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Neighbours Episode 1718 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1718
Australian airdate: 08/07/92
UK airdate: 15/06/93
Writer: Barbara Angell
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Simon Hunter: Frederick Whitlock
Summary/Images by: Emily (phoeberuled)
Gaby's two dates asking which one of them is taking her out tonight.
Number 32
Rick and Marco are decorating for the party with streamers, Cameron brings glasses in. They've borrowed everything from the neighbours in order to have enough plated and stuff. Rick leaves the room and Cameron takes some yellow streamers for his costume - He's going as Brad, so that's the hair. Marco is going as "Big Jim Robinson", he puffs his chest out and stands on tiptoes to illustrate this. Marco asks Cameron if he's got anywhere with finding Jacqueline, but he hasn't, he's only left a number at her last known address. Rick enters with a suit jacket and tie over his t-shirt, attempting to speak lawyer-speak, but in fact, just inserting the word party at every opportunity. He's going as Cameron. Cameron doesn't see it but isn't offended. Rick tells Marco he won't pull many chicks dressed as Jim, but Cameron points out that Marco's only interested in Beth. Marco corrects him, realising he's stuffed up with Beth over the building site bullying.
Number 28
Gaby has had to say no to both Simon and Zed, to avoid offending either of them more than was necessary. She's moping about being single again, but realises she fully deserved it. Brad walks in from the bedroom wearing a white t-shirt and jeans - it's his costume for tonight, but Pam and Gaby have no idea who he's supposed to be. He points out that he's attempted to slick his hair back (it's not really worked, as it's still hanging down) and that he's Marco. They tell him to wear a name badge. Pam and Brad start to get emotional about the party being partly for him leaving, when Doug walks in, dressed quite convincingly as Lou. He has a checked jacket and sparkly tie, the rest of the Willises are very impressed. He admits having gone to a costume hire place, it'll be worth it to see Lou's face. Pam is still keeping her costume a secret.
Number 26
Beth is dressing as Lucy, and vice versa,using each other's outfits. Lucy tells Beth her she can keep what she's wearing, it looks better on her, and is too warm for Singapore. Beth tells Lucy she'll miss her. Lucy replies that Beth will get a bedroom to herself, still have Todd in the house, and Marco who is completely in love with her. The scene cuts to Todd answering the door to Phoebe. Todd is dressed as Bouncer, and Phoebe is dressed as Oscar (all in one snakeskin pattern bodysuit, a black hood and some face paint in case you're wondering). Beth and Lucy come through and comment that they're surprised Phoebe is going to the party. Phoebe is really offended at this. They tell her that they're on her side, and she backs down.
Number 24
Helen is stood in the living room talking to the disembodied voices of Madge and Lou. The couple have kept their costume ideas secret from each other, and are changing into them in separate rooms, ready to show off to Helen. Madge emerges first, dressed very convincingly as Dorothy. Helen is amazed, Madge tries to convince Helen to come to the party, but Helen doesn't think the landlady should attend, and doesn't want to see the house get trashed before her eyes. Lou is finally ready and walks in - also dressed as Dorothy. He and Madge argue at first, but eventually realise they can both go. Helen comments that they both look very authentic, and they both admit to stealing clothes from Dorothy's wardrobe (Madge herself, and Lou getting Phoebe to do it). Madge ominously announces that she intends to use the opportunity to give Dorothy a good look at herself
The Party at Number 32
The party is in full swing as someone comes to the door dressed as Madge, as she speaks the camera pans out to reveal it's Dorothy. Cameron, as Brad leads her in.
DOROTHY: (in as croaky a voice as she can manage) Good on you Brad, just lead me to the bar and name your poison!
Pam is revealed to have come as Doug, she's apologising to him for highlighting the 'Yobbo' side of being a builder, but Doug doesn't mind. Marco is still puffing himself up to look more like Jim. Gaby has come dressed in an all in one romper suit and bonnet, and is clutching a teddy, sucking a dummy, and bopping to the music - so baby Andrew. Doug comments on how Chrissie would have felt giving birth to a baby that size. Pam tries to leap to Gaby's defence while staying in character, but gets confused and trails off. Doug realising that he and Dorothy are dressed as Lou and Madge goes to try and set a wedding date,
DOROTHY: You couldn't make an honest woman out of anyone, Carpenter!
DOUG: We could tie the knot tonight, if only we could find someone to impersonate a marriage celebrant!
Everyone is doing their best to convince others who they are. Brad is failing. Marco as Jim pointedly offers Pam as Doug some mushrooms, Pam asks when they're going camping again (both referring of course to the infamous magic mushrooms episode) Marco says that camping's a bit dangerous, they laugh. Todd tries to dance with Phoebe whilst kneeling down, so as to stay in character as Bouncer. They joke about a snake dancing with a talking dog
The action cuts to the kitchen, where Beth and Marco are still arguing about him having spoken to Buzz in Beth's defence. Marco maintains he only did it because he cared about Beth, but then turns on her, telling her he's sick of her always kicking her in the teeth
Somewhat later, still in the kitchen, Lou and Madge (or Dorothy and Dorothy) have arrived, bringing Helen who has stuck some cat ears on a headband and Fluffy the cat. Lou tells her she's a cop out, and should have come as Brad, but Helen points out that Cameron's already done that. Helen leaves and Doug comes through to pick up his girlfriend for the evening, Dorothy and he really ham up their act in front of the real Lou and Madge.
