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Neighbours Episode 1717 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1717
Australian airdate: 07/07/92
UK airdate: 14/06/93
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Buzz Wade: Brett Swain
Zed: Gavin McLaren
Simon Hunter: Frederick Whitlock
Summary/Images by: Emily (phoeberuled)
Beth falling in a ditch with a barrow full of gravel
Doug's building site
Doug gets Beth out of the ditch, she doesn't seem to be hurt too badly, but blames the accident on Buzz. He protests that he offered to help, but teases her a bit too much, Doug is on Beth's side this time, that is until she gets upset at being covered in mud, when both Doug and Buzz see the funny side, but Beth doesn't. She quits, and when Buzz says that that's a good thing she pushes him in the ditch before she leaves.
Number 22
Paul is lying on his back hovering Andrew above himself, trying in vain to get Andrew to repeat the words 'Daddy...Mummy...Daddy loves Mummy'. Chrissie tells him that Andrew will speak when he's ready, Paul tells her there's no harm in motivating him. She says he doesn't need his life mapped out quite yet, but Paul says it's very important that Andrew is rich and successful - to keep them in their old age. Chrissie nearly smiles, but doesn't want to be caught out, she's trying to decide what to cook Marco for dinner. Paul offers to do it, so she goes to run Andrew's bath. Paul continues his game of trying to get Andrew to repeat 'Mummy loves Daddy, even though she's a teeny weeny bit mad at him at the moment' Chrissie laughs for real this time, but in a friendly way, and Paul celebrates with Andrew that progress is being made.
Number 28
Gaby enters the living room, dressed for a date with Zed. He's late, and Pam confirms there's no sign of him yet. Doug gets off the phone, it was Simon wanting him to do another 'Do It Yourself Doug' at the store, but he's said he's busy, and besides doesn't fancy any more broken bones. Gaby asks how Simon is, and Doug says he sounded fine, Gaby says to say hello from her next time he's in the shop. The door sounds, it's Zed, who looks like a reject from Whitesnake. He greets Pam and Doug with "Hey! Mr and Mrs!" They are perfectly polite, but are clearly not impressed, especially when Zed guides Gaby out of the door with his hand on her bum. They discuss him after leaving, he's not as bad as he looks according to Brad it seems, and it's a good thing that Gaby's going out again, she's not done since Glen left. They notice she seems more than a bit interested in Simon though, although he's not interested in her. Then Doug realises that Simon has been mentioning Gaby's name more recently, and thinks he may have changed his mind. Doug decides to go and meet Simon about 'Do It Yourself Doug' in order to start matchmaking, despite Pam's pleas not to meddle
Number 22
Marco is leaving, thanking Paul and Chrissie for the meal - Paul has bought takeaway apparently. Marco checks that they are coming to the party and leaves. Chrissie tells Paul she has to take her mum to the doctors the next day, and so Paul offers to pick Andrew up from crèche. Chrissie is worried he'll forget, but Paul reassures her that he won't, and points out that she needs to learn to trust him. She concedes.
Number 32
Marco is hanging upside-down on an exercise machine, and as Beth enters we see her upside-down from his perspective. She's livid at him for speaking to Buzz about her, and tells him it's lost her the job. He protests that he was just trying to help, but she storms out again telling him to keep out of things in future. Marco tries to call her back, but is stuck on the machine.
The Coffee Shop
Simon and Doug begin to talk about 'DIY Doug', Doug tells Simon he's still not sure but is willing to at least talk. Doug swings the topic of conversation onto his family, and Simon asks how Gaby is, and seems particularly pleased to find she's not in a serious relationship, it turns out that Simon's motivations for the meeting were more to do with Gaby too, Doug invites him for lunch at home, with Gaby.
Number 26
Helen is advising Beth that she was too hasty in quitting, Buzz will now think he was right about her. Beth says it was just too much, more than and initiation test, and Doug was on Buzz's side, she starts circling jobs in the newspaper. Helen points out that she's throwing away a career she desperately wanted over this. Beth admits she's right, but thinks it's too late, and that Doug wouldn't take her back. Helen points out there's no harm in asking, and Beth realises he'll be home for lunch and goes over to try. The phone rings, it's Chrissie looking for Paul, who's supposed to have picked Andrew up from nursery. Helen promises to come straight over.
Ramsay Street
Beth sees Doug pull up in his ute, and goes over to talk to him. He's reluctant to take her back on if she's as flighty as she seems. She explains that it was Buzz that made her leave, and Doug admits that Buzz may have gone too far, he says she can start back the next day, but she needs to learn to take some shame, once they see she's not bothered they'll stop. He also says he'll chat to Buzz, but Beth says she'd rather speak to him herself.
