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Neighbours Episode 1719 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1719
Australian airdate: 09/07/92
UK airdate: 16/06/93
Writer: C.M. Covington
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Mr Walker: Tim Allen
Summary/Images by: Emily (phoeberuled)
Brad telling Lucy he can't go to Singapore with her.
Outside Number 32
Lucy at first doesn't think Brad's being serious, but he tells her the earlier phone call was his Mike from the surfboard factory - he has to stay. Lucy tries to convince him there'll be work in Singapore, but Brad is in a tight contract and will get sued if he leaves. Lucy takes it very badly and walks off.
BRAD: Where are you going?
LUCY: Singapore. And stay out of my way 'till I'm gone.
Number 24
Madge (still in her Dorothy wig) is making Lou some tea and snacks as they deconstruct the party. Lou is still hurt by Doug's take on him, but Madge is amused, saying that Doug wasn't that far off the mark portraying Lou as the dishonest salesman. She points out that it is in some way endearing but that Lou can never go for long without lying. Lou being Lou takes her up on her challenge and turns it into a wager. They agree on Lou trying to go for 48 hours without being dishonest. If Madge catches him lying he takes he wherever she wants on holiday (Las Vegas being her choice apparently). If not she must return with him to Verity Valley Nudist resort, and this time strip (Oh, the horror of that mental image, let's hope she wins).
Number 32
The stragglers at the party are left clearing up. Pam reckons the success of the party will depend on the number of lawsuits filed the next morning after the number of close to the mark impersonations. She's accused of being chicken by dressing as Doug, but she's sure she'll get what's coming to her too.
Brad enters looking glum, he explains what's happened. Helen and Pam try to console him that it's good news really, it's more work and Lucy will see that soon, they advise him to sleep on it and try her again in the morning.
Meanwhile Cameron and Rick have moved through to tidy the living room and found a large drink stain on the carpet. Helen comes through to see if everything is okay, and Rick hides the stain from her view. Pam calls her back into the kitchen. Jim arrives and notices the stain immediately. The boys explain that they've only just seen it. Jim goes through to see Helen, promising to take Helen home through the back door and give them a chance to clean it up. As they talk about how to treat the stain and whether to replace the carpet Rick brushes a piece of paper to the floor that's got stuck to the back of his trousers. It's the phone message for Cameron from Jacqueline. It's got wet and left a pretty complete imprint on the back of the trousers. Brad leaves, treading on the note as he goes, it sticks to his shoe so now the only copy of the message is on the back of the trousers. It's at this point that Rick remembers taking the message, but clearly can't find the note. Cameron is livid, and threatens to throttleRick, as soon as Rick's finished cleaning the carpet.
Number 26
Beth is counselling Lucy, who sees that she's overreacting, but is in too bad a mood to do anything about it. Brad comes to the door and Lucy tries to shut him out, but he pushes himself in. She thinks he values his job more than their relationship, but he points out that that's exactly what she did by deciding to go to Singapore in the first place. She won't be convinced, concluding that she now thinks he never loved her in the first place. She shows him out and he leaves with a gloomy "Have a nice life".
Number 24
Madge and Helen are drinking coffee in the kitchen, so far so usual, except that Madge is perched on the worktop kicking her legs out, and wearing a combination designed to show off all her worst aspects - no make-up, a short dress, pink cardigan and black tights topped off with sports socks and flip-flops. It transpires that the pair have hatched a plan to trip Lou up into telling a lie. They have a rehearsed script ready for when he comes in for breakfast. Lou however doesn't fall for it, telling Helen that Madge isn't looking her best, going on to describe her as frumpy and a bag lady until Madge shuts him up. The ladies move on to questioning Lou as to whether Helen looks her age (Lou says yes she does, but carries it magnificently). Madge isn't deterred, she knows that working in a car yard is not the place to be completely truthful.
HELEN: I hope you're right. They tell me it can be near freezing at Verity Valley at this time of year.
