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Neighbours Episode 1715 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1715 (Todd Landers and Phoebe Bright consider abortion)
Australian airdate: 03/07/92
UK airdate: 10/06/93
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Sara Hourez
Guests: Eric Sheehan: James Wright
Buzz Wade: Brett Swain
Ted Mason: Martin Trainor
Summary/Images by: Emily (phoeberuled)
Lou walking in on his client, Eric making a move on Madge.
Number 24
Madge tries to defend Eric, saying he'd just got the wrong idea, but Lou is just as angry at Madge for being all over Eric over dinner when he'd just wanted her to be charming. Eric realises that Madge's flirtations were just to get him on side and calls the deal off, telling Madge that she shouldn't have lead him on. He leaves despite Madge calling after him. Lou and Madge then start a blazing argument about whose fault it was that the deal was lost, Madge's for flirting too strongly, or Lou's for putting her up to it.
Number 30
Phoebe is looking miserable and petting Bouncer, Dorothy enters and asks whether it's Todd making her upset again, Phoebe tells her it's getting worse, he's now angry with her. She thinks he's having second thoughts about having the baby. They agree the changes are definitely getting to both Todd and Phoebe. Phoebe tells Dorothy about meeting Donna, (who Dorothy remembers from school) and that despite all his promises her boyfriend had left her. Dorothy also remembers Donna's boyfriend and assures Phoebe that Todd is better than him. Phoebe has clearly convinced herself that Todd is no better though.
Number 26
Doug offers Beth a position on the building site, warning her that it's heavy work, but she says she's up to it, they arrange for Doug to pick her up the following morning and organise her union membership on the way. Todd overhears and congratulates her, and jokes about her getting more muscles than Arnold Schwarzenegger. Beth then tuns back to Doug, concerned that he was talked into employing her by Pam, Doug concedes that she had a say, but is happy to give Beth the job as long as she pulls her weight and doen't expect anyone to make allowances for her. Doug leaves, as Dorothy comes to the door. She's come behind Phoebe's back to let Todd know about Phoebe being upset, and confused, and to tell him his support is needed more than ever.
Number 24
Madge and Lou are clearing away the dishes and Madge is reassuring Lou that he's the only man she's interested in. He apologises, but is still upset about the loss of the deal for both their sakes.
Number 30
Todd calls round late to see Phoebe, as she comes to see him Dorothy and Todd profess their mutual support. Phoebe arrives and Dorothy makes her excuses and leaves. Todd apologises for the way he was with Phoebe earlier, and admits he was lying when he said his dad was cool about them having the baby. Bob actually thinks they're making a big mistake. Todd's mum was pregnant when she married Bob, Bob never got back on track and is worried Todd will turn out the same way. Phoebe tries to reassure Todd that he's nothing like his father, and admits to meeting Donna Burgess and comparing her situation to Donna's. Todd tells Phoebe they should think about what to do and make a decision in the morning. Phoebe looks shocked.
Doug's building site
Doug introduces Beth to her co-workers, one, Buzz starts to complain that she looks like a light weight and asks if Jack was fired in order to give her the job. Doug reminds Buzz that Jack was fired for being a thief. Beth tells him she's stronger than she looks, he tells her she'd want to be. Another of her co-workers tells her she'll be fine, as she gets started on the cement mixer, Doug tells her the mixture to make, and she tells him she's done it before. He leaves her to it. Slightly ominous music plays in the background suggesting that all may not quite go to plan.
Number 30
Todd and Phoebe meet, having had the night to think things over. Phoebe starts off by saying that they'd both be throwing their futures away by having the baby, it wouldn't be possible for them both to go to university. Todd adds that they might not be able to get jobs to support a child.
Phoebe explains she's worried that he might leave, despite Todd's reassurances that he would never leave and that he loves her
TODD: Maybe we should re-think everything, before we make a mistake that could mess up the rest of our lives.
