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Neighbours Episode 1714 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1714
Australian airdate: 02/07/92
UK airdate: 09/06/93
Writer: John Upton
Director: Sara Hourez
Guests: Eric Sheehan: James Wright
Donna Burgess: Kerry Bartlett
Summary/Images by: Emily (phoeberuled)
Lucy telling Brad (on his birthday) that she's been offered a job in Singapore for a year or longer.
Number 28
The conversation between Lucy and Brad continues, Lucy weighs up the pros and cons between leaving Brad and her family behind and taking the job (as the face of a major cosmetics company) of a lifetime. Brad realises that his string of bad birthdays is continuing, especially when Lucy asks him to decide whether she should take the job or not, to tell her not to go and she won't. He tells her that he will be happy if she's happy, but she must make the decision alone.
Number 30
Todd and Phoebe walk in together, Todd tells Phoebe that he's told his dad about the baby, but that his dad was more interested in the pending court case. Dorothy walks in, they chat about Toby being away with Joe, and about Todd's visit to his dad. Todd goes to leave, but Phoebe stops him, pointing out he forgot to kiss her, Todd blames it on the fact that he's working extra shifts and is spaced out, but Phoebe clearly reads more into it than that. She tells Dorothy after he leaves that he's been distant lately, Dorothy blames it on his visit to his dad, but Phoebe says it's more than that. Dorothy then suggests that it's the change from being a schoolboy to a breadwinner, this resonates more with Phoebe, as she is clearly feeling her life changing too.
Number 26
Jim and Lucy are talking about the modelling job. Jim tells Lucy he has friends in Singapore from his days in the army that would be willing to let her stop with them. Lucy however see this as Jim's way of spying on her. Jim points out that friends in faraway places are very useful, and it would mean that Lucy could save money more easily. Lucy doesn't want to save though, she wants to have fun, and says that if it wasn't for Brad she'd be going, Jim says if he loves her he'll wait. Lucy says of course he loves her, then tries to get Jim to tell her not to go. Jim, like Brad is having none of it. He sees that it's a great opportunity with a reputable company, so can't see any reason to stop her going.
Number 24
Lou and Madge are arguing, Lou has met a florist thinking of upgrading his delivery vans, seen it as a business opportunity, and invited the guy round to dinner in order to sweet talk him into making a deal. Madge does not want to be taken for granted and has said no to cooking. Dorothy interrupts their argument by coming in the back door with a belated engagement present - a snapdragon that she has planted in a pot, they thank her and she then proceeds to present them with a second gift - apparently an African tradition - a ball of twine to be placed under the bed to symbolise the ties that will bind them in their married life. Lou assures her that he will put it in place, he leaves reminding Madge of Verity Valley - and that she owes him one. This leaves Madge to have a word with Dorothy about not letting her know that Verity Valley was a nudist resort, Dorothy's excuse is that she thought it would broaden Madge's horizons. Madge is not impressed. Dorothy says she's sorry that Lou didn't get the contract, Madge tells her she's making a stand against Lou expecting her to be there and click her heels to his every whim. Dorothy however points out that he's just trying to make the car yard a success so that he can pay Madge back the money he borrowed. She leaves pointing out that no ulterior motive was meant by the gift of the twine.
Number 28
Doug walks in and asks Brad why he's alone. Brad says Lucy is talking to her dad, and asks Doug how the strike is. Doug says he thought it would be over, but there are more talks, Doug offers Brad a coffee, but then realises that Brad is drinking the last of the milk. Brad tells Doug about Lucy's job offer, he's blaming himself for getting Lucy the gig that sparked the job offer. Doug tries to console him.
Number 24
Lou arrives home early from work, saying he's left Alec to finish off, and that he's taking Eric the florist to a restaurant. Madge accuses him of playing games, that he's not called Eric Sheehan yet, and that he's trying to guilt trip her into changing her mind. Lou confesses, but goes to phone Eric, Madge tells him not to bother, the dinner's ready to go in the oven. Lou suggests that the twine is working already, Madge blames his 'naughty boy charm' instead. Madge asks what she should wear to a meal with a shy middle aged bachelor, and Lou replies that it's funny she should mention that...
