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Neighbours Episode 1710 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1710
Australian airdate: 26/06/92
UK airdate: 03/06/93
UK Gold: 21/05/99
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Judith John-Story
Guests: Rod Baker: Chris Lloyds
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lucy pops around ask Brad how the meeting with the photographer went. He awkwardly explains that they had someone else in mind - but then back- tracks and says they had *something* else in mind - namely that the board will sell itself. Lucy takes this well and thanks Brad for trying on her behalf.
Coffee Shop
Beth comes in looking for Rod. Marco is in a very bad mood. Beth explains that she and Rod are having problems and Marco looks pleased(!)
The phone rings and Beth answers it. It's Benito on the phone and Marco doesn't want to talk to him. Marco explains to Beth that he's moved out, he can't stand living with Benito anymore. For now, he's crashing at a mate's.
Cameron tells Helen that he'd like to rent No.32 again - he's going to get some housemates to help him pay the rent this time. Christina chats to Cameron a bit.
Paul comes round to pick up Andrew and Christina says he's staying at No.26 with her.
PAUL: Christina, you've had him all afternoon...
CHRISTINA: You have no right to take him away from me, I'm his mother! We haven't seen each other for *so* long.
PAUL: Well, that's your own fault for going away, isn't it?
CHRISTINA: You *made* me leave him, you gave me no choice!
PAUL: Oh, don't pass the buck, Chrissie, please.
Helen comes in and tells them to stop arguing. Paul takes Andrew off Christina.
CHRISTINA: The way you're acting, I will never come back to you!
PAUL: Oh, really, and how do you want me to act, then? What, just bow down and let you have whatever you want? Look, you can do whatever you like, but I'm warning you, I am not giving Andrew up!
He leaves the house, taking Andrew with him.
Phoebe and Gaby are looking at wedding dress sketches. Todd heads off - he has to get up early to work.
Gaby tells Phoebe that she likes her designs, but is surprised that Phoebe still intends to apply to design school. Gaby tells her that it's a tough course, it's very expensive, and also there's a lot of homework. Phoebe says she'd better put it off for a while.
Ramsay Street
Marco tells Cameron he's crashing at a friend's house. Cameron offers him a room at No.32 and he is very pleased. Gaby and Lucy come along. Gaby invites them all to a barbecue at No.28 tonight. They all agree, except Cameron, who has got a date!
In conversation, Cameron reveals that Brad is doing the modelling instead of Lucy. Lucy is apoplectic with rage and vows to confront him!
Cameron tells Phoebe that there's no way they can retrieve the money. Phoebe is philosophical and says that nobody was expecting the company to go to the wall.
Christina pops round and hugs Phoebe. Christina tells Cameron that she'd like his advice about her situation with Paul. He tells her that he can't advise her, because he's Paul's lawyer too. But he says they can have a drink as friends tonight and have a chat. He'll cancel his date to fit it in. He heads off.
PHOEBE: It's really terrible what's happening between you and Paul. I always thought you guys were in love forever.
CHRISTINA: So did I. You know, when I married Paul and had Andrew, my life was perfect. I think I was happier then than I've ever been. It's amazing how things *don't* turn out how you expect. Oh, don't worry, you and Todd will make a better go of it.
PHOEBE: There's no way of knowing for sure, though, is there?
Phoebe looks worried.
Coffee Shop
Brad comes in. Marco warns him that Lucy is on the warpath. Brad sits down with Lucy and assures her he tried to get her the job, but the photographer wanted him to do it. He only lied to protect Lucy's feelings. She storms out.
MARCO: That sure is a hot- headed woman.
BRAD: Yeah! Isn't she great!
Phoebe tells Christina that at first she was pleased about the baby, but now she's a bit worried about the lost of Trust fund. Christina goes on and on and on what hard work babies are until poor Phoebe has reached a point of acute anxiety. Christina just blunders on though! But she does allow that there's a very special bond between her and Andrew. She starts to cry and tells Phoebe how scared she was when Andrew was first born. But she learnt by trial and error. She thinks Phoebe will be fine.
Rod has come to see Beth.
