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Neighbours Episode 1716 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1716
Australian airdate: 06/07/92
UK airdate: 11/06/93
Writer: Betty Quin
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Buzz Wade: Brett Swain
Summary/Images by: Emily (phoeberuled)
Phoebe telling Todd she's decided not to have the baby
Number 22
Christina is feeding Andrew, she comments that he's getting yoghurt everywhere, Paul says it's worse when he does it. Christina wonders if he'll go back into work now she's back, but he tells her that Lucy will ring if there's anything important, and he's much better at home. Besides, they need to sort things out - she's still sleeping in the spare room. She says they should take things slowly but Paul's still not happy, she's not wearing her engagement ring even after the police have found it, or her wedding ring, she ignores him. He asks her what she wants from her, telling her he loves her doesn't seem to be working, she replies that it's one thing to say it, but he needs to make her believe it, and the only way to do that is to give her the space to take things a day at a time.
Doug's building site
Buzz is taunting Beth, while they both dig, telling her that her hands don't look at though they've worked hard, she tries to get rid of him, but he tells her she needs all the help she can get, and she can't afford to make another mistake after the cement mixer. She loudly protests that that was Buzz's doing, but he's confident no-one will believe her over him, and tells her that dobbing is not part of the code on the building site. Doug walks by obviously keeping an eye on Beth, which Buzz finds amusing.
Number 30
Phoebe and Todd sit ready to tell Dorothy their decision, Phoebe is clearly anxious, and Todd offers to tell Dorothy, but Phoebe says that she should do it. Dorothy walks in and Phoebe tells her, Dorothy asks if they're sure, and Phoebe explains that the decision is based on realising that they'll never be able to make enough of a life for themselves or the child. Dorothy asks if they still plan to get married, Todd says yes, but they won't be rushing into it now. Dorothy thinks this is sensible, and Phoebe points out that this doesn't change the way they feel about each other. Dorothy wants Phoebe to go and see a counsellor, Phoebe doesn't think it's a good idea, she thinks that the counsellor will try to change her mind when it's been so hard to make the decision. Dorothy thinks she doesn't realise how hard it will be after the event - which is what she would actually need the counselling for. Todd agrees with Dorothy, and Phoebe agrees very reluctantly to counselling before moodily leaving the room.
Number 26
Paul and Jim are in the kitchen, Jim is starting to make cheese and ham sandwiches. Paul is trying to get sympathy from Jim about the situation with Chrissie. Jim thinks that the main thing is that she's back. Paul explains that she's just a housekeeper and childminder, and he wants his wife back. Jim tells him exactly what Chrissie told him - give it time. Paul is fed up with hearing it, and tired of being patient, but it seems that Jim is firmly with Chrissie on this one, he warns Paul not to rush and ruin everything, finally giving him a bit of sympathy by saying he's a chip off the old block. Jim's advice is to go back to the early days of the romance. They laugh about Melanie gate crashing the honeymoon, but agree that all women, including Chrissie yearn for romance. Jim asks Paul what he's got to lose while handing him a sandwich, perfectly timed in its making to exactly fit the time of the scene!
The Coffee shop
Doug and Beth eat lunch together, Doug comments that Beth isn't eating much, and needs her strength, but she points out that she dug the hole fine. Doug has to agree. Without going into specifics Beth tells Doug that Buzz is giving her a hard time. Whilst being friendly in his reply, Doug tells her that Buzz is one of his best workers, and that any new apprentice gets a hard time, she's one of the boys now, and should take what comes. Marco walks over, in the middle of wiping tables and invites them to a party - a housewarming for himself and Cameron and send off for Brad and Lucy. He says it's strictly Ramsay Street only , so no 'brickie-boyfriends' for Beth. She tells him there's no chance of that. He then throws in that it's a costume party - come dressed as another Ramsay Street resident. He demonstrates by putting the blue cloth over his head and trying to feed Doug's drink to him, explaining that he is Pam being a nurse. Doug tells him not to let Pam see him doing that. They agree to be there. Doug leaves, telling Beth not to forget to pick up afternoon tea for the boys - part of the duty of a new apprentice. Marco asks Beth if everything's alright, and she tells him about Buzz, and about the fact that she can't tell Doug because they're mates.
Number 26
Jim is relieved that Todd and Phoebe are not having the baby, and hopes that Todd will now give up his Lassiters job. Tod says he will when school starts back, but he doesn't want to let Paul down in the short term, but then concedes that Paul only gave him the job as a favour, so it should be fine to quit. They talk about the reasons for the decision, and Jim becomes concerned that they've made it on material grounds, Todd says that there's more to it than that, but doesn't seem to be able to say what, concluding that it's Phoebe's decision anyway. Jim is proud of Todd, and how he's grown up over this, he says they should get away and go camping, Todd agrees, but they put it off until after the abortion, because Todd needs to be around for Phoebe.