Lassiters Bridge
Paul and Lucy are walking together and Lucy is asking Paul what she should do. Paul assures her that he could fill her position at Lassiters, but she's worried about going into the fashion industry when she could be working up to hotel manager. Paul tells her that the path to hotel manager is not as easy as she's making out, and could take years, she should go for the big opportunity. She asks if Singapore is it, and he tells her it could be, she's frustrated that no-one will give her a straight answer. Paul tells her that it's her decision, that she's work a way around Jim's old army mate and find a place of her own. Lucy tells Paul that in some ways he knows her better than their dad, Paul replies that it's because in some ways she more like him. She begs him for advice, he tells her that she's pretty much exhausted her reasons for staying in Erinsborough, but she replies that there's one reason to stay, which is the biggest reason, meaning Brad.
The Coffee Shop
Brad is sat talking to Phoebe, finding out that she's meeting an old school friend who left school early for 'personal reasons'. He tells her that she and Todd are lucky to still be together despite their hassles. Phoebe tells his that people who love each other should stick together no matter what, and that there's always a way. This gives Brad an idea, and he thanks her and gets up to go, just as Phoebe's friend arrives, pushing a buggy. Phoebe introduces her friend Donna, and Brad leaves. Donna says he's just done what all nice guys do and split. Phoebe says this is a bit negative, but Donna clearly thinks she's being realistic. She tells Phoebe that she had the baby because her boyfriend said he'd be there for her, but three weeks after the baby was born he'd left, leaving a note and $40, she says all guys are the same when they get to the crying all the time and the night time changes. She says she can understand it in a way, but that doesn't make it easy. Phoebe asks is she's sorry she went through with it, Donna says she isn't, but if she knew then what she knows now...
Number 24
Madge comes out of the bedroom looking very sophisticated in a little black dress and blue jacket. Lou approves, and is also impressed at the smell of the cooking. Eric arrives, carrying a bunch of flowers and is introduced. Madge is very taken by the flowers, he's had the girls at his shop make them up.
Number 28
Lucy arrives to tell Brad her decision, she starts beating around the bush, but he guesses she's going. Says she's sorry, but Brad tells her she should go, it was what he did by going to California, she says he'll be too busy to notice she's gone, and he agrees, she then gets upset that he doesn't seem to mind her going, but he tells her he's coming with her. He picks her up and they kiss.
Number 24
Lou, Madge and Eric are eating dessert, Lou is giving his sales pitch, they start talking about being lean and mean in business, and Madge begins to flirt with Eric, telling him he's lean but not mean, then corrects 'lean' to 'trim'. Lou looks unhappy. She tells him about the twine Dorothy gave her earlier, but describes it as an 'East African mating ritual'. Lou tries to change the subject back to contracts, and then to coffee. He sends Eric to the living room while he tries to calm Madge down, but Madge is enjoying herself, she leaves Lou in the kitchen and goes through to continue 'entertaining'.
Number 28
Doug, Pam and Jim are having coffee talking about Doug being an apprentice down at the site. Pam and Jim suggest Beth could cover, Doug concedes and says she can start the next morning. Brad and Lucy walk in and announce that they are both going to Singapore. Doug and Pam are not happy with the news, Brad is convinced he could earn enough money, after the money for the board runs out, and he wants to stay with Lucy. Jim is happy for Lucy, but will miss her, obviously. Pam asks when they leave, and Brad says next week, Pam and Doug look upset.
Number 26
Todd answers the door to Phoebe, he goes to finish a phone call, telling a friend that he can't make it on a guys weekend away. Phoebe tells him she's been wanting to talk, but he's hardly at home, he says he's been working really hard. Phoebe tells him it's no reason to be angry at her. Todd apologises and tells her he loves her and will stand by her and the baby. Phoebe then makes an excuse and leaves, seemingly unable to believe Todd's words after her meeting earlier.
Number 24
Eric is ready to sign the papers, but Lou realises he's left them in the car yard. Madge tells him to go and get them, Lou leaves as Eric assures him that he and Madge can carry on talking about East Africa. Madge offers to get Eric another drink, but Eric stands up with her, and with the line "I'm not to used to this sort of thing" makes a move on her. Madge tries to pull away but, predictably, hasn't quite managed to do so by the time Lou comes back in the door for his car keys. He asks Eric what the hell he thinks he's doing.
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