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Neighbours Episode 1709 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1709
Australian airdate: 25/06/92
UK airdate: 02/06/93
UK Gold: 20/05/99
Writer: Wayne Doyle
Director: Judith John-Story
Guests: Damien Turner: Andrew Dalgleish
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Jim tells Paul that Phoebe is pregnant. Paul reveals that he already knew. Jim is a bit offended that Paul knew before him. Paul says that he just told Todd that it's his and Phoebe's decision, and he stands by that.
JIM: I just want them to think about what they're going - carefully. They're still kids, they've no idea what they're getting themselves into!
PAUL: What can they do? Phoebe's pregnant now, and they certainly don't want a termination.
JIM: There are other options, they could have the baby adopted! I read the other day that some couples are having to wait *years* to get a baby.
PAUL: Dad, but handing over your own child? That's be heartbreaking!
JIM: Todd and Phoebe are in for a lot of heartbreak as it is.
Cameron has come to confirm that her inheritance no longer exists. Todd comforts Phoebe and says it's not the end of the world. Unfortunately, all the money was tied up in a property trust which collapsed yesterday. Even the solicitor lost a fortune himself. There is a slim chance of getting some money at some stage. Phoebe still has Bright Funerals, but it will struggle to pay of its debts.
Dorothy suggests Phoebe could ask her mother for some money from the sale of the house, but Phoebe says she's spent it and bought a place in Cairns!
DOROTHY: Don't worry, you'll be right. We'll work something out.
TODD: Yeah. I'll make sure you and the baby are looked after. I'll just have to get a job a lot sooner than I thought, that's all.
Lucy invites Brad over for dinner. He is celebrating having a call from a Damian Turner - he wants to do a marketing campaign for Brad's board. Lucy says Brad will need a model and she could do it! Even the board is named after her!
Cameron comes home and tells Lucy he's thinking of moving out. But he doesn't want to go very far from work.
Todd tells Paul that Phoebe has lost her inheritance. Paul says he's sorry, but he's sure that Jim will help out. Todd says he wants to go it alone and he needs a job. Paul offers him a job as a kitchen- hand and he gratefully accepts.
Brad and Lucy have arrived for dinner. Helen and Jim tell them about Phoebe's lost inheritance.
LUCY: What are they going to do now?
JIM: Who knows(!)
Helen says they'll all have to be very supportive. Lucy tells Jim and Helen about Brad's surfboard news. Apparently Lucy has rung the guy and she *is* going to be the model! Jim isn't very happy, but Lucy says it's just one day! Apparently the guy from the agency wants to see her portfolio, so Brad is going to take some photos of her tomorrow to update it.
Phoebe is worried about what the school- kids will say when they find out she's pregnant. They talk about the trust fund and Dorothy says it's fine for Phoebe to keep living with her (besides, she'd miss Oscar the snake if Phoebe moved out!)
DOROTHY: Todd's the one who's really showing his mettle. I admire him a great deal for accepting his responsibilities.
PHOEBE: Yeah. If it wasn't for Todd being so supportive, I don't know what I'd do!
Paul is working from home again and Helen is helping him with the baby. Just then, Christina staggers in with a suitcase, back from Italy, She greets Helen and then starts sorting her laundry out. Helen goes to check on Andrew while Paul is almost speechless.
CHRISTINA: Well, aren't you going to ask me how Caroline is?
PAUL: Yeah...if you like...how is she?
CHRISTINA: Good. She opens up her new bar next week. We managed to talk a lot and straighten a few things out.
PAUL: That's great.
CHRISTINA: I now understand why she went away. She loves me and didn't want to see my marriage wrecked.
PAUL: Neither did I, Chris!
CHRISTINA: I'm not so sure about *that*. I think you would have been quite happy to continue your relationship with her.
PAUL: That is *not* true.
CHRISTINA: Why should I believe you?! You didn't have the decency to tell me the truth after she'd gone!
PAUL: OK, look, I realise I made a few mistakes. I was sort of hoping that we could make a fresh start, now that we've both had time to think about it.
PAUL: Chrissie, I missed you, I missed you even more than I thought I would. Are we going to be able to put our marriage back together?
Garden of No.26
Brad is taking photos of Lucy posing with his surfboard. Jim and Todd are mocking them a bit. Brad says he's going to get the photos developed and show them to Damien as a preview.
When Brad and Lucy have gone, Jim tells Todd that he heard him talking to his mother on the phone.
JIM: How's she taken the news?
TODD: Not real well. She wants to meet Phoebe.
JIM: That's natural.
TODD: Yeah. It'll take a while to arrange, though.
JIM: How does she feel about you chucking in school and taking a job as a kitchen- hand?
TODD: She's not too thrilled. What can I do about it, though? Who cares? I didn't have anything planned career- wise, anyway.