MADGE: Some people carry things a bit too far.
LOU: You could be right sweetheart.
Back in the living area Marco is playing the drums, Beth watches and is consoled by Rick, almost dropping out of his dodgy lawyer speak for long enough to tell her that Marco only ever yells at the people he loves, and he should know. Beth thanks him. Pam starts downing pints to the amusement of Phoebe and Todd. Doug tries to stop her but she's determined that they both stay in character
PAM: Don't call me "hun" - what will people think?
Dorothy slips out of character to pass Toby's best wishes on to Brad and Lucy. Pam is still drowning pints, Marco tries to influence her as Jim to stop, but Gaby lets him in on the secret that it's ginger ale. Pam warns them not to tell Doug. Cameron as Brad is chatting up 'Frank' the Chieftain statue, then goes to answer the door, it's Simon to talk to Gaby. Dorothy tells Helen that her two impersonators look more like the Alessi twins to her, Helen tries to console her with the adage that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. This is of course, as Dorothy points out, easy for her to say - no-one's come as her. They bond over watching Phoebe and Tod smooching on the dance floor, both proud of how the young couple have dealt with their situation. Dorothy does admit to disappointment at not getting to be a surrogate grandmother.
Gaby and Simon leave together, with a shout of "aren't you a bit young for her, mate?" from Doug. Gaby sticks her tongue out in reply. Rick, as official photographer for the evening snaps Phoebe and Todd.
Number 28
Gaby and Simon are drinking wine, and Gaby is attempting to explain to Simon why Zed showed up earlier in the evening when he was trying to take her out. He forgives her, and apologises for giving up on her so easily. Gaby asks if he still misses Melanie, and he says that he'll never quite get over that one, but he's coping. Gaby sympathises, and he promises to turn his full attention to her from now on, she's very happy with this idea and they agree not to go back to the party, but to stay there and drink wine, and get to know each other better.
The Party at Number 32
Lou is on the drums, Madge tries to quieten him down, Pam gets him to dance. Marco is amusing Doug, but not Helen with his impression of Jim as a bit of a party pooper. He goes to dance with Lou to calm him down a bit, and Pam comes over to Doug, who has not been on the ginger beer and is getting a bit worse for wear. Pam wisely swaps drinks with him.
In the kitchen, both drinking tea, Helen is trying to convince Dorothy that Marco has gone a bit far with his impersonation of Jim, especially as Jim isn't there. Dorothy thinks he's fine, and is more concerned at her own defamation at the hands of Madge. She likes Lou's take on her though. Beth comes in to escape and is very glad to have a cup of tea too. She's worried that Helen won't want her in the house when Lucy's gone, but Helen reassures her that they don't want to lose her as well as Lucy.
In the hallway, Marco and Cameron are asking what Brad intends to do in Singapore, worried that he has no plans, or ideas about visas or anything. Brad tells them he'll bum around until something turns up.
Dorothy strides into the room with a bawdy impression of Madge, and gets hit round the head with a bunch of balloons by the real Madge for her troubles. She comments that senses of humour are wearing thin to Helen, who has spoken to Marco about 'being Jim'. Doug's impersonation of Lou meanwhile is getting totally OTT, Lou pinches him on the nose for his troubles, and ends up tangled in the drum kit. Pam and Madge leap to their partner's defence, which is the cue for everyone to start laying into each other. Madge and Dorothy are pulled apart, Helen, backed by Todd suggests that everyone refills their glasses and gets on with the party. This is achieved with a lot of grumbling.
Beth apologises to Marco, and he does likewise. They make up, realise they are dressed as father and daughter and start to dance. The phone rings - it's for Brad, Gaby has forwarded the call. It seems to be good news.
Number 28
Simon is talking to Gaby, but she's distracted by the call she's just taken for Brad, saying she's glad she's not in his shoes. Simon finally gets her attention, they confess their feelings for each other and kiss.
The Party at Number 32
Doug and Lou are sorting out their argument by arm wrestling on the kitchen table. Lou maintains that Pam was flirting with him, Doug thinks it was the other way round. Cameron asks Marco to calm everyone down for speeches, while he goes to collect Brad and Lucy's leaving gift from Dorothy's. Dorothy notices Brad deep in thought, but he assures her he's fine. The phone rings again, it's Jacqueline for Cameron. Rick answers and tries to pretend to be Cameron for a while before saying he'll go and fetch him. Cameron's still out, so Rick takes a message, but when Cameron gets back he won't be interrupted. Marco and Helen finally quieten the room down, and hand over to Cameron. He gives a short speech wishing them luck, while Doug presents them with suitcases as leaving gifts. Lucy is really happy, but Brad can hardly manage a smile. After a pause to establish that that was the speeches and thanks over with, the chatter starts back up. Lucy turns to Brad and asks what's up. He tells her they need to talk outside, so they leave the party (with Doug inexplicably throwing peanuts at people) and head for the steps outside.
When they get outside, Lucy at first thinks that Brad's just trying to get her alone so that they can do what couples do best when they're alone, but Brad's depressed look lets her know she's far from the truth. She asks what's going on...
BRAD: Lucy, I'm really sorry, but I can't go to Singapore with you.
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