BETH: I'm sorry to keep you hanging on like this. But this is the most difficult decision I've had to make in my entire life. So I needed to be sure.
ROD: It's over, isn't it?
She nods.
BETH: I do love you, Rod, that hasn't changed. But I realise now I don't love you the way a *wife* should.
ROD: You're talking abou the physical aspect?
BETH: I felt safe with you. But that's no reason to *marry* someone. It wouldn't be fair on either of us. I'm so sorry.
ROD: I've had a few days to start to come to terms with it...I guess I knew it was over. The simple fact is, I'm too old for you.
BETH: It isn't that.
ROD: It's the truth, though. I should never have expected you to throw away your youth on me.
He goes to the door.
BETH: You've been so good to me, I feel awful.
ROD: Don't, it's for the best. Better it came out now rather than later. Thanks for being honest with me.
BETH: I'll miss you.
ROD: Me, too.
Brad tells Gaby that maybe he could ring the photographer and tell him he broke his leg so that Lucy could do the job(!) Gaby says Brad shouldn't suffer because Lucy is sulking. Suddenly Brad gets an idea and goes off to ring Damien the photographer.
Cameron is dressing in a shirt when Paul pops round. Paul asks Cameron for a meeting tonight about Andrew, but Gaby tells him that Cameron has a hot date with a mysterious woman. They agree to meet up tomorrow instead. When Paul has gone, Cameron tells Gaby that he's cancelled his date to see Christina as a friend.
Brad comes out, very excited having spoken to the photographer.
Todd is back from work and he and Phoebe are playing scrabble. Phoebe asks Todd if he's disappointed not to go to University. He says he just wants to look after her and the baby.
PHOEBE: Todd, do you think we'd be getting married if I hadn't become pregnant?
TODD: Yeah!
PHOEBE: But not so soon?
TODD: Well, I guess we would have waited a little while.
PHOEBE: So...if you had your time over again, would you want things to turn out differently?
TODD: What is this, twenty questions or something?!
PHOEBE: I just want to know.
TODD: Phoebe, what's the matter? Last time I saw you, you were really happy, now you seem down.
PHOEBE: I don't know. Maybe I'm worried I won't be a good mother. *Mine* isn't, what if I take after her?
TODD: You are nothing like your mother from what I hear. You're not having second thoughts, are you?
PHOEBE: Are you?
PHOEBE: Good. Neither am I.
Back of No.28
Marco, Beth and Brad are barbecuing in the dark(!) Brad goes off to look for Lucy, leaving Marco and Beth to chat. Beth tells Marco that she still loves Rod, but she's realised that she doesn't need anyone to look after her. From now on, she'll go out with guys her own age for fun. Marco tells her he's still available!
Lucy comes in, still angry with Brad.
BRAD: Hi, got a kiss for me?
LUCY: You wish.
Marco and Beth come in. Brad tells Lucy that he rang the photographer and suggested that they both go in the photoshoot and he agreed. Lucy is very pleased and hugs Brad.
Cameron tells Christina that it's unlikely that a judge wouldn't give custody to the mother of a child, even if she did go overseas for two weeks.
CAMERON: Chrissie, are you sure you want to drag this through the courts?
CHRISTINA: Well, I've got no choice.
CAMERON: You have. You and Paul could resolve this between the two of you.
CHRISTINA: Oh, we've tried to talk about it rationally, but we can't.
CAMERON: Then try harder. Court battles become ugly...bitter. You and Paul could end up hating each other.
CHRISTINA: I don't want that to happen. Especially for Andrew's sake.
CAMERON: Then what do you say? Will you try talking to him?
CHRISTINA: ...Yeah. You know, despite everything that's happened, I do still love him. I wish I didn't, I think it'd be a lot easier.
CAMERON: And he loves you. I know he does.
CHRISTINA: How can he when he loved Caroline?
Christina has got upset and Cameron puts an arm around her to comfort her. She puts her head on his shoulder in despair.
Just then, Paul comes in through the kitchen and sees them sitting together, immediately jumping to the wrong conclusion.
PAUL: Hey, get your hands off my wife!
He attacks Cameron, who defends himself.
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