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Neighbours Episode 1723 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1723
Australian airdate: 15/07/92
UK airdate: 22/06/93
UK Gold: 09/06/99
Writer: Wayne Doyle
Director: Steve Mann
Guests: Jacqueline Summers: Tiffany Lamb
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Phoebe seeing Todd in the mirror, telling her he'll always be there for her and their daughter.
Brad answers the door to Beth who has come around to escape the wailing grief at home over Todd. Brad suggests a game of cards with Marco. Brad invites Doug to come as well - Todd's death has made him realise how lucky he is to have his old man around.
The phone rings and it's the bloke about the ad campaign for Brad's board. It's bad news though.
BRAD: You can't do that! ...Can you?!
Rick, Cameron, Beth and Marco are playing cards. Cameron can't stop thinking about Jacqueline.
Brad comes in and tells them the guy from the ad agency says the whole ad deal is off, unless they get a new Lucy. Beth says that she could do it and they all laugh. Beth looks a bit put-out. Apparently the agency are sending some models over for Brad to check out this afternoon, and Rick and Marco suddenly get very interested(!)
Lou is working out some ads for cars for the paper. Madge and Toby don't think his ads are honest enough - they reckon he should just try telling everyone exactly what they're getting, even the defects in the car!
Cameron is looking for his razor. There's a knock at the door and it's Jacqueline. Cameron is very shocked - he is bare-chested and covered in shaving cream.
CAMERON: I was just thinking about you.
JACCQUELINE: In the shower?
CAMERON: Well...all day, actually...
Marco laughs and shows Jacqueline into the living room.
Ramsay Street
Beth, Brad and Rick are shooting a few baskets, waiting for the model to arrive. Beth asks Brad what sort of girl he wants for the advert, still hinting that she could do it. Brad is oblivious. He rants on about being expected to pose with a girl who isn't his girlfriend. Distracted, he throws the basketball directly at Rick. It hits Rick on the head and he collapses to the ground.
Marco is entertaining Jacqueline while they wait for Cameron to get some clothes on. Cameron finally arrives and bustles Marco out!
Cameron tells Jacqueline that he's really pleased to see her - he missed her at the party the other night.
Marco, Beth and Brad have helped Rick to the Willis's couch, but he's still looking woozy. Marco says he's taking him to casualty, but Rick refuses, saying he doesn't want to miss the models(!)
Brad tells Doug that he's really missing Lucy. Doug advises him to go with the flow - Lucy is gone now, and he might like one of the new models even more!
Lou has re-written his advert. "If you're sick of those Japanese cars that nothing ever goes wrong with, boy, have we got a car for you!". Also, "This old heap is so crook we're giving it away!" Madge says that he should drop his prices too. Toby thanks them for letting him visit - he really enjoys himself hanging out with them.
TOBY: When are you two getting married, anyway?
Luckily for Madge, the phone rings and she gets up to answer it.
LOU: I'll get her one of these days, mate - soon!
It's Scott on the phone - Charlene has gone into labour. Madge hugs Lou excitedly.
Cameron and Jacqueline are chatting about Cameron's career in Legal Aid and generally getting along well. He suggests that they grab a late lunch and talk more. Jacqueline says she can't go out with Cameron - she has complicated things going on in her life at the moment and it's best if Cameron doesn't get too involved. Cameron says that's for him to decide - he likes Jacqueline a lot.
Doug and Marco open the door to the models who proceed to give them a display in various wetsuits and swimsuits. Marco, Rick and Doug lap this up, while Brad looks rather disinterested. Beth just sulks in a corner.
When they've gone, Marco, Rick and Doug struggle for breath! Then Marco decides to take Rick off to Casualty. Doug tells Brad off for not picking one of the girls.
BETH: Brad's just discriminating, that's all.
BRAD: I am?
Beth says the girls were pretty plastic, and he'd be better off with someone he felt comfortable with, like a friend. Brad still doesn't take the hint though! He decides to ring Damian and tell him the whole deal is off.
Lou, Madge and Toby are drinking champagne (or juice in Toby's case). Madge decides to go up to Queensland to see Charlene and maybe take Toby with her. Toby is pleased, but then remembers that they'll miss Todd's funeral. Madge says they can say their own goodbyes when they get back.
Apparently Damian wasn't impressed. Beth is still hinting that she'll do the modelling. Brad suddenly gets an idea - he could ask Lucy's friend Emma. He finally asks Beth to do it and she agrees(!)
Cameron is trying to guess what Jacqueline's life complications could be - maybe she's a kidnapper(!) He tells her that he won't judge her - he's quite used to sticky situations of others through his work.
Before she can tell him, Rick and Marco come in, raving about the models.
Doug comes in all excited - he won a meat tray in a raffle at Lassiter's. Brad tells Doug that Beth is going to do the modelling, but Doug isn't impressed - Beth already has a job. Beth says it's only one day, but Doug says they're totally flat out at the building site. If she misses a day, she's out.
Cameron asks Rick and Marco to leave - he was trying to talk to Jacqueline about something. They understand and take themselves off to the kitchen. But Jacqueline doesn't want to talk to Cameron and decides to head off. Before she can though, they kiss a couple of times. Finally, she tells him that it's not fair on him to get involved with her and walks out.
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