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Neighbours Episode 1713 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1713
Australian airdate: 01/07/92
UK airdate: 08/06/93
UK Gold: 26/05/99
Writer: Jeffrey Truman
Director: Sara Hourez
Guests: Jacqueline Summers: Tiffany Lamb
Amanda Morgan: Nicolette Minster
Bob Landers: Bruce Kilpatrick
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Cameron is convinced the kidnap note is just some kids mucking around. But Marco and Rick think they should check it out anyway, and Cameron reluctantly agrees. They can't quite remember where the house is though. In the end, they decide to cruise around and see if they recognise it - first thing in the morning.
Doug comes in, having had a terrible day and sacking one of his apprentices. The men aren't happy and are having a union meeting in the morning. Pam says that therefore Doug has the morning off, and there will be an opening for Beth as an apprentice. Lucy is still there and is also delighted - Doug will be able to help celebrate Brad's birthday.
LUCY: We have to be up and ready before him.
DOUG: That won't be hard(!)
Brad comes in and makes himself a smoothie. Lucy asks him if he's excited about his birthday, and he says he doesn't want anyone making a big deal about it. Pam tells Doug that Gaby has gone out on a date with a leather studded bloke. Brad says it sounds like Zed - he knows him, and he's cool.
Todd tells Tim that he's determined to support Phoebe and the baby. Jim says he admires independence, but the family are there to help too. He apologises to Todd for not supporting him when he initially told him. He explains that it was more that he was upset *for* Todd - having a baby makes you grow up pretty quick, and Todd and Phoebe are still so young. Jim doesn't really want Todd to leave school, but says maybe he can go back in a few years. Todd is off to visit his dad to tell him about the baby.
Marco, Rick and Cameron are looking for the house where they picked up the sofa. Marco insists that they have found the place, but Rick isn't sure. Cameron says he has to head off to work, and Marco has to get to work too. Rick says he'll continue to look around alone. He gets back on his bike. In the house, a young girl looks out of the window.
Lucy is frustrated that Brad is sleeping in so late. Doug says he's probably trying to avoid "the jinx"(!) Lucy is convinced she's going to break the jinx.
Gaby breezes in having been dancing all night. Doug points out that she could have phoned. Gaby thanks Pam for convincing her to go out with Zed. Pam doesn't look to happy(!)
Brad finally surfaces and they all wish him a happy birthday. He isn't impressed and says he doesn't like birthdays. They blindfold him and take him out to the car, ignoring his protests.
Todd has come to see his father. He thanks Todd for organising Cameron as his lawyer. Todd says that he's spoken to his mum and she's struggling on her own. But his dad says there's not much he can do, he's in jail, and Todd's mother is better off without him anyway. Todd's dad does want to spend time with Todd when he gets out though.
Doug's car
The Willises and Lucy are heading to a mystery location. Pam asks what the low rumbling sound is and Brad says it's his stomach(!) He's still blindfolded.
Doug stops the car at a Smoothie van and Brad is pleased. The man in van has got Brad's favourite smoothie ready (double banana and honeycomb). The man explains that he changed location when Brad was in the States. It seems that the place they are in is also where Brad learnt how to surf. Doug says he's put Brad's board on the top of the car, so he should go and have a surf for old times sake.
Rick has been riding around all morning. Cameron arrives on his bike and Rick says that he thinks Marco was right about the location after all. They approach the house and knock at the door.
The door is answered by a young, pretty woman. They explain about the note down the cushions and she assures him that nobody has been kidnapped.
(Er, brilliant detective work, guys!)
Just as they're leaving, the young girl from the window runs to the door calling, "I've been kidnapped! I've been kidnapped!" The lady brushes this off as the kid having an over- active imagination and sends her to her room. Cameron says they'd better come in for a minute to make sure - just a phone- call to her parents. Or otherwise he'll have to call the police. The little girl smiles at the woman.
WOMAN: Just you wait.
Brad tells Lucy that he's having a very good birthday so far.
LUCY: I love you, Brad.
BRAD: I love you too, Lucy.
They walk back to the other Willises who have made a birthday picnic for Brad, including non- alcoholic bubbly. He blows out the candles on his cake and tell them he doesn't need to make a wish, because he's already got everything he wants. (Aw!)
Todd has told his father about the baby. Bob is urging him not to go through with it, saying he "won't get to live" the life he's entitled to.
TODD: Dad, it is too late now.
BOB: No, it's not! Listen to me. Your mum and I...we've been there, done that. When we tied the knot...your mother was pregnant with you.
TODD:(surprised) I didn't know.
BOB: Just decided there was no reason why you should. We were just kids. Thought we were in love. I don't know, maybe we were...who knows. But we never stood a chance.
TODD: Dad, it's different with Phoebe and me.
BOB: Is it? Mate, I left school! I didn't even get my leaving. Ended up in a dead- end job and it didn't matter how good I was, or how hard I worked...I kept getting overtaken by young blokes with an education! I can't tell you how frustrating that got to be.
Todd takes this in, it has clearly affected him a lot.
BOB: After a couple of years...your mum and I just seemed to drift apart. Seemed the only thing we had left in common was you and Katie. I tell you...you look at yourself and think, you're nothing. Just a nobody. And it's all been for nothing, it's just a bloody waste! If you lash out, you end up in a stinking place like this!
TODD: Dad, I don't know what to say. I never knew.
BOB: Mate, I'm just telling you now, so that you can learn from my experience. Take a good look at me, and for your own sake, don't let history repeat itself! Yeah, I forgot...your girlfriend's inherited some money, hasn't she? that'll make a difference.
House of Kidnap
Cameron has spoken to the child's parents and everything is fine. The little girl is laughing and is clearly a real handful.
Cameron and Rick head off. On the way out, the woman asks Cameron if he's really a lawyer and Cameron gives the woman his card.
Outside the House of Kidnap
Cameron is a bit embarrassed by the happenings in the house of kidnap. Rick tells Cameron that the woman (Jacqueline) is gorgeous and likes Cameron!
Brad reckons that the birthday jinx is lifted. Doug's mate Ned rings from the building site to say the union meeting is almost over. Pam says they should all go out to dinner for Brad's birthday, but Gaby is going out with Zed again. Apparently he's taking her "somewhere special"
Todd is looking through the paper when Jim comes in. Todd tells him that he told his father about Phoebe, but not what he said about it.
Lucy comes in and Jim tells her the photographer from the surf shoot rang and wants her to call him back.
Cameron brings Brad a birthday present. Marco has heard about Jacqueline. Cameron says she was gorgeous, but he probably won't ever see her again. She does have his card, though.
Lucy comes in with a present for Brad, but she doesn't look happy. She tells him that she's rung the photographer - and he's offered her a job.
LUCY: It's not that simple. The job's in Singapore.
BRAD: Fantastic!
LUCY: Brad, it's for a year, or maybe longer.
Brad looks downcast.
BRAD: Happy birthday, Brad.
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