Number 28
Gaby and Pam are preparing lunch, and talking about the party. Gaby may be late because she has another date with Zed. They talk about Brad leaving and Pam comments that she can never keep more than two of her kids in the house at once, Gaby threatens them all moving back at the same time, saying Pam would be sorry. Pam asks about Zed, commenting on the two dates in as many days, but Gaby just confirms that "yeah, he's alright". Doug walks in, carrying a bag in which he claims is the costume of the night for tonight's party, Gaby and Pam attempt to see, but Doug keeps the bag shut saying that he'll show them if they show him theirs, Gaby makes the most of the innuendo, exclaiming "not in front of the children!", but Doug's costume remains hidden. There's a knock at the door, Doug sends Gaby to get it whilst Doug thinks to mention to Pam that there's a guest for lunch. He then pulls her down behind the counter to look for an imaginary saucepan so that they are hidden from view while Gaby opens the door to Simon. He explains to Pam whist they are hidden that Simon admitted to liking Gaby, Pam hopes in vain that this isn't an attempt at matchmaking. They pop up from behind the counter when Gaby announces who is at the door, and Gaby gives them a 'what's going on?' look.
Number 22
Paul's secretary has no idea where he is, Chrissie is getting hysterical. Helen is trying to reassure her. Chrissie goes to ring the crèche owner at home, but doesn't have her new number. Paul's mobile phone is out of radio range, Chrissie is sure Paul's gone off to a business meeting and forgotten Andrew. Paul walks in whistling and holding a briefcase, Chrissie hysterically asks him where Andrew is, he leaves again with a shout of 'Oh! Andrew!' giving Chrissie a little more time to bad mouth him before returning with Andrew in a buggy, which had obviously been left just outside the door. Chrissie eventually apologises to Paul, once she's got over the shock, and Paul has pointed out what she's falsely accusing him of. She hugs him, and tells him that next time she'll have a bit more faith. Paul smiles, and winks at Helen, who smiles back.
Number 28
Lunch has finished, and Pam and Doug are alone in the house, discussing how it went, Doug is very pleased with himself, and Pam admits she prefers Zed. Pam is still concerned though, given Doug's past history in matchmaking. Gaby comes back in, and Doug asks if she enjoyed walking Simon to his car. Gaby tells him to grow up, but Pam prods further, it turns out that Simon has asked Gaby out to dinner that evening, they are all very pleased until Pam reminds Gaby that she's supposed to be out with Zed tonight. She's determined to go out with Simon though, and says she'll figure something out with Zed.
Number 22
Marco is borrowing some crockery off Chrissie, and she's advising him about what he should have done with Beth. Paul comes downstairs as Marco leaves and Chrissie reassures him that it's the crockery neither of them likes that's 'gone off to be smashed' as Paul puts it. Chrissie asks to talk to Paul, they sit, and Chrissie admits to not having been very fair, and not meeting Paul half way, the incident with Andrew has made her realise how unfair she's been. She says she still can't promise the trust will return completely, but she'll try harder from now on. Paul says that he thinks it will work, and they'll have a better marriage than ever. Chrissie hopes so too and admits it's something she wants as much as him.
Number 28
Pam is scraping Doug's work boots on the kitchen table. Gaby is trying to come up with designs with paper scattered all over the floor, but to no avail, she's thinking about her date. Pam asks which one, and Gaby says Simon, Zed's just a friend, and it's not even definite, she's left him an answer phone message. There's a knock at the door, it's Zed, he's not got the message, but has some work to sort out that's going to take most of the night, he's cancelling the date. Gaby sees this as an easy way out, and sends him on his way, saying she'll probably get a video out instead. As he leaves Pam tells Gaby she should have told the truth, but Gaby doesn't care, Simon's picking her up at 6, and that's all she's thinking about.
Doug's building site
Buzz is shovelling gravel, Beth walks up to him and tells him she's coming back. She goes on to tell him that she really wants the job, and him giving her a hard time isn't going to stop her. He replies that her hard time is because she's not up to the job, he has no rules saying he should be nice to her, and he knows she only got the job because she knows Doug, and took it of a good mate of his. Beth denies his accusations, which prompts him into a chauvinistic rant about what it's like to have a woman on site, saying the boys have to watch what they say and do all the time. Beth counters this by telling him she doesn't mind what they say as long as they don't swear at her, and she might even laugh at dirty jokes if they're funny, she just wants to be left alone to do her job. Buzz says he still doesn't think she's up to it, but if she wants to try he'll stay out of it. Beth thanks him and leaves.
Number 28
Simon is telling Pam about the new restaurant he's booked for the date, almost impossible to get in apparently, but he knows the owners. Doug comes in from the bedroom area and tells Simon that Gaby's nearly ready. He starts to tell him quite how long Gaby has been getting ready for, but receives a sharp kick from Pam. Gaby emerges, looking very classy in a red dress, Simon tells her she looks stunning, and they get ready to leave. As they are leaving there's a knock at the door, it's Zed, he's cancelled his work because he thinks he's upset Gaby by cancelling the date, he says she should change into some jeans so they can go. He walks in to see Simon and Pam and Doug standing there, he clearly sees nothing odd about the situation, greeting Pam and Doug with his customary "Hey! Mr and Mrs!" He compliments Simon on his suit, and as Simon offers his hand to shake, Zed gives him five. It soon becomes clear however that they are both there to take Gaby out. They turn to her and Simon asks "Which one of us is taking you out tonight?" Gaby grimaces.
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