JIM: You were enjoying the fact that you had so many choices. Now you've got hardly any at all. Don't get me wrong, I think it's great the way that you want to do the right thing by Phoebe and the baby, but what about you? Are you doing the right thing by you?
Christina is happily playing with Andrew. She puts him down into his playpen and exclaims how cute he is. Then she moves to go and hang out the washing.
PAUL: Um, Chris...listen, I asked you before if there was any chance our marriage getting back together again, you still haven't given me an answer.
CHRISTINA: That's because I don't know the answer.
PAUL: Well, I mean...you seem to be settling in, it looks as if you want to live with us again...
CHRISTINA: Um, well, I'm sorry if it might look that way, but I don't. Maybe in time, I'll change my mind about that, but I don't want you to live with us now.
PAUL: Why not?
CHRISTINA: Do we really have to go back over it?
PAUL:(sighs) No. So where will you live?
CHRISTINA: Actually, I thought it would make more sense if *you* moved out again.
PAUL: You've got to be kidding, haven't you?!
CHRISTINA: Well, it would! I mean, Andrew's things are here...
PAUL: Hold it right there, Chris! I am not going anywhere! This is *my* house!
CHRISTINA: Paul, stop being a jerk.
PAUL: Listen, if you want to move back in with us, that is *fine*, Chris, but the only person that's going anywhere is *you*! You are not throwing me out of my own home!
CHRISTINA: Oh, so you really want Andrew uprooted and moved away from his family?!
PAUL: No, no, no...that's why he stays here with me.
There is a bit of a pause.
CHRISTINA: You can't have Andrew.
PAUL: Says who?
CHRISTINA:(angrily) Because you can't separate a baby from its mother!
PAUL: Chris, I have been managing very well, thank you very much, without you. Now, if you think that you can just barge in here and expect me to hand him over and then go and crawl off underneath some rock somewhere, you can think again!
CHRISTINA: Why not?! That's where you belong, underneath a rock somewhere!
Jim is just getting of the phone with Annette. He tells Helen that Annette feels she's failed Todd in some way. The lack of Trust fund is a worry too.
Christina comes in with some suitcases.
HELEN: Why the cases? What's happened now?
CHRISTINA: Well, he won't move out, and he won't let me take Andrew with me, um, I was hoping you might just let me stay here for a few days, just until I get myself organised. And at least I won't be too far from Andrew.
JIM:(awkwardly) I don't think we should get involved to be perfectly honest, I don't want Paul thinking we're taking sides...
HELEN: I had no idea he'd give you an ultimatum like that. Jim, it's only reasonable that Christina wants to be near her little boy...
JIM: I don't want to take sides, that's all. Although, I suppose we already are, aren't we? Um, you're welcome to stay, Chrissie, if you want to.
CHRISTINA: Thank you. I know I'm putting you on the spot, but it seems like the only answer. I just can't believe how difficult he's being.
JIM: Well, he got very close to Andrew while you were away. He really loves the boy.
CHRISTINA: Jim, I'll tell you something, if he thinks I'm going to give up on Andrew, he's crazy!
Todd and Phoebe are hanging out. Phoebe is relieved that nobody at school has found out about the pregnancy yet. Todd says they really need to get a place of their own somehow. Phoebe kisses him and thanks him for standing by her and the baby.
Helen tells Paul that Christina is staying at No.26 for a few days. He is not happy. Helen thinks Paul is being rather vindictive and trying to hurt Christina. Paul says he tried to negotiate, but didn't get anywhere. Helen points out that a relationship cannot be run like a business! When Andrew wakes up, Helen wants to take him over to spend some time with Christina.
PAUL: If Chrissie decides that she *does* want a divorce though, I am going to fight for custody of Andrew with absolutely everything I've got. There is nothing I won't do to keep that boy.
Jim has told Christina that Phoebe is pregnant and Todd and Phoebe intend to get married eventually.
JIM: I don't usually cry at weddings, but I think I might make an exception on this occasion(!)
Christina thinks it's a little sad at Todd and Phoebe's age. Jim thinks it's rather tragic they've had to grow up so quickly.
Helen comes in with Andrew and says it was Paul idea that she bring Andrew round and to tell Chrissie that he loves her very much(!)
CHRISTINA: Well, you know, I do love him too, Helen, but I can't forgive him, not yet. You know...maybe in time, I'll be able to trust him again.
HELEN: Yes, well, in the meantime, I'd like you and Paul to both make sure that this little boy isn't part of some tug- of- war, he's far too precious for that.
Just then, Lucy comes in and is pleased to see Christina. She shows her some swimsuits that she's bought for the modelling/advertising campaign shoot.
Cameron comes in. Brad says a women called Nikki called and wants to go out tomorrow night. Cameron says it must be his lucky vest(!)
Brad has shown the photos of Lucy to the advertising company and they don't want to use her. They want to use Brad instead(!) "The man behind the board"! He's not sure how to break the news to Lucy.
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