn't want to leave Erinsborough?
PAUL: Because I thought you'd think I was trying to put more pressure on you.
CHRISTINA: Is the offer still open?
PAUL: I guess so. Mr Udagawa's pretty disappointed in me, but I'm sure he had plenty of other options.
CHRISTINA: Well...what if you called him up and said you wanted to take the job after all?
PAUL: I guess it'd still be available...but...
CHRISTINA: A woman's allowed to change her mind, isn't she?
PAUL: Are you saying you want to come away with me now?
She takes his hand.
CHRISTINA: A fresh start does sound pretty good.
Paul is stunned.
PAUL: This is great, but...you were so against it!
CHRISTINA: Well, I now know that you really do love me and I should have given you another chance. You haven't changed your mind, have you, you do want us to come away with you still?
PAUL: Yeah, of course I do, Chris!
They hug.
Todd's funeral
Jim, Annette and Helen greet Bob who has arrived under armed guard. Annette introduces Bob to Phoebe.
BOB: Girl, I wish there was something I could say to help you get through this.
PHOEBE: I know. It's OK.
Phoebe tells Dorothy that she doesn't think she can handle the funeral.
DOROTHY: I'll be there with you.
PHOEBE: I don't want to let him go, Mim.
In the service, which is very depressing, all the Neighbours are gathered while the minister reads a religious reading.
Presently, Jim gets up speak.
JIM: Todd was a young man with enormous strength of character. He never took the easy way out of anything. I for one can testify to that. He wanted to fight his own battles. And yet was always ready to help those less equipped to fight theirs. If the aim of life is to fight the good fight with strength and grace...then Todd has already fought his fight. And won. The tragedy of his death is for those of us who are left behind. And we who will never again hear him burst through our front doors with his unflagging energy and that special smile.
Almost everyone, including Jim, is in tears now.
JIM: My sympathy goes out to all his friends, and his family. Especially to Annette and Bob.
Brad gets up to speak.
BRAD: I realised he never had a bad word to say about anyone. Ever. He always wanted to see the best in people. It seems so wrong that he was the one who had to die. It's not fair! Why did this have to happen to one of the nicest guys I've ever met? Can't believe I'll never see him again.
It's all got too much for Phoebe now, who runs out.
In the next shot, we see Phoebe sat in her bedroom back at Number 30, reading the letter from Todd that Annette gave here.
TODD:(voiceover) Now we've decided not to keep the baby, I'm not so sure we're doing the right thing. I love Phoebe so much, the idea of us having a child seems like the natural thing to do. It's true we're pretty young. But I know I want to spend the rest of my life with her. Trouble is, I can't let Phoebe know how I feel. It wouldn't be fair to put all that pressure on her.
Phoebe chokes out through tears:
PHOEBE: Todd, why couldn't I see what you were going through?
She goes to the mirror.
PHOEBE: Todd, don't leave me, please come back. Todd, please.
She starts to sob, and just then Dorothy comes in.
PHOEBE: What am I going to do without him?
DOROTHY: I know.
PHOEBE: If it wasn't for you, I'd be all alone.
DOROTHY: Are you alright? Do you feel up to going back to the church?
PHOEBE: I couldn't watch them put him in the ground, I couldn't face it.
DOROTHY: You don't have to. I'll stay here with you until after the funeral.
Brad, Cameron, Jim and Paul are the pallbearers. Everyone gathers around the coffin in the church yard while the priest says a prayer. It is one of the most depressing Neighbours funerals ever.
PRIEST: We commit the body of our brother Todd to the ground. Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
The prayer continues as the camera sweeps around on the faces of the Neighbours - Pam, Doug, Rick, Brad, Helen, Jim and finally Annette. As the coffin is lowered, Jim comforts Annette. Then they each throw a handful of earth on top of the coffin. Finally, only Helen, Jim, Annette and Bob are left standing at the grave side.
Bob is lead away by his police escort and Helen follows to say goodbye. As Helen approaches, Bob uses the distraction to grab a policeman's gun and then grabs Helen by the throat! He drags her towards Jim's car.
JIM: Let Helen go!
BOB: Are you crazy? How far do you think I'll get without a hostage?
JIM: Take me, then.
BOB: No. We'll take your car though. Unlock the car. Unlock the car, and put the keys in the ignition.
PAUL: Bob, will you just let her go!
But Bob just manhandles Helen into the drivers seat and then gets into the back himself. Helen is forced to drive off.
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