Number 32
Rick and Cameron are still searching for the phone number, Cameron suggests Rick re-create the phone call. Rick does so, but pretends to chat up Jacqueline, winding up Cameron even more. Cameron then shades over the phone pad, hoping that the pen may have left an imprint on the next page when Rick wrote the number, but it turns out not to have done. Madge calls by, better dressed by now. She offers to pay Rick to spy on Lou at the car yard, and report to her when he catches Lou telling a lie. Rick tries to get details, but Madge tells him no questions, and that he'd need to start right away. Rick sees his chance, and offers to do the job without charge if Madge will clean the carpet. They shake on the deal.
Number 28
Brad is cleaning surfing equipment on the table, Pam is trying to engage him in small talk. She tries to start conversations about Doug's hangover from last night's party, and Gaby's boyfriends. Brad's clearly only capable of thinking about Lucy, he knows he can't go with her - he'll get sued if he does, but she's not listening. Pam advises him to give it time, not quite appreciating that Lucy is leaving in a few hours. Brad knows he's done all he can, and it's up to Lucy to come over if she wants things to be any different.
Number 26
Lucy is all packed, she hands over a pair of diamond earrings to Beth to look after while she's away. She explains that they were given to her by josh, and she doesn't want to be reminded of anyone except Brad while she's away. They gush over each other for a bit. Helen asks Lucy about Brad. Lucy is upset that Brad hasn't come over to say goodbye. Jim and Helen suggest that she contact him. Lucy's not keen, she realises how awful she was to him the previous night. Helen and Jim then start gushing over Lucy and how much they will miss her. Lucy gushes back
The car yard
Lou is sticking a 'finance available' sticker to a car, as he turns away he bumps into Rick. It turns out that Rick has been tailing Lou a bit too closely. Lou immediately realises what is happening, and Rick's attempts to deny it (Madge who?) are abysmal, so he's forced to admit the truth. Rick then tries to get Lou to pay him to keep his mouth shut, but Lou is determined to stick to his original bet with Madge and tells Rick to spy as much as he likes. A customer conveniently arrives, and Lou tells him not to buy the car he's looking at, but points him towards a much better deal. The customer appreciates this, having come from Phil Friendly's car yard, where Phil attempted to sell the man his own car. Lou appears to have made a sale through the virtue of honesty.
Number 28
Lucy calls looking for Brad, in order to apologise. Pam opens the door, and is very glad that Lucy wants to sort things out, but Brad is out and she doesn't know where. Lucy tells Pam to let Brad know that she's sorry, and that she realises he has a right to a career too. Pam says she'll tell him.
The car yard
Lou is triumphantly explaining to Madge that he's discovered a revolutionary new sales technique - the truth. Madge is convinced Lou will break.
LOU: Don't hold your breath, sweetheart, you might turn blue. And that wouldn't look very good in Verity Valley would it? [Sid James laugh]
Number 32
Cameron is still searching for the number. Rick is sat at the table eating leftover chicken drumsticks, he claims he's just taking a lunch break and has asked all the people who were at the party about the number, and has searched the house thoroughly. Cameron makes him search the garbage. Brad walks in, Cameron asks if he wants to join him in saying goodbye to Lucy, but Brad says no, he doesn't want to beg. Cameron tells Brad he's still got time to tell Lucy how he feels.
Outside Number 26
Jim is loading the car, and Helen is getting ready to go with Lucy to the airport. All Lucy can think about is Brad. Helen tells her she must write to him and Lucy nods. Beth tries to console her. Paul runs up at the last minute before she gets in the car. He jokingly tries to make her believe that he wants her to stay so he doesn't have to train someone else up for her Lassiters job. Jim hurries things along or she'll be late for check in. Pam, Cameron and Rick join the farewell crowd. As they move towards the car, Paul notices a piece of paper on the ground and picks it up, he drops it as he hugs Lucy goodbye, and Cameron picks it up, but hands it back to Paul again. Cameron tells Lucy he thinks Brad was scared to see her, she replies she wishes she could just see him one more time, at which point they turn to see him standing in the middle of the street. Lucy runs over, they both apologise, and promise to visit and miss each other. They kiss.
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