Doug's building site
Marco arrives and introduces himself to Buzz as a friend of Beth's, and has come to make sure she gets a fair go. Buzz tells him that Beth can't hack it, but Marco doesn't believe him. Buzz says that it's not girls work, and when Marco points out that Doug hired Beth, Buzz calls Doug a soft touch. Marco threatens Buzz if he doesn't back off, Buzz laughs in his face.
Number 22
Christine is sorting laundry when Paul sneaks up on her with a big bunch of flowers, at first she is astonished that he's remembered many of the flowers from her wedding bouquet, but then realises it's just co-incidence. Paul points inside the bouquet and Chrissie reaches in to find an eternity ring. Paul explains it's because she's not wearing her wedding or engagement rings anymore and he wants a symbol of their future together - just not getting it - Chrissies face falls as she comments that it must have cost a fortune, and then leave to take Andrew for a walk. Paul has no idea what went wrong.
Doug's building site
Doug tells Beth not to be afraid to ask for help from any of the boys, he believes they will all be happy to lend a hand, because it's where they started out, and that's why they're good mates now. Doug leaves and Buzz walks over to tease Beth about Marco's visit. Beth is stunned that Marco has done such a thing, which has only made things worse.
Number 30
Phoebe has been to the counsellor, and she and Dorothy are looking through the leaflets. Phoebe tells Dorothy that the counsellor had advised a second session with Todd there too, but Phoebe has decided that it's her that should deal with it, and she doesn't want to drag Todd through all the gory details. She's much happier that she's made the right decision now, and wants to thank Pam personally for the counsellor recommendation. There's a knock at the door, Dorothy expects it will be Pam, but it's Chrissie and Andrew - with a bag of maternity clothes for Phoebe, she has started getting them out before Phoebe explains she's decided on a termination. Chrissie then goes into complete denial, telling Phoebe that she can't and that having a baby is the most wonderful thing - Dorothy tries to interrupt and point out that Phoebe hasn't made the decision lightly. Chrissie doesn't listen, telling Phoebe the baby is already part of her and she'll regret the decision for ever. Dorothy again interrupts saying that their circumstances were totally different, and Chrissie turns on her, saying she can't believe that Dorothy would let Phoebe do this, she asks Phoebe how she can look at her beautiful baby and even think about it (Andrew at this point is looking far from beautiful, sitting in Dorothy's arms, hypnotised by the studio lights). Phoebe says nothing but looks very upset, Dorothy asks Chrissie to leave. Chrissie takes Andrew but not the maternity clothes and leaves Phoebe looking totally shell-shocked.
Doug's building site
Doug has a heavy load of gravel that needs shifting, he asks Buzz, but Buzz is busy and says Beth should do it. Doug thinks the barrel is too heavy for Beth, but Buzz says that's special treatment. Beth tells Doug she can handle it, but she doesn't seem sure. She starts anyway.
Number 30
Dorothy tries to repair the damage left in the wake of Christina's tirade. Phoebe tries to defend Chrissie, but Dorothy is quite angry at her for being so tactless, even if she did have very strong beliefs. Phoebe points out that Chrissie's been having a hard time at the moment, but Dorothy thinks that should make her more, not less sympathetic. Todd walks in and asks why Phoebe's upset. Phoebe tells him, and he's concerned it's had such and effect. He tells her he's sorry for overreacting about leaving school and everything, and he'll stand by her whatever, if she changes her mind they'd manage. Phoebe tells him they have time now to finish school and get married before having the baby. Todd's finding it hard to get used to the decision after all the planning they did about how to take care of the baby, Phoebe admits this too, but is sure they've made the right decision.
Number 22
Chrissie is wandering around aimlessly. Paul is working from home. Paul asks if she's got over her run-in with Phoebe and Dorothy, she says she realises that she was too aggressive and has been letting things get to her too much. She apologises for her reaction over the ring, but tells him a ring isn't what she needs, he tells her he wanted to prove his love, but she tells him that wasn't the way to do it, she doesn't want just to be bought things. Paul says she always used to like him to buy her things, but she says it's different now, she feels like a client that he's trying to win. She thinks he doesn't realise how hurt she's been, Caroline was the worst person he could have chosen, Chrissie was betrayed by the two people she trusted most. Paul looks glum as she explains again that the only way the marriage is going to get back together is if she does it her way. Paul reluctantly agrees.
Doug's building site
Beth is ready to push the barrow she has filled with gravel, with Buzz still getting at her about how she is too weak to handle it. He offers her what may be a serious offer of help as she prepares to push it through some mud and over a ditch via a thin slippery plank. Beth can't accept any help at this stage though, attempts to push it herself and falls into the ditch losing all the gravel from the barrow. She's hurt herself and the other boys, including Buzz go to help.
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