The Coffee Shop
Eric walks in, Madge welcomes him, he's surprised to be invited, and says she'd better be quick. Madge gets him a free coffee. Madge apologises for the previous night, for taking Lou's words too far, and for trying to make Lou jealous. She explains that although she doesn't like Eric in the way that he wanted her to, he seems like a very nice man. He says women usually don't look twice, that's why he let Madge's affections go to his head. Madge thinks he's lacking in confidence, and to try flirting more, he is suspicious that she's still trying to chat him up and get his business. She says she's not, but would be very happy to have his business. She tries to tell him that Lou is an honest bloke too, Eric says he'll think about it. He turns around just before leaving and asks if Madge really does think he'd have a chance with a woman. Madge replies "I'm positive".
Number 30
Todd and Phoebe are still talking, they've both had parents who'd have probably preferred them not to come along. Dorothy walks by ready to take Bouncer for a walk, and they ask to talk to her. They tell her they've begun to wonder whether it's the right thing to keep the baby, she tells them it's better that they air their doubts now while they still have a choice. Phoebe has thought through adoption, but knows that she wouldn't be able to give up the baby once it was born. Dorothy advises them that counselling would be needed if they were thinking about termination. She tells Phoebe not to worry about what other people might think, but to be very sure before going ahead, and whatever she chooses won't be easy.
Doug's building site
Beth is still mixing cement, Buzz wanders over to tell her that the other guys aren't happy having a girl on the site. He offers to talk them round, in exchange for getting to know her a bit better, basically trying to crack on to her. She tells him she's busy, makes an excuse to see Doug and leaves him standing by the mixer. He checks she's gone and adds two buckets of water to sabotage her work.
Lassiters Lake
Phoebe sits on a bench at the edge of the lake, alone. We hear Todd's voice, followed by Dorothy's, and then Donna's and then a mix of all of the conversations of the past few days. During this time the camera moves from a very wide shot to an extreme close up, and it becomes apparent that Phoebe is crying and totally unable to thing straight with the jumble of voices in her head
Number 24
Madge has come home from the coffee shop to make lunch for Lou. They chat for a while, and then Lou drops in the idea of them getting married soon. Madge's first comment is that it would stop the disapproving looks at church, and Lou makes a comment about making an honest woman of her. Madge feels though that they should wait a bit longer, she swore she'd never marry again after losing Harold. Lou points out that they are practically married anyway, Madge replies that he's already got two failed marriages behind him.
LOU: So, third time lucky for both of us!
There is a knock at the door, it's Eric. Lou tries to apologise, Eric says there's no need, he intends to give Lou the contract. He explains that he's chatted with Madge, and realised what a wimp he's been with women. He's then asked his secretary of the last ten years, Miss Burrows out and she's said yes. Madge is a bit confused that she's been his secretary for ten years and he still calls her Miss Burrows. He reassures her that they will be on first name terms after tonight. He owes it all to Madge and Lou, and will call round in the morning about the contract. He leaves, and Lou and Madge kiss. Lou reasserts his proposal, but Madge wants to leave things as they are for the time being.
Doug's building site
Doug tells Beth the cement should be ready to pour, but she tells him it looks runny. He sees she's used too much water. She tells him she's sure she got it right, but he doesn't believe her. He adds more sand and gravel whilst complaining that it's wasting money to make more than they need. Buzz comes over to see if everything's alright and Beth realises it's him that's added more water. She accuses him point blank, but he denies it, telling Doug that he's told Beth she'd got it wrong, but he didn't believe him. Doug goes with Buzz, warning Beth to take care next time. Doug leaves, and Buzz laughs at Beth, telling her to quit now or it'll get a lot harder. Beth looks miserable.
Number 24
Todd is talking to Helen, who wasn't much older than Phoebe when she had Anne. But Helen's had married Bill, who had a job by then, they wanted to have a family straight away, but it was a difficult time, Helen was very ill and Bill had to take time off work to look after her. Helen then discovered she couldn't have more children, so adopted Rosemary. Todd worries that he wouldn't get time off work, but Helen assures her that everyone would rally round, but there's no reason to think there would be problems. Phoebe comes in through the back door. She's made a decision, the hardest she's ever had to make.
TODD: You've decided not to have the baby.
PHOEBE: I think it will be for the best if I don't.
They hug, in tears.
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