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Neighbours Episode 1711 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1711
Australian airdate: 29/06/92
UK airdate: 04/06/93
UK Gold: 24/05/99
Writer: Steve J. Spears
Director: Sara Hourez
Guests: Photographer: Michael Dalton
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Paul storms into No.26 and drags Cameron off Christina.
Cameron holds Paul in a hand- lock while Christina begs them to stop. He releases Paul and Paul accuses Christina of fooling around. She says they were only talking, but he accuses her of using Cameron to help her get custody of Andrew.
PAUL: I wouldn't take you back now if you came crawling on your hands and knees!
He storms off. Christina apologises to Cameron.
Beth, Lucy, Brad and Marco are hanging out. Beth and Lucy are beautifying themselves. Lucy asks Beth quietly if she likes Marco. She says he's OK, and at least he's her own age(!)
Apparently Christina's engagement ring is down at the police station having been found at Boof's house. Helen tells Paul that he has been behaving very badly, but he insists there is something between Cameron and Christina.
Just then, Cameron comes round and Helen makes herself scarce. Cameron explains that he did have a hot date, but it wasn't Christina. Paul says he's firing Cameron from the case, but he says he's going to finish anyway. In fact, all he was trying to was convince Christina to take Paul back, but there's little chance of that now.
No.32, the following morning
Marco has installed the statue of the Native American, given to the family by Uncle Frank. Rick tells Marco that he's sad that he's left home, he liked having an ally against Benito(!)
Cameron arrives home and is surprised to see Frank the Statue. Madge comes in with some crockery and cutlery and is equally surprised. Rick and Marco head off to look for second hand stuff. Rick suggests they invite Beth too.
A makeup artist is doing Lucy's makeup. The photographer isn't pleased to hear that it's Brad's first modelling gig. Brad isn't too keen either, but Lucy encourages him - and he has signed a contract after all! They start posing. Brad is very stiff(!)
Ramsay Street
Marco, Beth and Rick are driving along. It's hard rubbish day and there's a sofa sitting on the side of the road with some other stuff. Marco and Rick load it on to the ute.
Now that he's saved some money, Marco has an idea to spend on something he's always wanted.
Helen is polishing up an Indian for No.32. Christina comes round and thanks Cameron for going to see Paul.
CHRISTINA: I didn't sleep last night. I just kept thinking about Paul, about Andrew, about my marriage. I know now there's no way it'll ever get back together.
HELEN: You know nothing of the sort.
CHRISTINA: Maybe. But you know, if you hadn't moved in and helped Paul look after Andrew while I was away, maybe he'd be more willing to listen to reason now. He's spoilt, as usual.
HELEN: I see. So while you were traipsing around Italy, I was supposed to let Paul and Andrew fend for themselves?
CHRISTINA: Well, if you *had*, he might have learnt to act like an adult. You know, like a *real* father.
HELEN: He was marvellous with that child, you should have seen him.
Christina apologises and thanks Helen for her help. She asks Cameron if she'll need to go to court to get Andrew. Cameron tells her Paul has fired him.
CHRISTINA: He is acting like a madman!
Brad and Lucy are still posing with the "Lucy" surfboard. Brad is getting into it a bit more now. Presently, the photographer asks Brad to go down to the water with the board. When he's gone, the photographer tells Lucy that she's terrific and the camera loves her.
Down at the water, Brad admits to Lucy that he's quiet enjoying the modelling.
Beth, Rick and Marco come in with a load of stuff that's been donated to them by the neighbours. Marco has bought himself a drumkit! Beth sits down on the sofa and says it's great. Rick is trying to do a bit of matchmaking of Marco and Beth.
Cameron comes in with the table from Helen and is dismayed to see the drum kit. Marco explains that having a drum kit is his dream, as Benito has never let him have them. He suggests that Marco plays something for them. He obliges, but he's not very good(!)
Helen and Paul are sorting out the washing. Paul admits that he knows there's nothing going on between Christina and Cameron - but he loves her so much and misses her. He is determined to hang on to her by hanging on to Andrew.
PAUL: He's the only ammunition I've got.
HELEN: I don't believe you two! Andrew isn't "ammunition", he's a baby! And as long as you both keep thinking like that, you're going to destroy everything!
PAUL: Alright, Gran, what am I supposed to do, then?
HELEN: Oh, darling, stop being such a fool. She still loves you, you know.
PAUL: Does she?
HELEN: Yes, of course she does. Now talk to her, tell her how much you love her! Paul, you can make this marriage work!
Paul answers the door to Christina who is very angry about Paul firing Cameron. A row ensues and she says she'll never forgive him about his dalliance with Caroline.
PAUL: How many times are you going to throw that back at me, eh? How many times do I have to pay for it?! How many times to I have to say I am sorry?!
CHRISTINA: You can keep saying it until you're blue in the face, I'll never forgive you!
PAUL: Right, alright, well, if you're going to keep hanging that over my head, I don't see any point with going on with this marriage. Chris, I want a divorce.
HELEN: Paul, no.
PAUL:(shocked) What?
CHRISTINA: Alright. Hey look, I've said I don't think we can make it work. And if you want a divorce, let's do it. Let's call it quits.
PAUL: OK, fine. But you're not getting Andrew, I will not grant custody!
CHRISTINA: Let's get one thing very clear - Andrew is my son. And there is no way you're going to have him, no way!
Brad and Lucy are having a cup of tea. They've had a great day today. Lucy can't wait to hit the surfing magazine covers - she loved it. (In the background, Marco is drumming in No.32!). Lucy suggests that they celebrate Brad's birthday in a couple of days, but he isn't bothered, telling her to forget it.
Helen is minding Andrew, who is in his playpen. Christina has seen Paul leave the house and rushes in to hug Andrew. Helen tells her that she doesn't want to take sides.
HELEN: Did you mean it when you told Paul that you'd agree to a divorce?
HELEN: You're not sure, are you?
CHRISTINA: I love Paul. Or at least, I *did*. Or I do, I just don't know. Oh, Helen, how did it come to this?
HELEN: Well, we start off like this little chap, and then we grew up.
CHRISTINA: Yeah...we grow up.
Rick is still matchmaking Beth and Marco. Marco tells him off. Cameron is not impressed at Marco playing the drums, but nobody notices(!) Rick says he's on school holidays, so he could stay over for a few weeks. Marco says he can sleep on the couch - Cameron does not look pleased!
Paul returns home. Helen tells him that Andrew is upstairs with Christina.
PAUL: Gran, I thought I told you...
HELEN: Paul, I will *not* get involved in this dispute between you two!
PAUL: You promised, Gran, you promised that you would not let her near him while I was away from the house.
HELEN: I had no right to promise anything. She's his mother!
PAUL: Yeah, and *I* am his father and in my house, what I say goes!
HELEN: Fine! Then you take over the house!
She drops the washing basket she is holding. Paul goes upstairs to find Christina. He comes back quickly.
PAUL: Gran, how long were you out the back?
HELEN: Five minutes, if that.
PAUL: She's not there, and nor is Andrew, they've both disappeared!
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